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I don't always review the books I receive, but I know there are readers who are always looking for more books to read, so I like to spotlight them in some way. Today I'm spotlighting The Vitalis Chronicles: White Shores by Jay Swanson.

White Shores (The Vitalis Chronicles, #1)Series: The Vitalis Chronicles #1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Northern Range
Publication Date: 7/7/11

The world is languishing in the aftermath of the Continental Wars. Peace has reigned tentatively until the witch, thought to be the last of the magi, strikes back at the human race and brings them to their knees. Caught in the middle of the strife, Ardin Vitalis' family is murdered by his own nation's army. Striking out for revenge, he finds himself thrust into events that will change his world forever.

Tomb of the RelequimSeries: The Vitalis Chronicles #2
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Northern Range
Publication Date: 8/9/12

Ardin Vitalis’ last waking memory is of killing the Mage who betrayed him. The woman he loved was murdered just beyond his ability to save her, the Shadow King who killed her escaping into the storm around them. He awakes to find himself incarcerated in a rundown mental institution, asked to escape by a mysterious winged warrior, and charged with the rescue of a people an ocean away. Little does he know that his own people are being corrupted, compromised, and turned against each other by the returning influence of their former enemy: the Relequim. If Ardin can’t overcome the demons in his dark past, he may succumb to them, and become the tool of his own worst enemies.

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About the Author:
Jay Swanson is currently living in Paris, France, where he is focusing on recovering from the last two years in Africa as much as he is on writing. He edits for Mercy Ships, an international medical charity that uses volunteer doctors on a floating hospital to serve the world's forgotten poor, and teaches English at a high school in Paris. He's originally from Washington State, and loves telling stories. He also loves making e-friends, so feel free to drop him a line and say "Hey!"
Connect with Jay at:
Vitalis Chronicles  |   Website  |  GoodReads

I have both books to give away, courtesy of author Jay Swanson.
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Giveaway will end 3/30/13.


  1. These books sound really good and jealous of the author, Africa and now Paris? Nice!

  2. Wow--I've never heard of Mercy Ships, but the author's job sounds so interesting. Thanks for spotlighting these books, Andrea, they weren't on my radar at all.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  3. TY for showing me these books! :D I def need to read these now!

  4. VERY interesting thank you. Loving the covers too.

  5. I haven't heard of these. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Interesting. I haven't hear of these before.

  7. Such interesting covers. That makes me intrigued about them.

  8. I love the covers!!! and for the sinopsis sounds very interesting...



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