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Some of you may already know this, but I have a super cool husband who happens to also be an avid reader. Even better, he lets me tell him what to read! I usually talk to him about the books that come my way; about the ones that spark my interest or that I think he may like. When the request for Jack Stone: Wild Justice came to me, Eric thought it sounded like a cool story that a guy might like. So, me being me, I said "Okay, but you have to review it for the blog."

Anytime I read a book with a male point-of-view, I undoubtedly turn to Eric for his opinion on the narrative. I think it's find to find out just what guys really think.

Jack Stone - Wild JusticeSeries: Dark Master #1
Category/Genre: Adult Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 6/28/13
Format: ebook
Pages: 136
Source: Received from author for review

Jack Stone is the Dark Master.
A tough man. A hard man - and he is sexy as all hell.
When Jack Stone arrives in the small town of Windswept, Arizona all he wants is answers. What he finds is a sexy woman with a lust for BDSM and a secret the locals will kill to keep.


Jack Stone... Ex-military... Ex-hostage rescuer and BDSM Master is in search of his kid sister, who mysteriously went missing three years ago.

Things just didn't add up for Jack with his sister's disappearance, more so after he started hearing of young women being kidnapped and trained to be submissive sex slaves, then sold to wealthy men. Jack does one of the only things he knows to do. And, that is to delve into the world of BDSM so he can better understand his enemy - the men who purchase these young girls. Come to find out, he enjoyed the lifestyle, not the buying of young women, but the learning of what women want and giving them what they need. Now that being said, the BDSM was a very small part of the story - two scenes,  and somewhat light at that - no tying, no spanking, just alpha male bossiness.

After a year and a half, he sets off hitch-hiking across the country in search of clues that might lead him to his sister. These clues lead him to the tiny town of Windswept, AZ., in search of a man, Harper.

While in Windswept, at the local diner,  he meets Lilley Pond - owner, operator, waitress, cook and janitor. He discovers, through the local paper, that two girls had turned up missing the week prior and couldn't help but think, more like his military intuition lead him to believe, that there was or could be some sort of connection to his sister's disappearance.

Here's where all hell breaks loose.  Day one in town and he beats the ever living crap, in Lilley's defense of course, out of two mouthy out-of-towner diner patrons - who turn out to be a somewhat key part to the story.

Jack then becomes Lilley's responsibility, courtesy of the Sheriff's Deputies. Lilley takes him home with her while helping him get the lay (of her), the land and the locals.

Jack soon learns he's getting closer to finding, not his sister, but some small time players in the kidnapping ring itself as well as the two missing local girls. Certain people want him out of town and they go to great lengths to make sure he disappears, only they don't know what kind of bada$$ they're dealing with. But, they quickly find out.

Does he find out who took the two local girls, is there a connection to his kid sister?

Overall, it was a good, quick read and without giving too much away, there was enough a$$ kicking, appendage breaking and burning sh*t to the ground to keep a man interested. I will definitely be reading the second book - "Jack Stone - Deadly Revenge".

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  1. I was wondering how this review was going to go cause at first I thought this was like erotica or something. It sounds like all that is pretty minor in the whole scene of things. It's nice to get a males POV sometimes! My husband doesn't read, but if he did this is the kind of book he might like. Instead he just finds it on TV instead. :)

  2. I got my ex-boyfriend to read a few books and he enjoyed these kind of action-crime-thriller books as well. I'm not sure if it's my kind of a book, but boy do I enjoy male perspective sometimes. They've got a totally different voice from female population and it's quite refreshing in this blogging community which mostly consists of women. I'm glad you enjoyed this, Eric, and I hope you'll enjoy the sequel just as much. Looking forward to your thoughts on that one:)

  3. He should do more reviews. Make him.

  4. I love books with action and a** kicking! I'm a huge fan of Jason Stathman and his highly intense action packed movies, and for some reason this book is reminiscent to his movies dirty, raw, action packed -love it! Great review, Eric.

  5. That last paragraph is perfect! You should make him review books more often! It is always interesting to see a guys take on books since guy readers are few and far between. Love the review!

  6. Lucky you, with your avid reader hubby! I'm a little bit jealous now. :P

  7. Great review Eric! This book sounds interesting. And Andrea, you should totally have him do more reviews. I like the guys take. There aren't enough guy reviewers out there.

  8. SAME SEX HAIR! I love your review man! DO MORE!! *whispers* dooo iittt

  9. This was epic Andrea! Really awesome :)
    I LOVE male POV books and I have a thing about killers/mob/kidnapping books. This looks like something I would really like. Fantastic review!

  10. I love this Andrea and Eric! My husband just wants to throw my Kindle on the ground and stomp on it cause he says I love it more than him. I love your comment "Overall, it was a good, quick read and without giving too much away, there was enough a$$ kicking, appendage breaking and burning sh*t to the ground to keep a man interested." Great review!

  11. The title of the book is cracking me up! I know Jack is one kick ass dude but I think I'll have a hard time taking him seriously... *ooohh Jack Stone, you're so goood!* ROFL

    Sorry, Don't take me seriously, I skipped my meds today.

    Nice review, Eric. Good job Andrea for making him lend a helping hand today. A guy's POV is always appreciated.

  12. Dude..great review and I like that it was kick-ass, and had body damage!

  13. Go, Eric! Excellent review! It's really nice to get a guy's perspective. And maybe I can let my hubby read your review and maybe he'll pick up this one...maybe. I'm glad Mr. Stone and Ms. Sparx kept your interest. I look forward to reading your review of the second book!

    And Andrea, I'm gonna admit to being a wee bit jealous! ;) My hubby is NOT a reader. But he does listen to me blather on and on about books, so I guess it's all good! :)

  14. HAHA! Love that last paragraph! I'm sure every guy loves ass kicking...any bodily harm. Awesome review! :D You should definitely do more reviews!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  15. Oh I love this review! Great job Eric!


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