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Welcome to The Bookish Babe's stop on the A Little Bit Cupid Blog Tour! The tour is being hosted by Entangled Publishing. My stop includes a review and a Top Ten post with author Jennifer Shirk.

A Little Bit CupidGenre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled Flirt
Publication Date: 1/13/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 84
Source: Received from publisher for review.

Finding love should be easy, but wedding photographer Phoebe Ward knows better. When Cupid shows up on a crazy mission to help her —and save the world in the process—Phoebe realizes love might be even more complicated than she thought. Even with Cupid showing her Mr. Right , she can’t stop thinking about his best friend, Mr. Wrong.

Cal Crawford has never had time for love, but now he’s falling for Phoebe. Which means it’s got to be just plain wrong to set her up with his best friend, right? But even though seeing Phoebe with someone else will break his heart, he can’t walk away from her.

Phoebe can’t afford to choose the wrong guy with the fate of the world at stake. But maybe Cupid has it wrong. Maybe she has to rely just a little bit on Cupid, and a whole lot more on her heart.

A Little Bit Cupid was a sweet, bite-sized story about finding true love.

This book was very short, and I read it in less than an hour. And I have to say, it made my wait at the Doctor's office much more bearable. I was smiling the entire time I read, and giggling more than a few times.

Since A Little Bit Cupid is so short, I really feel like I can't say a lot, or anything, without basically telling exactly what happens. But I can say that it was fun, charming, and well-written. I adored Cosmo E. Cupid III, he was a cigar smoking son of the original Cupid, and how cute is that?! Phoebe was an easy character to like as well, and I enjoyed the banter between her and Cal. I always love to see characters fall for the person the weren't actually looking for. Too cute!

If your liking for a sweet way to pass a bit of time, A Little Bit Cupid is a sure bet.

Favorite Quote:

  She laughed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it to come out that way. I just meant that you're..."
  "Hot?" He finished hopefully.
  She laughed again. "I was going to say special. But yes, you're cute, too. I'm glad we became friends."
  Special. Cute. Friends. He wished she'd just cut his testicles off and be done with it already. Depending on the next adjective she chose for him, he would either qualify as a card-carrying member of the Emasculated Men's Club or a Muppet. No wonder he'd avoided love for as long as he had.  ~eARC, 55%

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 Top Ten with Jennifer Shirk 
Hi, all! Jennifer here!

In case you haven't heard, my latest romance novella A Little Bit Cupid centers around a woman named Phoebe who has to choose between two men: one, Cupid is saying is her soul mate (Adam) and another, who her heart is telling her is her soul mate (Cal).

Both men are very different. Cal is more your sexy/quiet type and Adam is more your nice guy-next-door type. Although I think they do have one thing in common: they're both smart "bookish" kind of men--meaning you'd definitely catch them with a book in their hands. :)

Since I'm here at The Bookish Babe, I thought it'd be fun to give my personal Top Ten List of Bookish Men for you all.

       Jennifer's Top Ten Bookish Men

1) Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) in the "Indiana Jones" movies.
2) Noah Wyle (Flynn Carsen) in the "Librarian" movies.

3) James Spader (Daniel Jackson) in the original "Stargate" movie.

4) Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) in "Stargate SG-1"
5) Bobak Ferdowski (Nasa Flight Director for the Mars Rover )

(He's the real thing!!)
6) Russell Crowe (John Forbes Nash) in "A Beautiful Mind"
7)Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh) in "Heroes.

8) Hugh Grant in "Knotting Hill"

9) Brad Cooper in "The Words"
10) Val Kilmer in Batman

I'm definitely seeing a trend in the glasses thing with all these bookish men. Very sexy. :)
Thanks so much for having me today!

I hope you enjoyed my list, and I also hope you get to check out my own bookish men in A Little Bit Cupid--only 99 cents at an e-tailer near you!

Who would make it on your list of Bookish Men?


About the author
Jennifer Shirk has a bachelor degree in pharmacy-which has in NO WAY at all helped her with her writing career. But she likes to point it out, since it shows romantic-at-hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and mind-numbing educations.

She writes sweet (and sometimes even funny) romances for Samhain Publishing, Avalon Books/Montlake Romance and now Entangled Publishing. She won third place in the RWA 2006 NYC's Kathryn Hayes Love and Laughter Contest with her first book, The Role of a Lifetime.

Lately she's been on a serious exercise kick. But don't hold that against her.
Connect with Jennifer at:
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  1. Lately, I've seen a ton of short stories. While, I wasn't a big fan of reading them in the past, I have slowly warmed up to them. It's really a great way to dive into a complete story, especially when you need to pass the time. Ooh, James Spader -I LOVED him in Pretty In Pink.

  2. Thanks so much for the review and for having me!!!

  3. hahahah that quote!!! LOVE. IT. Remember a while ago I showed you guys that NASA dude as Gabe from Try me? UNF! Mama Like! *RAWR* can't wait to read this one!

  4. Oh my I love that quote! This sounds like a fun read!

  5. oh that's a short one but i like the cover and storyline. good review and top picks :)

  6. I thought this was a sweet read as well, Andrea. Just right for a quick romantic fix. Great review. I've loved Harrison Ford ever since watching Star Wars and he was the rakish Han Solo! Great picks. :)

  7. I loved this novella too. It was super fun and cute. What a great guest post too. Love the men she chose!! :)

  8. I love books about people who work on weddings. And yay for Jennifer's appreciation of smart guys :)

  9. hahaha the quote you've chosen it absolutely hilarious :D :D Love this kind of books too :) 84 pages look kind of short, but nonetheless, I think I will read this book! Sounds awesome :D

  10. Oh yeah, love Daniel Jackson! Great top ten list!

    This book sounds adorable and it has a lovely cover!

  11. This sounds really sweet! I'll have to check it out. :) I love Jennifer's list of bookish men. I've always been a sucker for Harrison Ford! I'd have to add Colin Firth to the list (I love Mr. Darcy ;)

  12. Cal was super cute. This was short and sweet. Love these Entangled books.

  13. I love a cute short story! I've heard good things about this one and I love books involving cupid or modern re-tellings of cupid!

  14. This was cute, short, and sweet. Nice review.


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