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Review and Giveaway: Right Click (Click #3) by Lisa Becker

Right click (Click, #3)
Series: Fiction/Chick Lit

Series: Click #3
Genre: Women's Fiction/Chick Lit

Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 5/19/14
Format: eARC
Pages: 381
Source: Author
Rating: 5 stars

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Love. Marriage. Infidelity. Parenthood. Crises of identity. Death. Cupcakes. The themes in Right Click, the third and final installment in the Click series, couldn't be more pressing for this group of friends as they navigate through their 30's. Another six months have passed since we last eavesdropped on the hilarious, poignant and often times inappropriate email adventures of Renee and friends. As the light-hearted, slice of life story continues to unfold, relationships are tested and some need to be set "right" before everyone can find their "happily ever after."

 My Reviews
In 2011, not long after I began reviewing books, I received a request to review Click: An Online Love Story. Though I wasn't aware of the terminology, I am a longtime fan epistolary novel format (told through letters, emails, journal entries, etc. ), and almost immediately became a fan of the Click series.
If you're not familiar with the Click series, let me briefly fill you in. The series centers primarily focuses on Renee, along with her circle of friends and boyfriend. The story is told through emails exchanged between the friends, as they fall in and out of love, date, marry, find and lose jobs and basically find their way. Despite the format, the emails give us the full accounts of their lives. We get the ups and downs, the happy emails detailing good dates and the making of plans, finding the right guy (or girl). We also get the not-so-happy moments, such as break-ups, losing a loved one, sadness, overwhelming life changes. You get puns, recounting of hilarious stories, break-ups, smackdowns, and lovey dovey moments. It's everything you hope for when picking joining a group of witty and fun West Coast friends as they go about their lives. What also makes the Click series fun is that we get the mess-ups that are inevitable with technology. For example, the accidentally cc'ing the subject of a scathing, sarcastic email, along with the hurt feelings and apologies. The format is fun because as you're reading these emails, you have no idea how quickly you're flying through the pages. I read Right Click, clocking in at nearly four hundred pages, in a little over two hours. It was just that good and that hard to put down.
For those familiar with this series, you probably understand why I enjoy it so. Being privy to so many big and small moments, I felt as if I knew them. I cared about Renee and Ethan, Shelley, Ashley and Mark. I loved their strong friendships full of sarcasm and love. I wanted them to each have their happy ending. The moment I finished, I had a long conversation with my best friend (also a fan), in which we discussed the characters and their lives and what she hoped would happen in the story, while I tried not to deal out spoilers. It's not often that she and I spend that amount of time discussing a series, but what it says is, it resonated with us both, and gave us each a nice slice of happiness.
Right Click was the perfect conclusion to the Click series. If you're looking for something different and fun that will leave you with so many happy feels, I highly recommend this series.
Favorite Quotes  (FYI, this was nearly impossible to choose)

From: Renee Greene - September 13, 2013 - 12:10 PM
To: Shelley Manning
Subject: Re: Your talents needed

Hold on to your hat. Your unique and special talent of telling it like it is, not holding back and laying it all on the line is now needed. Mark is giving you the green light to--wait for it--tell [spoiler]  (or should I say [spoiler]) to leave him alone.

From: Shelley Manning - September 13, 2013 - 8:32 PM
To: Renee Greene
Subject: Re: Your talents needed

Finally Finlay is understanding the value I can bring to our friendship. Glad he's wised up and is ready to give that bitch what she deserves - a message from this bitch. Don't you worry, I will take care of it.

From: Renee Greene - September 13, 2013 - 8:35 PM
To: Shelley Manning
Subject: Re: Your talents needed

I'm confident your brand of justice will be just what is needed to remedy this situation. Don't forget to bcc me.

From: Mark Finlay - January 9, 2014 - 10:02 AM
To: Renee Greene, Ashley Gordon, Shelley Manning
Subject: Re: THANK YOU

There's this saying that your life is filled with balcony people and basement people. Balcony people bring you up and basement people pull you down. You're our penthouse, Renee. We're just repaying the favor.

The Click Series

Click  Double Click  Right click (Click, #3)
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I love this series so much that I'm sharing the love with one of you. One winner will receive their choice of one ebook from the Click series.
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About the Lisa Becker
Lisa BeckerLisa Becker had endured her share of hilarious and heinous cyber dates, many of which inspired Click: An Online Love Story and Double Click. She is now happily married to a wonderful man she met online and lives in Manhattan Beach with him and their two daughters. So, if it happened for her, there’s hope for you!



  1. Oh how fun! I don't remember reading one entirely told through letters but always enjoy when they're included. Letters in historicals always about do me in. The way they wrote letters was near art! I might have to check these out. I probably would have skipped right over them from the covers but they do sound like fun :)

  2. I enjoyed this one too. I was intimidated by the length at first but it reads so fast with the email format.

  3. Oooh I love quirky stories like this! I want!

  4. I do like stories told through letters or emails. It gives a different perspective.

  5. Great review Andrea. This series is new to me. I will definitely have to check it out.

  6. Great review Andrea. This series is new to me. I'll definitely have to check it out.

  7. I certainly love them, they are good.

  8. I've read stories done like this before and I really liked them. They are usually fast reads too.

  9. I've only read one book that was written entirely in text messages between friends. It was completely bogus and the end left me saying wtf? Lol I like the sound of this book though ;) #clicksandgiggles

  10. Nice! I got behind on this series but I want to get caught up.

  11. I do enjoy stories told through emails/letters. And this series sounds beautiful, Andrea. That Ms. Becker could create characters that resonated so much via emails/letters says something. I'll have to pick up this series. Great review, hon!


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