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Xoe: Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My! by Sara Roethle

Xoe: or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My! (The Xoe Meyers Series, #1)

Alexondra Meyers, known to her friends as Xoe, had a normal life. She liked her normal life, but there's a new guy in the small town of Shelby, OR, and he is anything but normal. Before Xoe can say, "Werewolf," her world is turned upside-down. Between a dark secret in Xoe's past, a best friend who's been scratched, and not to mention high school, Xoe has a lot of thinking to do. She has to choose who she can trust, and fast . . . tomorrow's the full moon. (From GoodReads)

My Review

When I received Xoe: Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My! through the First Reads program at GoodReads, I was thrilled. I am always looking forward to a new (to me) book/author. And Xoe looked like it could be the start of a cool new series.

Xoe was an interesting character. She was funny and snarky and seemed like a wise-beyond-her-years girl. Her dialogue, both inner and verbal, had me laughing and shaking my head.  I’m sorry to say, though, that for me, she was the only character that I could really get behind. The other characters didn’t demand my attention like Xoe did.  Which reminds me, character reactions to insanely weird events. Either I was a extremely dramatic, over-reactive teenager or am tragically out of the loop, but if I encountered a werewolf, vampire or demon in real-life, I would be running myself straight to a therapist or checking to see if my friends spiked the punch.  The reactions of Xoe and her friends just didn’t add up, in my opinion.

Although I didn’t love or agree with all aspects of the book, I will say that it did hold my attention and I did actually like reading Xoe. Here’s the problem. I felt like I had read this book before, a lot of times before. Either the girl is new to town or meets a guy new to town. Weirdness ensues. The girl learns about a part of herself she never knew existed. She is determined to uncover the truth. To be fair, perhaps that is my problem, not the book’s. I just don’t know. And, hopefully, the second book, Accidental Ashes, will help set this series apart from the rest.

You can find Xoe: Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My! at:
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Paperback, 204 pages
Published October 3rd 2009 by Vulture's Eye Publications (first published 2009)

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