Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've never done one of these before, but I, along with my friend Amy at Book Loving Mom, are helping author Lisa Burstein host a read-along for her book Dear Cassie

Dear Cassie
(click on cover for GoodReads page)

So what does a read along mean? It means you and other people read Dear Cassie at the same time on a schedule. Maybe you've already read it. Maybe it's been waiting on your shelf or e-reader, or maybe you've been meaning to read it. Whatever the case- now you can read it and WIN PRIZES and HAVE FUN!

How do you participate? Lots of ways.

  • You can comment on discussions on the book page on GoodReads.
  • You can tweet you favorite lines, passages, characters using #CassieReadAlong or take photos of favorite passages/quotes, or of where the book is while you read, etc.
  • You can shout-out your daily "fucks" count, or favorite use of swear word. (I personally love this one!)
  • AND, that's not all, each tweet you send or discussion you start or respond to enters you to WIN your choice of 5, 3 or 1 - Entangled Teen Digital Books! 3 Lucky Winners!
It all ends with a twitter chat hosted by Teen Librarian Toolbox on April 30th, where you get to tweet with other readers and ask me questions!
  • Week of April 1st- Chapters 1-7
  • Week of April 8th- Chapters 8-15
  • Week of April 15th- Chapters 15-22
  • Week of April 22nd- Chapters 22-29
  • Week of April 29th- Chapter 30
You can purchase Dear Cassie at:


  1. I'm so excited to be helping out with this. Lisa is awesome and this will be great fun!! A good excuse to re-read the book too! ;)

  2. Wish I had read the others, so I could read-a-long with you all! Have fun!

  3. Think I'll do this with you guys. I've been dying to read this one but need to get to work, do this schedule works perfect for me :)

  4. I wish I had time for this. It sounds fun.


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