Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Release Day: Love After Dark Box Set

Today marks the release of the Love After Dark Box set.  The set includes nine full-length novels for a limited-time price of only $0.99. Check it out!

Love After Dark

Love After Dark features nine bestselling authors who create worlds and love within them. Not only will you find love between the pages but new content relating to their fabulous series! This bundle will include Brina Courtney, Ella James, Quinn Loftis, A.O Peart, Alivia Anders, Heather Hildenbrand, Julia Crane, Melissa Pearl and Anna Cruise.
Books included in the bundle are:
Reveal by Brina Courtney Here by Ella JamesElfin by Quinn LoftisIllumine by Alivia AndersDirty Blood by Heather HildenbrandAnna by Julia Crane Forged By Greed by A.O. PertGolden Blood by Melissa PearlSet In Stone by Anna Cruise

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  1. There's been some great bundles like this lately! A lot of books for pennies! I'll check this out, Andrea. Thanks for the info.:)

  2. Sounds interesting. I've never read a box set featuring different authors before. Maybe I should give this one a try. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh I like the cover for this bundle! Very pretty! This sounds like a good mix.

  4. Very Sexy!!! I like the leather!

  5. Sounds good. I've only read Elfin, but I liked it.


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