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I am so completely excited, and honored, to be a part of today's cover reveal for the upcoming book Covet, by Tracey Garvis-Graves. The reason I am so honored is not only because I am a big fan of Tracey as an author, but I am also lucky to call her my friend. To see her reach the success and recognition she truly deserves.
This reveal is a huge event. Since Covet has already received over 1,000 adds on GoodReads, Tracey will be taking part in a chat on March 15. To receive a reminder for the chat, and excerpt release, be sure to visit this GoodReads page. There will also be giveaways of galleys of Covet.

So now, the reason you're here.

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dutton Adult (Penguin)
Publication Date: 9/17/13 
From the author of the New York Times bestseller On the Island.

What if the life you wanted, and the woman you fell in love with, belonged to someone else?

Chris and Claire Canton’s marriage is on life support. Downsized during the recession and out of work for a year, Chris copes by retreating to a dark place where no one can reach him, not even Claire. When he’s offered a position that will keep him away from home four nights a week, he dismisses Claire’s concern that time apart could be the one thing their fragile union can’t weather. Their suburban life may look idyllic on the outside, but Claire has never felt so disconnected from Chris, or so lonely.

Local police officer Daniel Rush used to have it all, but now he goes home to an empty house every night. He pulls Claire over during a routine traffic stop, and they run into each other again at the 4th of July parade. When Claire is hired to do some graphic design work for the police department, her friendship with Daniel grows, and soon they’re spending hours together.

Claire loves the way Daniel makes her feel, and the way his face lights up when she walks into the room. Daniel knows that Claire’s marital status means their relationship will never be anything other than platonic. But it doesn’t take long before Claire and Daniel are in way over their heads, and skating close to the line that Claire has sworn she’ll never cross.

Gorgeous cover. I can NOT wait to get my hands on Covet. Congratualations to Tracey on such a gorgeous reveal. 
About the author:
Tracey Garvis-Graves is the author of On the Island and Covet. She lives in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa with her husband, two children, and hyper dog Chloe. She blogs at using colorful language and a snarky sense of humor to write about pop culture, silly television shows, and her suburban neighborhood. You can e-mail her at She’d love to hear from you.
Connect with Tracey at:


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Love this cover, loooooove it. It's gorgeous, the colors are perfect and I cannot wait to read thiiiiiiiissss!!!

    Can you tell I'm excited? haha. So perfect, I need this book in my hands. Aaaahhh.

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  3. I absolutely love this cover and I need this book!! As you know I loved On the Island and have been looking forward to more from her!! This sounds so good!!

  4. I love the roses and how simple yet intriguing the pose is. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can't wait for this book! Already have it pre-ordered! Love the cover :-)

  6. I love this cover so much. Tracey's pretty awesome too. lol.

    seriously though, I can't wait to read it. I'm sure it will be amazing. She has a beatiful writing style. :-)

    And you bet your ass I'll be simming out this cover.

  7. I'm honored that you're a part of this cover reveal, Andrea! You have been so good to me! xoxo

  8. Pretty! Loved On The Island and can't wait for more books from her!

  9. I can't wait to read this either. I loved ON the Island sooo much.

  10. ALl i see is the wicked witch from the wizard of oz saying "POPPIES"

  11. Ooh, didn't know she had another book coming out, and I love how she has continued the "forbidden love" theme while writing a completely different book!

    Jen @ YA Romantics

  12. OMG! Yay!! (: beautiful cover! Can't go wrong Traceys books

  13. I remember your review of On The Island! Looking forward to reading your review of Covet! And you're right, the cover is gorgeous.

  14. Love it! I still need to read OTI!

  15. Oh this is gorgeous! I love the gradual change of colours over the cover. Someone was just telling me today that I needed to hurry up and read On the Island by this author. I will have to add this one to the list now, too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  16. It's simple and gorgeous - and you know it'll be filled with a beautiful story! I can't wait to read this! :)

  17. I still haven't worked up the nerve to read On the Island. I have it on my Kindle though. This one sounds just as emotional. Beautiful cover!

  18. Wow... Love it!

  19. Love the field of red flowers, it makes for a gorgeous cover!


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