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Making the First MoveCategory/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: 7/22/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 251
Source: Received from publisher for review
Five years of obsessing over her career pays off when Melanie Gordon gets a promotion that could make or break her. But the new job takes her back to her hometown to face the family she's distanced herself from, and forces her to leave behind sexy, mysterious philanthropist Raine Mason, who just might be the man of her dreams.

By the time Raine makes his move with Melanie, her one-way ticket to Cleveland is booked. He convinces her to take a chance on him long-distance, but can't yet trust her with the whole truth about himself.

Raine and Melanie slowly peel back each other's layers (starting with his bicep-hugging sweater). She is finally ready to give her heart to him...until she learns the dark secret of his past. He'll have to prove to her that love is worth the risk.

Making the First Move was a thoughtful story about a woman who's searching for the perfect life, and realizes that maybe perfect isn't all its cracked up to be.

I liked Making the First Move, but actually don't have a lot to say about it. It was nicely written, the story was good. It just didn't make a strong impression. I will say that the first half was a bit slow. I get that the characters and their lives needed to be established, but it felt a bit tedious. For me, there were too many details about Melanie's job and her family. I wanted more Melanie and Rains.

The second half was definitely more enjoyable for me. I liked Melanie's struggle to make a long-distance relationship with Raine work. Her struggle to balance her idea of independence and her ideal life and love seemed realistic and thoughtful.  The synopsis hints at Raine having a dark secret. I assumed the secret would be obvious and typical, but it happily came out of nowhere, and seeing Melanie come to terms with it was great. And the story did wrap up well.

Not to be trivial, but my favorite aspect of Making the First Move was the steam! The author did a really fabulous job with the sexual chemistry between Melanie and Raine. Although I could have used a little more, those scenes were pretty hot, but weren't too explicit.

Overall, I liked Making the First Move, I just didn't love it. I do think many readers will enjoy it a lot.

Favorite Quote:

  There's an irresistible hunger in our kisses. The kind that comes from an intense craving for something you want so badly, but don't believe you can ever really have. Each kiss pulls me in deeper, makes me want him even more.  ~eARC, 14%

  He brushes loose curls from my face. "You're fucking gorgeous. You know that?" He kisses me again before I respond. "Do you know how long I've wanted to say that? To tell you how much I need you? I should've told you a long time ago."   ~eARC, 14%

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About the author
Reese Ryan writes sexy, contemporary romance featuring a multicultural cast of flawed, but lovable characters. She secretly enjoys torturing her heroines with family and career drama, reformed bad boys, revealed secrets, and the occasional identity crisis, but always rewards them with supportive girlfriends and a happily ever after.

An avid reader, Reese's to-be-read stack resembles a small skyscraper. She adores brilliant singer/songwriters, and has an incurable addiction to musicals and movie soundtracks. She is a lifelong Midwesterner currently residing in Central North Carolina with her husband and young adult son who tolerate her propensity to sing and dance badly. Visit Reese online at

Connect with Reese:
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  1. It happens to me often, you read a book that's nicely written and has interesting story and that's all. Simply it doesn't leave stronger impression and I tend to forget the story shortly after reading it. great review :)

  2. Our Sexy Summer Saturdays this week seem like "Meh Summery Saturdays" lol mine was zzzz, I love how you did the good in the books you read!

  3. I haven't heard of this. It sounds okay. I'm glad that you liked it.

  4. Great review. This is new to me but sounds interesting :)

  5. Great Review! I love Sexy Summer Saturday's! To many details can make a book boring, but at least this one had the steam factor.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  6. I love the quotes you shared, Andrea! :) The second half of the book sounds great! I'm sorry the whole book didn't deliver but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless. Happy Saturday! :)

  7. I usually like these kinda a books. I wish you had enjoyed it more because then I think it would interest me. Great review.

  8. Those Carina Press books can be super hot. Ain't no shame in liking the steam. Glad it was sexy for you!

  9. Ugh! Long distance relationships! Been there done that still doing it and it sucks! Its all talk and not much sexy time LOL.

    At least the second part was good, made up for the slow start.


  10. I honestly don't know what to think of this one? O_O I really hate it when stories aren't memorable, but like you I like the sound of the romance. And I'm glad despite your concerns the second half of the book was enjoyable and that it wrapped up well! I'm glad you enjoyed this Andrea! Lovely review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 


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