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Love at High TideCategory/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: 7/8/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 183
Source: Received from author for review
Rating: 3 stars

Darcy Trent is lucky Cooper Hudson is on hand to sweep her off her feet—literally—when she nearly drowns while swimming in the ocean. But life-saving aside, Mr. Perfect's timing stinks: Darcy's career is about to take her to the complete opposite side of the Atlantic. Still, a little summer loving with the tall, blond and sexy former cop is far too tempting to pass up.

When his plans to enter the Secret Service went south thanks to a bum knee, Coop retreated to the family beach house to mull his future. Romance is the last thing on his mind, until he fishes a curvy brunette out of the sea. Now, spending time in Darcy's arms seems like the ideal distraction, even if it is just for a week.

But with Darcy's departure date fast approaching and their careers on the line, can they realize in time that their beach fling might become the real thing?

Love at High Tide is a cute, fast-paced read that is perfect for an afternoon at the beach. I liked Darcy and Coop. (Seriously, what is it about that name that makes it so hot to me?) Their attraction begins when Coop rescues Darcy when she panics in the ocean, and takes off with lots of flirting and longing glances. I appreciated how the two do not play games, or play coy, and act like two adults who know what they want.

Unfortunately, it seems that fate wants to be a cockblocker, and between Coop's meddling family calling him every five minutes (IGNORE your phone, dude. I do it ALL the time.), and Darcy's slightly annoying friend, the action between two gets off to a slow start. That's okay, though, because I don't mind if a couple takes time to get to know each other. What I didn't count on was the side story, involving the BFF Trina and a fat, hairy bad guy. Don't get me wrong, this bit was actually funny, with the two ladies playing spy, but it seemed to take over the plot. I wanted more sexy times with Coop and less spying in the hairy bad guy.

When Love at High Tide focused on Coop and Darcy, I really enjoyed it. They had a playful banter to keep the mood light, but both knew how to turn up the heat. Once things start going their way, the story was steamy. And again, it is a relief to have two characters who in know what they want and aren't afraid to say it. The angst was super low, and that made it such an easy, relaxing story.

Love at High Tide was a fun read, and it actually made me smile a lot. I do wish the story had revolved more around the couple, but I did like how the story wrapped up. Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Favorite Quote:
  The pressure gave him a jolt. They'd gone from zero to holy-shit-this-was-freaking-amazing in less than a minute. Warm, soft and writhing in his arms, Darcy kissed him like her life depended on it.   ~eARC, 39%
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  1. Ignore your phone dude! I do it ALL the time. Lol. This sounds interesting to say the least. Great review

    1. I am reacting to that side comment too! Now you know what's happening if you're calling Andrea and she's not picking up.

  2. Lol Good review. Yep, I ignore too :) This sounds like a cute book. Thanks for sharing those quotes.

  3. This sounds like a really great summer read! I ignore my phone all the time too lol! I love the cover of this book too. It just looks really fun. Awesome review chick!!

  4. Sounds like a quick, fun summer read. And yes Coop - ignore that phone! Use the mute button lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. LOL Your funny Andrea! Yeah, I'm always getting yelled at for ignoring my phone :) This sounds like a cute story, and I love the book cover. I agree-focus on the romance, and not the fat, hairy bad guy. LOL Great Review!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  6. Ha! I love your review, Andrea. You had me cracking up at the mention of this hairy bad guy. ;) Even though you wanted more attention on Darcy and Coop (totally understandable!), I'm glad you still enjoyed this overall. Thanks for sharing. :D

  7. This does sound fun and like a great way to spend an afternoon. I agree that I'd rather the plot center on the couple in a story like this though. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. Thanks, Andrea!

  8. This sounds like a fun read. I'll be checking it out.

  9. Sounds like this could have been more enjoyable had the side story been trimmed. It's hard to have multiple story lines in 183 pages and make it work. Oh well, sounds like a light and fun read. Great review, Andrea. :)

  10. The side plot sounds funny, too bad it took over the main story, lovely review Andrea!

  11. Sounds good. I love the cover and that quote. Glad you enjoyed it.

  12. O.o I love the quote and it sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the review!

  13. This sounds like the perfect summer read!

  14. Oh and now I know why you don't answer when I call. ;)

  15. This sounds like the perfect summer read! I need a fun, light read and I think this one sounds perfect. Your review is hilarious Andrea! I suddenly want to meet this hairy, fat guy! lol ;p Coop and Darcy's relationship sounds really fun, and any relationship with banter is a winner! I can't wait to check this out. I'm glad you enjoyed this! Lovely review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 


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