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Welcome to The Bookish Babe's stop on the Drain You Blog Hop & Giveaway!The Hop kicked off October 5th over at Mundie Moms and Hobbitsies. Drain You was a book that I adored and had such a great time reading (my review), so I am very excited to be participating. My stop includes the book trailer, a Q&A with M. Beth, and a giveaway.
Drain YouGenre: Paranormal Young Adult
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: 7/24/12
Purchase: Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble
"Summer. The 90s. The rich, sun-bleached neighborhoods of the Los Angeles canyons. Enter Quinlan Lacey, a cool, bored, sarcastic, sexy 17-year old with a dull part-time video store job and a mild case of teen ennui. That is, until she meets the alluring, River Phoenix-esque James, and realizes the hills are alive with the undead. Inspired more by the early, dry L.A. short stories of Bret Easton Ellis than the current crop of serialized vampire fiction, the supernatural grunge romance, Drain You, narrates the headaches and heartbreaks Quinn undergoes in her quest to stay sane and cool and in love and alive."
Here's what Publisher's Weekly had to say about Drain You: 
"Bloom debuts with a languid, stylish novel that reads like a love letter to cult vampire flicks like The Lost Boys, the work of Francesca Lia Block, and Southern California in the 1990s."
Watch the Trailer

Q&A with M. Beth Bloom
Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
For music, Nirvana.  For humanity, Pearl Jam.  Vedder is a total god and started the whole shorts-over-thermals trend, but Cobain wrote “Dumb” and that’s just classic.
Dre or Snoop?
Can I say Dre with Snoop or is that cheating?  There is absolutely no choosing between either of their debut solo albums – each is perfection.  And currently I’d say they’re about equal in utter randomness.  Complete cancellation. 
Dylan or Brandon?
Dylan, no contest.  Longer ‘burns, cheesy motorcycle, drinking problem, scarred eyebrow, dead fiancĂ©e, exploded ex-con father, Brenda’s true love, and the first one to make out with Emily Valentine to Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game.”  Oh, and my soulmate. 
Alex Mack or Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All?
Clarissa’s got the ‘tude.  She’s the one with the cooler family (Ferguson!?!) and the cooler best friend (Wah, Wah, Hi Sam) and ultimately – though this is debatable – the better wardrobe (so many polka dots, so many side ponies). 
Singles or Reality Bites?
Singles is serious.  It’s like what I absolutely imagine real people to be like in Seattle, in 1991.  Also: Vedder/Jam cameos, the “coffeehouse,” live Alice in Chains performance, and Bridget Fonda nonstop, head-to-toe.  There is no one I wanted to see get together more than I wanted to see 90s Campbell Scott and 90s Kyra Sedgwick… EXCEPT for 90s Winona Ryder and 90s Ethan Hawke.  Reality Bites is literally what I watch every time I can’t fall asleep and it’s 4 am and I just want to hypnotize myself to Hawke singing Violent Femmes.  Both movies are endlessly fulfilling and asking me to choose between them is deeply Sophie’s Choice-ish. 
Interview with the Vampire or Buffy, the Vampire Slayer?
These are getting way too ridiculous.  How could I pick one over the other?  I LOVE Kristy Swanson’s Buffy – she’s a huge influence on EVERYthing in Drain You, and there are LONG stretches of that movie I can still recite by heart.  (Since the dawn of time, vampires have walked among us, killing, feeding.  The only one to stop their heinous evil is the slayer, she who bares the mark, the mark of the coven…)  But the Cruise Lestat is undeniable, beautiful camp – the most flamboyant, trashy thing ever.  And when Antonio Banderas comes into the picture, it’s just too much radness/madness.   

