Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Friday Five - 9/26/14

Hey. It's Friday again! And I have trivial bits to share with you.
1"Sex Things Men Don't Care About"  I saw this Cosmo article over the weekend and have been dying to share it since. I disregard approximately 99.3% of whatever I see in that magazine, but this totally cracked me up. And according to my husband, it's pretty much accurate.
Here's my favorite line:  "Even starfish have buttholes and they don't have anything."
2 - I meant to include this in last week's post. Last week's Apple update brought some cool new stuff (that's the technical term, right?) to users. I haven't played with everything yet, but am in love with the Kindle update. Here's an article with details and instructions. My two favorite aspects are
Today widget, which keeps your latest reads in the forefront
And the newest love of my life, the ability to copy and paste! Cos y'all know I love to share book quotes.
(Sorry the pics turned out so shitty. )
3 - I am in love, love, love with The ZigZag Stripe. I found this online clothing store on Facebook, and I feel like it's changed my life. I rarely even look at clothes anywhere else, which makes my husband happy when we hit the mall. On the other hand, I think he's started cringing when he checks the mail. And the credit card bill. The clothes are reasonably priced, fit well, look great, and are super stylish. They also have free shipping.
Here's an outfit I love. And of course, bought.

Black Long Leggings
And here's an outfit I have my eye on. It WILL be mine.
Teal WorkPlace Palazzos
4 - I'm officially calling bullshit on all the romance books and shows that make us believe all firefighters are hot. My daughter's Daisy Troop visited our local fire station yesterday, and there wasn't one damn studly firefighter to be found. I won't lie, I was dismayed.
5 - I'm not even going to get into the fact tomorrow is the mid-season finale of Outlander. I'll save my whining for next week. But I've started craving good television again, and need some recommendations. I'm a fan of shows like Outlander (duh), The Leftovers, True Detective, Girls. I guess, gritty or different. I'm thinking of trying Black Sails, even though friends say it's not all that. Do you have any recs?
I hope you have a happy weekend! It's supposed to be in the low-80s here. The girl and I are going to put up some Fall decorations.

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  1. OMG Andrea! I was laughing my ass off over that Cosmo article! I'll have to show my husband later. I have friends on Twitter that were just trying to persuade me to start watching Outlander. I really want to start the book first, but I'm looking into my watching options. I don't have Starz. I do a lot of shopping online, but I have to say I love Charming Charlie! It's all color coordinated and is mostly jewelry and purses, but they do have cute clothes as well. They're really reasonable, too! Great post, Andrea! Happy Friday! :)

    1. Actually, I mean TGIF!!! I'm off Friday (it's still Thursday here). :)

  2. Great article!! Made me laugh. Love the clothes. I have been contemplating trying Stitch Fix but don't know if it's worth it. I'm so particular. I love Charming Charlie's too, like Rachel mentioned. I'm addicted to buying scarves. It's starting to become almost like a hoarding problem. ;)

    I really don't watch much tv, so I'm no help. I love Big Bang and football and that's about it. I'm sorry Outlander is done this week. I keep seeing upset followers on Twitter and I think of you. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. We have some adorable firefighters but not nearly enough to fill the pages of all those romance books (of course, there aren't that many dukes to go around either, sadly). And Cosmo. Oh, Cosmo. Good lord. TGIF!!

  4. I totally get the disappointment over hot firemen. I know its sad that it almost over with Outlander.
    I found Gotham, Flash will be up soon, sleepy Hollow

  5. It's so funny to me when authors make every single military/fire fighter etc…hot. I dated a firefighter and a guy whose father was a firefighter and my husband was int he military. Believe me the hot guys are rare. lol

    We do have a few cute EMT's in my county though. They're young newbies and they go for lunch at my supermarket.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  6. lol - I've never read Cosmo, not my thing, but my best friend does and always tells me about articles. I have heard about that one though.

    There are some cute clothes on that site.

    Hahaha ... I know a lot of the firefighters and EMTs around here, and maybe 1/10 are hot.

  7. #4 hahaha!! I've thought that for years! Most of the ones here are fat too.

    As for tomorrows finale... I'll be crying in my coke zero until April when it returns.

  8. Bwaha yes that article cracked me up too! So funny.

    The firemen. I've gotten lucky here in Cary. I had to have them out to my business this last year and holy cow. They were all so cute but YOUNG! Like..way too young would make a girl feel a spot pervy having any naughty thoughts about them. lol

  9. Haha, that Cosmos article was hilarious and I agree with it. I saw the comments and people get way too offensive over everything.
    I would LOVE to copy/paste quotes from my kindle! I don't have an ipad though :(
    Ha, no hot firefighters? What a sad day! Awesome post.

  10. Oh, I love that outfit! There are so many cute outfits online, but I don't really buy them because I'd rather try things on first...even though I really hate shopping for clothes most of the time.

  11. AHHH I can copy and past in the kindle app now???? my life is complete!

  12. LOL about firefighters!! That's so true and I saw some firefighters last month here and boy my whole life was a lie!! But well I do love those outfits, so nice and professional. I'm sure that they will look good on you. Also good thing is that I'm finally reading Outlander so I'll catch up with you guys! :) Great post, Andrea!

  13. Great post. You're comment about the firefighters made me LOL.

  14. LOL Buttholes and non-hottie firefighters?!? I'm really liking this feature, Andrea. :) I'm now off to check out The Zigzag Stripe!

  15. I have not updated my kindle yet. I love the idea of the copy and paste!


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