Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Forgotten Souls, by Tiffany King

Forgotten Souls, the follow-up to Meant to Be, by Tiffany King, is Book 2 in The Saving Angels series. In Book 1, we were introduced to Krista and Mark. Krista and Mark learned that they, along with two of their friends, Shawn and Sam, are descended from a line of Guides and Protecters. Their duty is to help forgotten souls, those who souls are at risk of being lost forever. In Forgotten Souls, their story continues. They have now been joined by Lynn and Robert, another Guide and Protector pair. Now that Krista, Mark and the others finally know what they are and what they have the ability to do, they must train with Haniel, an Archangel, to save the forgotten souls.

Forgotten Souls is the highly anticipated return to the world and characters author Tiffany King created in Meant to Be. If you ever read my review of Meant to Be, you'll know that I had high expectations for Forgotten Souls. The sequel does not disappoint. Within a few minutes of starting the book, I was back in Santa Cruz, on the beach and in main character Krista's head. King managed to slip me right back into the almost ethereal, dream-like mood that I experienced reading Meant to Be. I also felt that she has grown as an author and the writing reflects that growth.

In Forgotten Souls, we are given a more thorough explanation of the questions raised in Book 1. The background for the existence of the Guides and Protectors is given, as are the duties. While there is a religious background behind the existence, Forgotten Souls never sounds preachy. There is no delving into a particular philosophy, or denomination.

Here's my favorite part of Forgotten Souls ~ Haniel. Haniel is the Archangel tasked with training Mark, Krista and the two other couples. Haniel also worked with their parents, so there is a long history there. To truly appreciate Haniel, you should read King's contribution to The Glassheart Chronicles. Her story revolves around Haniel and the parents of Krista and Mark. It was tragic, beautiful and heart-breaking. That story will make you fall in love with Haniel.
And forgive me for saying this, but "Hallelujah" for no love triangles. Don't get me wrong. I like a good romantic rivalry as much as the next person. But I really, really love books that have a main couple who don't flip-flop back and forth, in and out of love. That's not to say that Krista and Mark don't have some serious obstacles to overcome. Their obstacles just happen to be a lot bigger than love triangles.

Forgotten Souls is a story of love, friendship, heartbreak, and ultimately good vs evil. No character is ever truly safe. The ending left my heart pounding. And, oh boy, what a cliff-hanger. That ending left me desperate, in the best of ways, for the next book in the series.

You can find author Tiffany King at her blog.
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  1. This is a great review! I'm going to buy both books. Not sure how I missed them!

  2. Thanks, Kendall! I hope you enjoy the books.

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