90's Keanu Reeves or 90's Ethan Hawke?
Total tie.  Keanu has the voice and the delivery of my dreams.  It’s like impossible to get through an entire Keanu Reeves movie from the 90s without literally saying, Awwwww, Keanuuuuu.  Because he’s just that “touched.”  But with Ethan you’ve got the edge, the wit, the grease, the sex, and what I’ve always imagined to be a Parliament/black coffee taste in your mouth immediately after you’ve frenched the hell out of him.
90’s Cindy Crawford or 90’s Naomi Campbell?
This is like the most painful question to answer.  How can anyone on Earth deny Naomi?  She’s a 6-foot British nightmare in a skintight cheetah unitard!?!?  That’s just too good.  But Cindy is the ultimate House of Style, mole-maven Gere bride.  No one wears a french-cut, one-piece like Cindy, and her friendship with Mizrahi and Oldham makes me smile forever.  I love them both insanely.

90’s Clinton or 90’s Gore?
Clinton.  Any decade Clinton.  He’s legend.
90's Fashion Trend You Wish Would Come Back?
Too many – Paper bag pants, square-toe shoe, Tina Chow minimalism, the acid happy face,“wet” hair, androgeny, and Perry Ellis runway grunge.  
Favorite 90's Slang/Phrase?
Like I care.
** I have to admit, I'm in love with every single answer.**

  • Signed copies of Drain You
  • $50 credit to Wasteland (Quinn's favorite store)
  • Pages from Quinlan Lacey's notebook
  • 10 Drain You bookmarks, handmade by Quinn
  • 10 90s mixtapes, created by Quinn

"Bloom's first short story “Love And Other Catastrophes: A Mix Tape” was featured in Story Quarterly and selected by Dave Eggers for inclusion in The Best American Nonrequired Reading: 2003 (Houghton-Mifflin), which he curates annually. Bloom is the founder of underground dance label 100% Silk (profiled here in LA Weekly) AND the producer/lead singer of the band LA Vampires (written up in The Guardian as well as Pitchfork and Fader). Her next book will be published through HarperTeen.
M. Beth lives on the east side of L.A. where she indulges in raw fooding, magazine subscribing, thrift shopping, Sunday matinee'ing, and ladies book clubbing."



  1. Oh, wow, this is like, the *most* fun interview EVER! :P I have an ARC of this thanks to Jen at YA Romantics rec/giveaway, but I've yet to make time for it. Increasingly, I'm seeing that I need to do that soon. If the book is anywhere near as brilliant as those answers, I'm going to LOVE it. And then I'm going to make my older sister read it. =)

  2. I remember you liking this one. Fun interview!

  3. I think that is one of the best Q&A's I have ever read. Those were brutal questions!! Her answers were the best!! Thanks for the great post. :)

  4. Fab post ladies, I used to love watching Clarissa Explains it all, gah your post makes me go and watch all the re-runs again! :)

  5. I love your interview... though I did gasp out loud at the thought of someone choosing Nirvana over Pearl Jam. I may, just MAY, have a slight crush on Eddie. I seriously love all the 90's questions, since that's when I was growing up. I could definitely relate. I'm totally excited about reading this one. :)

  6. What a great throwback to the 90's!! Loved Nirvana and Pearl Jam but Eddie was always the #hottest grunge god along side Chris Cornell ;) 5 Star Interview!!

  7. Great interview. I love this book.

  8. Nirvana, Alex Mack, Reality Bites, Buffy (not the Kristy Swanson mess but the series), Ethan Hawk, Cindy Crawford. I think I picked the opposite of the author on most of those! Lol! Great interview and flashback! The story sounds wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway ladies. :)

  9. OMG, that was like the most epic interview ever! I love the 90's and wish we could rewind to that time. I really like Drain and I hope more people would give it a chance.

  10. This one interests me.


  11. I keep meaning to read Drain You and I get detoured. It sounds like so much fun. I MUST make time!

    I'm totally stuck on the Interview with the Vampire or Buffy, the Vampire Slayer? I couldn't choose!!

  12. Cool q&a. I thought the book was more funny than anything.

  13. Just finished the book today! Great interview, too!

  14. Cool interview and thanks for doing this giveaway!

  15. I started this book but had to put it aside because I kept losing interest in it. I'm thinking that very soon I'm going to have to pick it up again and give it another go. Great Q&A! Such fun this or that set of questions.


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