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Review: Sugar on the Edge (Last Call #3) by Sawyer Bennett

Sugar on the Edge (Last Call, #3)
Series: Last Call #3
Series: Last Call #3
Series: Last Call #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Big Dog Books,
Publication Date: 7/28/14
Format: eARC
Pages: 264
Source: Author
Rating: 3 stars

He’s utterly alone…

Tortured and existing in a dark sp
iral of despair, bestselling British author, Gavin Cooke, has come to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to escape the seedy lifestyle he had been living in London and in a desperate attempt to regain his writing focus. He’s twisted, bitter and angry at the world. He’s a loner… needing not a single thing other than his Scotch and a laptop upon which he can bang out his next erotic, dark thriller.

She’s running in place and getting nowhere…

Savannah Shepherd’s life is falling apart. Her dream of being a wildlife photographer seems a distant memory and she’s barely able to make ends meet. Driving herself forward with no clear goals apparent, she’s about ready to pack up her bags and head home with her tail between her legs.

Two unlikely lovers…

He’s raw, forceful and a dirty talker. She’s a flowers and romance type of girl. Yet within each other, they find a mutual craving that can only be satisfied by giving in to their desires for one another.Lust turns into something more… something they were not looking for but tentatively accept. Will it be enough to push them past the obstacles of Gavin’s bitter past?

*SUGAR ON THE EDGE can be read as a stand-alone*

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My Review

I've been a big fan of the Last Call series. On the Rocks was very good; Make It a Double was even better. Though Savannah hasn't been a largely memorable character in the series, I was looking forward to her story. I've been a fan of Bennett's for quite a while now, and have read nearly all her books. To be honest, though, (and really, I must be) Sugar on the Edge wasn't a win for me. 

My reasons are purely personal, not technical. There was nothing "wrong" with the writing, or the story. My biggest issue: I didn't like Gavin for at least seventy-five percent of the book. He was belligerent, rude and I often hated how he treated Savannah. Now let me add the stipulation that I've gotten extremely picky in my book men, and what I will accept. A year ago, I might've gotten worked up by the jerky hero, now it seems, I'm turning into my mom. God help us all. lol I got that Gavin was in a personal hell, but I still didn't buy it as an excuse to want to "break" women, just because you can. Sure, I like my men strong and even grumpy, but I also like them to be decent. This need to lash out, to fuck your demons away, all makes for an sexy and interesting story, but at some point I wanted them to have a meaningful conversation that didn't come before, during or after sex, I just couldn't get fully on board with Gavin as a great love interest, for me.
To be fair, Gavin does make good changes, and he gives good grovel, which was great and what the story is all about. But I was so personally put off by his actions (especially during a pivotal BIG point of the story) that - fair or not - it didn't work on me.

As for Savannah, I did like her quite a lot. She was kind and easy to warm to. I don't think her voice in the story was as strong as Gavin's, but honestly, Sugar on the Edge was more his story. I would have liked to have seen her develop more on her own, rather than bending herself to be what Gavin wanted. Which was fine, because I think that's what she wanted too. And she did help Gavin's growth, with her empathy and ability to help him move forward. So again, that's what it's all about.
The rest of the Last Call gang weren't present for much of the story, with the exception of Brody. Now THAT, I loved.

Like I said, these are all personal gripes. I absolutely hate that I didn't love the story, but I will definitely continue to series. I guess I would say if the issues I presented work for you, go for it!
Favorite Quote
  Who would have thought it? Brody Markham, only out of prison for just over nine months, having been completely broken and withdrawn from life, was now sitting here throwing out jokes at me. I freakin' loved it.

The Last Call Series
On the Rocks (Last Call, #1)   Make It a Double (Last Call, #2)   Sugar on the Edge (Last Call, #3)

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USA Today Best-Selling author, Sawyer Bennett, is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

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  1. Sorry this wasn't a win for you, but glad to hear that doesn't stop you from continuing the series. From your review, I would probably end up having the same issues you had...Still, I noted this series down, you may never know for sure if you don't try it, right? ;)
    Thanks for your honest review, Andrea!

  2. I felt the same way about Gavin. Throughout most of the book I wanted to smack him in the face and then when he did that stupid and shitty thing at the end, I wanted to push him off a cliff. What a douche. He ruined the book for me and I hate how he didn't take the first step to get back together with Savannah. I loved this series too and I will be continuing but I'm hoping Gavin and Savannah don't make an appearance ever again. I don't think they would work well as a couple in real life at all.
    Sorry this was a disappointment for you, Andrea! Lovely review!

  3. "I'm turning into my mom. God help us all." This is me! I know when I used to read these kinds of books I loved them but I can barely make it through now. I need some basic kindness.

    I have no idea but (for me) I think it's the explicit sex since 50 Shades that changed it for me. These stories have become so much more about sexign the problem out of you than actual talking and healing.

    It's more of a "it's not you it's me" thing with these books.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  4. It is so hard when you just don't like a character like that for so much of the book. Sometimes it works. Other times it's just too much and too late when they finally do change and win you over :/

  5. I remember thinking I would love to read a book about Gavin during the other books. He seemed like such a fun, upbeat kind of guy. I hate to hear he was a dick most of the time. I feel the same way though. Guys in books now are all aggressive damaged jerks and that doesn't work for me. Sorry this didn't work for you babe.

  6. I wanted to get this but i realized it was part of a series and I haven't read the others. Most reviews I've seen have been like yours.
    Have you read her hockey book?

  7. I'm with you, my taste in book men have changed over the years too. I used to swoon over Alpha men and all their MINE shit but now it just creeps me out! LOL

  8. Sorry this wasn't a win for you but sometimes book guys just go too far. I still need to try this series one day. Thanks for the honest review.

  9. LOL!! "now it seems, I'm turning into my mom" OMG. That's hilarious. Been there... Especially when it comes to jerky guys. I just don't have patience for someone who's going to be an arse for 75% of the story.

  10. I can totally see your point. I liked it more than you but I'll also admit to kinda being over auto read for this author.

  11. Damn, this book it what pushed me to even start the series. Well, hopefully I'll like it better. *crosses fingers*

  12. It's funny how book tastes can change. Something that would work maybe a year ago just drives you around the bend now. I find this happening as well. I don't mind a moody, broody guy but he does have to have some redeeming qualities and a good reason for acting like a dick. I think KA's men are good example of what I like. But I don't like a guy who treats women like crap just because they can or it makes them feel better or in control. Grow up! I can see why you'd have issues with Gavin. Excellent review, as always! :)

    P.S. Is this why you have some reservations about Uncivilized? Zach wasn't like this at all, IMO.

  13. I did enjoy this one, but Gavin didn't win me over like the other two books did. Nice review!

  14. Ooh, I'm sorry this one didn't trip your trigger, Andrea. I do know how much you love Bennett. It is interesting how our tastes change - sometimes mine change with the moon phases or something. :) Reading your issues with Gavin, though, I would say they'd bother me as well. Anyway, I hope the next one hits all your hot buttons. :)


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