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Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5)Series: One Night with Sole Regret #5
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Vulpine Press
Publication Date: 6/14/13
Format: Kindle
Pages: 159
Source: Bought

His heart is tied to his past…
When Sole Regret’s rhythm guitarist, Kellen Jamison, vowed to be faithful to his fiancée and love her forever, he meant it. He never expected to lose her to cancer so early in life. He’s certain he’ll never love again, but destiny has another plan for him.

Her heart is tied to her work…
Grammy-winning classical composer and piano virtuoso, Dawn O’Reilly, is overwhelmed with music-writing deadlines, a fickle muse, and high-expectations. She doesn’t have time to find love, but chance seeks to interfere with her carefully devised plans.

They’re bound to become entangled...
From the instant Kellen hears Dawn’s latest musical composition, his spirits rise. The stirring melody and the remarkable woman responsible for its creation are impossible to resist. His attraction is undeniable; her passion unquenchable. Kellen teaches Dawn there’s freedom in bondage, while her sensuality drives him to unleash his tightly controlled self-restraint. Will the ropes Kellen uses to secure Dawn’s body be the force that binds them together or ultimately sever all ties between them?

Ah, Kellen Jamison. Kellen is by far the most enigmatic member of Sole Regret, the one I've been so anxious to learn more about, especially after the surprising "events" in Share Me and Touch Me. Kellen is broody, mysterious, and heartbroken. We ladies tend to love a broken man, and they don't come much more so than Kellen.

I was a little scared to read Kellen's book, because I knew it was going to be sad seeing him in Galveston, his place with Sara, the dead love of his life. And it was. Cunning did such a fabulous job of expressing the intensity of Kellen's depression and desperation. Of wanting so much to be able to move on, and the inability to break his promises to Sara.

And I'll just say it, yeah, Sara is dead and I'm sorry for that, but talk about selfish! She requested promises of him that no one should be asked of, and especially such a young man at that. It's no wonder Kellen is unable to  move on, and just live. As much as I hated what Sara did to Kellen, I am really glad Olivia Cunning included this in the story, because now I get why Kellen has tortured himself for five long years.

Dawn O'Reilly is the woman who just may bring Kellen back to life, and I loved her characterization. She is a gifted musician in her own right, but had a humility that was endearing. Dawn had a quiet strength that was perfect for Kellen, but also a vulnerability that drew him in.

Tie Me, though very, very sexy like all of the other books in the series, was quite different in that respect, too. This makes perfect sense because Kellen and his situation is completely unique. It takes a special type of woman and level of intimacy to bring Kellen to life. This aspect of the story was touching and beautiful.

Tie Me was another great One Night with Sole Regret. I feel like now each guy has had his night, and now the stories have all intersected. The dynamic of the group and each guy is very different than at the beginning of the series, and things will be interesting moving forward, to say the least.

Next up will be Tell Me, back around to the first couple Gabe and Melanie. I wonder what kind of kinky inventions Gabe has up his sleeve???

Favorite Quote:

  He only cared about the here and now. He didn't want her tied to prevent her from touching him, from encouraging his lust, and fueling his desire. He wanted her completely free, so she could continue to help free his heart from the bonds of his past.  ~ebook, 54%

Purchase Tie Me at:
One Night with Sole Regret Series
Share Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #0.5)Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #1)Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #2)Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #3)Touch Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #4)Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5)
Olivia CunningCombining her love for romantic fiction and rock ‘n roll, Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians. Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music. She's been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert. As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction -- first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own. Growing up as the daughter of a career soldier, she's lived all over the country and overseas. She recently moved to Galveston, Texas.
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  1. Fan-fucking-tastic review! I was afraid it would spoil but you explained everything without doing so. Kellen is probably my least favorite but I'm anxious to see what up wit dat dude yo. I'll be starting touch me soon! Mmhmm like it

  2. I didn't read your review because I do plan on reading this series sometime. I am so glad that you are loving it.

  3. Pretty sure I just SWOONED!! OMG I SOOOOOOOO want to read these now talk about a HOT cover!! and there are 6? 7? oh.boy. Nothing like a good steamy series to shake up my weekend ;) thanks for sharing doll!!

  4. I have GOT to find time for this series. It is obvious how much you love it. Great review.

  5. I seriously need to get around to starting Olivia Cunning's books! They sound totally hot and hopefully soon, I'll get to see what all the hype is about! Glad you enjoyed this one, Andrea! :D

    Great review!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  6. I haven't seen this yet, but I enjoy series where each character gets their own story told. Kellan definitely sounds like a broken man and you're right about how we can't seem to help but be drawn to them. Excellent review! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  7. Eep, this series sounds intense and Kellan sounds like he has some issues..but like you I am drawn to this fictional type guy! Lovely review!

  8. Does sound sad. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes those sad ones can really get to you. Great review, pal.

  9. Kellen's situation sounds quite complex! I know I can't resist a broken character either, and I'm curious about what Sara asked of him. I'm glad you enjoyed this overall, Andrea, and were moved too. Fantastic review!

  10. I really need to catch up with this series! I stopped at the second one. I really enjoyed Gabe and Melanie's story so nice to hear they get another one! Kellan's story sounds very emotional. Great review, Andrea. :)

  11. Goodness! I really need to read more of this series - I've only read #1. And I LOVED it, so I'm happy that there's going to be another one for Gabe and Melanie. :) But I know I'll love this entire series and Ms. Cunning's other series as well...too many books... LOL Thanks for a great review, Andrea.

  12. So...I'm sad that we didn't read this on together. I have no doubt that it will be a bit sad. Hoping to read it very soon. Great review!

  13. The series looks so smexy! I loved your review friend! It makes me even more excited to read this series! I know you and Autumn love this author/series, so you guys have already had me pining away for it! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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