Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get Ready for Boomerang by Noelle August!

Have you heard of Boomerang yet? I'm so excited about this book, co-authored by one of my favorites, Veronica Rossi. I will be reviewing Boomerang soon, but wanted to share the book details with you in the meantime.
—a Boomerang novel—
By Noelle August
Boomerang is the dating site for millennials, but their offices might be even steamier than the hook-ups people find on their website…
William Morrow is thrilled to publish Noelle August’s BOOMERANG (William Morrow Trade Paperback, On-sale: July 8th, 2014, ISBN: 9780062331069; $13.99), the latest hot summer read! Readers can’t get enough of New Adult lit, and Noelle August is at the forefront of this phenomenon. With genre-bending characters, drama, sex, and a fresh, fun premise, BOOMERANG showcases a hilariously charming, deliciously sexy style.
Welcome to BOOMERANG, the hottest recent startup in the trendiest city: Los Angeles, CA. Why? Because it’s about no-strings, no-fuss relationships for those on the rebound and those who crave connectionwithout all the baggage of long-term promises.
But that buzz is fading as Boomerang struggles to grow. The solution? Find two brilliant interns and give them a crack at launching the site into the stratosphere.
Enter Mia Galliano and Ethan Vance. Mia is an aspiring filmmaker with killer curves and gorgeous, curly locks. Ethan is a hot, blue-eyed go-getter who has just played his last game as a collegiate soccer star. They’re both sharp, hungry for success, and share a major secret.
Ethan and Mia aren’t strangers. The night before their first day at Boomerang, Ethan and Mia meet at a bar and fall into bed together…or did they? Though they’re both hazy on the details, they definitely do know how awkward it is when they find themselves in a post hook-up taxi…to the same place: Boomerang headquarters
Turns out they both got the gig, and now they’ll be competing for one job at Boomerang. Even better? The company’s strict policy about inner-office dating. Simply put: they can’t.
But their connection is as powerful as their ambition. Will they manage to keep their eyes on the future and their hands off each other? Find out come July!
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Question: What do you get when friends pen a story with heart, plenty of laughs, and toe-curling kissing scenes? Answer: Noelle August, the pseudonym for renowned editor and award-winning writer Lorin Oberweger and New York Times bestselling YA author Veronica Rossi, the masterminds behind Boomerang. You can visit them at, @Noelle_August,

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  1. I am SO excited about this book. I made sure to buy it as soon as it came out and can't wait to read it. And to see what you think!

  2. Definitely interesting and a little awkward. Hehe

  3. I love the sounds of this one so much!

  4. I'm so excited for thsi one too but I'm waiting for the audio because my actual 'read' TBR is crazy right now.

  5. Well you know how I feel about this one! I hope everyone loves it at much as I did.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  6. This sounds like such a fun book and the cover is really cute.

  7. I've been wanting to read this so badly!


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