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Baby, it's cold outside! Time to snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine!) and fall into a steamy, sexy book.
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Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: 3/15/13
Format: eARC
Source: Received from author for review.
Surrender Your LoveMeeting Jett was like lightning. Dangerous. Better left untouched. And better forgotten. But lightning always strikes twice.

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, doesn’t do relationships. When she’s sent to a remote estate to finalize a real estate deal, she discovers her new boss is no other than the guy she left naked in bed.

Sexy, dangerously handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield attracts trouble, and women, like a lightning rod. But the night he meets Brooke he gets more than he bargained for. The green-eyed millionaire playboy isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and he isn’t about to start now.

When he proposes two months of no strings sex, Brooke is intrigued and accepts his proposal. Little does she know Jett’s determined to claim the one woman he can’t have, pulling her deeper into his dangerous world.

A man who doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
A woman afraid to surrender to love.
Two lives that are about to cross...and secrets laid bare.

Surrender Your Love will leaving you begging for mercy...

I was so excited to read Surrender Your Love from the moment I saw it. One look at that cover and then the promising synopsis, I was hooked. So when the author sent me an ARC, I immediately dropped the other books I was reading and jumped in headfirst. And wow, was I in for a treat.

Surrender Your Love was such a great book! The story gets off to a fun start, with Brooke and Jett meeting under strange circumstances, and then they keep "meeting" in awkward situations. Brooke is trying so hard to maintain her cool, and Jett just seems to push all her buttons. When they begin to work together, Jett and Brooke are pushed to their limits, and somethin's gotta give. Good times, yes? It really was.

Brooke was a fairly standard romance heroine. She's smart, ambitious, and is absolutely not looking for a new relationship, particularly not with a man like Jett. She has some lingering issues from her past. And while those play a part in who she is today, and her inability to commit to a long-term relationship, they don't take over the story. But what's great about her, is the narration, through her voice, is refreshing. She was honest to and about herself without being whiny or negative. AND,  Brooke is not melodramatic. Her internal voice is as fun as her dialogue. She was a cool chick.

Now, at first glance, Jett might seem like the typical domineering hero. He is a man who has very specific ideas in mind for Brooke, and he's not afraid to tell her what he wants. BUT, Jett is a genuinely funny, and very naughty man. It was so nice to have a take-control guy who is also kind and respectful to his lady. Jett was confident, but he made his cockiness fun (no pun intended!). Every time Brooke mentioned his dark, messy hair, deep green eyes, and crooked smile, my heart started racing right along with hers. Unff. Jett was sooooo sexy!

I assumed that Surrender Your Love would be a steamy story. I mean, look at that cover! There is a significant portion of Jett's derriere on display and I, for one, could ogle him for an nice chunk of time. The story, though, isn't full on sex, sex, sex. In fact, there is a nice, slow burn build-up to some very steamy moments. The story definitely moves into the "Hot Zone", but not so much that it will scare those who like their love scenes a little more on the tame side away.

So, as I was reading Surrender Your Love, I thought it was a fun and charming story of two people who just might be falling in love. It was sweet and steamy and romantic. But I just had this feeling that something was big was looming ahead. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.





Something big happens, guys. And I did not see it coming! I pride myself on picking up little clues and guessing the plot twists way before they are revealed.  I had an idea something was going to happen because, HELLO!, I read the synopsis. But man, this twist was good and Ohh...did it hurt. The ending bumped this really good story that I intended to give four solid stars up to an "OMG! That was awesome!" five stars. The best way I can explain it was the feeling I got at the end of Fallen Too Far. It made me furious, puzzled, hurt, and most importantly, left me desperate for book two, Conquer Your Love.

If your looking for a charming, sexy story that will leave you begging for more, check out Surrender Your Love.

Favorite Quote:

  "Sleep well, Miss Stewart. I'll make sure to make this stay worth remembering." He smiled and my heart dropped into my panties. A big neon light flashed before my eyes:

    My pulse picked up speed, and a rush of excitement washed over me. I had never stared at a man like this. Then again I had never met such a fine specimen. Did I want to pull off his pants and see whether the real deal was as hot as the one conjured in my imagination?
  Hell, yeah.
  Would I do it?
  Hell, no. Or at least I hoped not.  ~eARC, 26%

  I smiled at his cockiness. Boy was he confident. One day I'd recover my own feistiness and verbally punch a hole in that unhealthy confidence of his...just not this minute because right now I couldn't think straight.  ~eARC, 27%

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You can find links to two Surrender Your Love giveaways at my Release Celebration Post.
About the author:
Jessica C. Reed is a contemporary fiction author, but her greatest achievement are her two children. She spent half of her life in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming and would like to go back one day. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her talking on the phone or watching way too much TV.

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  1. HELL YES! If you loved it then I know I will! I am starting this one next! HOLLA!

  2. The author contacted me for this!! SUPER EXCITED to read it, and YES, that back makes me want to.... :D Fab. review, doll. I need to go cool down!

  3. Ohh this does sound good!! I kind of wanted to read it, but was undecided. The characters sound awesome and I love when an ending can take you by surprise!! Awesome review babe!!

  4. I like this new feature, hah. Saturdays could use a little more steam, in my opinion. ;)

    A sexy story that surprises you? Sounds like the perfect thing for a weekend night!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  5. OMG, now I have got to find the time to read this, especially if you loved it so much and it surprised you so. Wonderful review. I can't wait now!!

  6. Oh my just look at the cover *wipes away drool*
    I love a book that delivers both steam and substance. Great review Andrea!

  7. *whimpers* I am going to cave! I promised myself no books during Take Control month..but I have had mad love for this cover and now you go and write this seductive review..and dang it I just bought, confirm, MINE!!

  8. So glad you enjoyed it because so far i'm loving it too. Can't wait to finish and post my review :)

  9. Damn girl! How am I supposed to keep my reading schedule with this book around? I have it. But I have some that have to get read first. Sounds perfect for me. I was worried with that cover but I'm reading it...soon.

  10. Holy shit! Now I totally want this book!
    I've seen it everywhere this past week but wasn't too sure about it. Until now. Great review!

  11. haha! I sent Brian a pic of this cover the other day. I told him he was going to do this to me on the table and I would craft myself some nice tin foil boots. lol

    We never got around to it.. maybe another time.

    Yay for big twists you don't see coming! I love what that happens. I'll have to read this one. :)

  12. I guess the cover is a little deceptive as far as smuttiness goes if the spice is more tame than some. I don't mind that at all. I like a story that is an actual story instead of just sex, sex, sex. That gets old and it's hard to be moved emotionally by it. I read a little of the 2nd book review, but I still not sure what the twist is, but I really want to find out. Wonderful review, Andrea! :)


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