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Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)Series: Lost and Found #2
Category/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 7/30/13
Format: eARC
Source: Received from author for review
Rating: 5 stars
There’s optimistic. And there’s Jesse Walker.

If he wasn’t so charming, his sunny disposition and incessant grin would get annoying. Fast.

Falling in love with the girl who had at first seemed immune to it, was the best thing to happen to Jesse since the Walkers adopted him into their family when he was five. But loving the girl who has her fair share of secrets is about as easy as that same girl loving the boy who seems to have none.

As Jesse’s life continues at the ranch, and Rowen begins making her mark in the Seattle art community, they begin to wonder where the middle ground is. Or if there even is one.

As push comes to shove and choices aren’t only needing to be made, but forced to be made, Jesse and Rowen have to face what their lives might look like without the other.

Can two people with such tragic pasts and different presents, go on to expect a promising future? Whatever the answer, they’ll need a lot more than love to make it.

Oh. My. HEART. What can I say about Near and Far? Well, I guess I can start by saying that my clock currently reads 2:54 am, I just finished reading Near and Far, and my emotions are so pumped up that I can't sleep.

I will admit that for as excited I was to read Near and Far, my anxiety was just as high. I loved Lost and Found so, so much. I loved Golden Boy Jesse Walker and complicated former bad girl Rowen Sterling. She was a character I could reaaallly relate to, and he was the kind of guy that every girl deserves. Their story was beautiful and magical and represents what true, unconditional love is made of and just how transformative love and respect can be.  Lost and Found left Jesse and Rowen at a realistic and very hopeful place. Did I really want to see them put to the test?

Truth is, I wanted Rowen and Jesse any way I could get them, but I was afraid of what might come between them. Would it be temptation while they are apart? Or would it be that their radically opposing lives would give them doubt? What I was surprised by in Near and Far is that the issues that test these two are not from outside, but are actually internal. Surprising. Painful. Soul Crushing. Rowen is following her dreams, but also being a part of a long distance relationship. Jesse is living the only life he's ever know, and the distance is hard.

Near and Far was for me, though, Jesse Walker's story. In Lost and Found, the focus was more on Rowen, but we learned a tiny bit about Jesse's early childhood. In Near and Far, the past and the present are on track to come crashing together around Jesse, testing his outlook on life and love, making him doubt his worth. Jesse showed Rowen that she was worthy, brave, special. He won't have any hope of a future unless he can learn to live by his own words.

I really, really loved Near and Far. Jesse is one of the sweetest leading men you could hope for. He's loyal, honest, and his heart is immeasurable. Rowen has come so far since we first met her in Lost and Found. Her strength, unwavering love, and devotion to Jesse made me love her even more. This is a couple that I could put on a pedestal when it comes to I forgetting someone? Oh yeah, Garth Black. Garth was the bad boy of  Lost and Found, in which had me both scowling and laughing at him. Near and Far had me laughing again - a whole lot of laughing - and dare I say, swooning a bit. With his never-ending smart alec (and sexy) mouth, and a few wise words, Garth tried to steal this book more than a few times, so it's a good thing he's getting his own.

Near and Far is everything I hope for in a sequel. It wasn't forced story. And by that I mean, it wasn't just thrown together with a bit drummed-up conflict, and some angst, just so there could be another book. Jesse and Rowen's story wasn't quite finished. Nicole Williams had a story to tell in Near and Far; a heartbreaking and beautiful story to tell. She truly did Jesse and Rowen, their story, and her readers justice.

Favorite Quotes:

  That girl, that woman, was mine. And even though that was a hallmark I was intensely proud of, I was more sure and proud of something else.
  I was hers.   ~eARC, 2%

  I might not have been lost anymore, but I still liked Jesse Walker finding me. Even if it was only in a room of people.  ~eARC, 14%

  "Jesse mentioned a T.A. slash friend of yours who hooked you up with some last minute sweet art"
  "Art rodeo? Really, Black?"
  "I don't know what all you art people call your snooze-fest get-togethers. Give me a break, Rowen. I don't speak Lame."  ~eARC, 27%

  His hands fisted into my shirt, and he kissed me back, hard and unyielding. Our chests rose and fell in time, reminding me that when we were together, everything made sense. Life didn't seem so confusing; the answers didn't seem so complex. When Jesse and I were close enough to share the same breath, confusion and uncertainty were distant memories.  ~eARC, 67%

The Lost and Found Series
Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1)Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2)
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About the author: Nicole  Williams

I’m the New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author of the LOST & FOUND series, the CRASH series, and a handful of others. Basically, I get to do what I love. Every single day. I write romance because I’m a sucker for a good love story, and I write happy endings because there are too few of them in real life.

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  1. Awww, I loved Jesse!!! Now, I can't wait for Garth's story :) I loved your review, and the quotes that you shared!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. I have heard so many good things about lost & found, I am anxious to see how near & far turns out :)

  3. I am reading this now and it is slow going because I am super busy at working, but I am absolutely loving it. Jesse is still amazing and Rowen is just awesome. Great review!

  4. Sounds like a good book.

  5. This sounds so good!! I definitely need to read this series.

  6. Oh, man! I should really read the first one. Jesse seems adorable. I know that Nick from Nick's Book Blog has a crush on Jesse and seems like someone has a little (read: big) crush on him as well;) Heh. I don't blame you though, he seems absolutelt amazing! I'm glad Jesse and Rowan's story was finished in this pretty. Gahh, the covers are so gorgeous! *stares* I'm glad you loved this, babe!

  7. Jesse sounds fantastic- and I just really love that name! I'm so glad this was a worthy sequel. It's interesting that so much of the conflict came internally; makes it seem even more interesting to be honest! And Garth sounds fantastic. :)

  8. Great review! I loved Jesse and Rowen in Lost & Found. I'm looking forward to starting this one! ;)

  9. Oh this series sounds good! I'm with Lauren, I love the name Jesse, I can picture a person so clearly when they have that name (though I may be way off). I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  10. Ok, I totally need to meet Rowan and your review your excitement is contagious!

  11. Agree. This was Jesse's book. Umph...I love him so much. I'm sad it's over, but I absolutely can't wait for GARTH!!!!

  12. Can't wait to read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Can't wait for this! Thanks for this giveaway!

  14. Ahh! Absolutely everyone is loving this book. I really like the cover but I haven't read the first so I think I need to pick it up so I can catch up with everyone else. Great review!

  15. I officially am a loser...I am like the only one who hasn't read this series...yet! I am totally going to remedy that and buy these damn books! I have heard nothing but amazing things about this book, and Jesse and Rowen. They sound like fantastic, strong characters! Now, who is this Mr. Garth!?? You had me at bad I am officially over excited! lol ;p I'm glad you enjoyed this, Andrea! Fantastic review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  16. Skim milk. I haven't read L&F yet but thanks for sharing!

  17. Jesse really is the type of guy every girl deserves. That's such a great way of putting it. I want me a Jesse Walker! I also want Garth ;)
    Jesse broke my heart. Although Lost & Found is my favorite of the 2, I still really loved this one. Can't wait for Garth's book.

    PS-I just got approved for Against the Ropes. Thanks for making my TBR grow!

  18. Yep. I was up late for this one too. So good. I totally love Jesse Walker!

  19. Wow, Andrea. That was an incredible review girl. You did an awesome job of conveying just how much you love these two- and I am right there with you. I completely agree this was Jesse's story. And oh, how his past broke my heart. But I loved how Rowen was there for him and Garth too. Garth really rocked it in this book. Is it bad I really want him and Josie to have a HEA together? :D

  20. I just bought the first book in this series. You have convinced me and so has Nereyda that I need to read this sooner than latter. I've heard nothing but great things about this series.

  21. These are going to be good reads when I get my hands on them!!!

  22. Awesome Review and thank you for the chance to enter....

  23. I haven't read either of these book but after reading your review I have too. These books sound awesome. I loved your review.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  24. Love this series and their covers!! Pretty much just love Nicole Williams :)


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