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 Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives, #1)
Series: The Perspectives Series, Book One
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 3/28/14
Format: eARC
Pages: 113
Source: Author
Rating: 4-4.5 stars
Approx. 40,000 words; standalone novel
Recommended for readers 18+ due to adult language and situations

He’s hot, young, and way off-limits... But he might be just what she needs to get over the past and on with her life.

Lisa Taylor’s life stalled after her divorce three years ago, and she never got it started up again. Now her shit-paying catalogue photography job is boring her to death, she can’t bear to look in the mirror, and she hasn’t had a man since her asshole ex left.

When a gorgeous younger man reappears in her life, he promises to be the solution to all those problems. Tempting as he is -- and god almighty, he is! -- taking what he offers could destroy what little she has left.
 My Review
Extreme Close-up was so refreshing and fun. We have Lisa, a forty-one-year old divorcee and her twenty-three-year old neighbor, also her son's former babysitter. Brady, now Braden, is all grown up, and the intensity that always intrigued Lisa in the past is aimed solely in her direction. Lisa has a lot of doubts, obviously about the age difference and her negative body image. She's most definitely not the pursuer, but luckily for her, Braden is not easily dissuaded and he is not having her reasons. This is a man who knows who he wants and he is going for the fantasy now within his reach.

When you start to hit a certain age, you begin to assume you'll never be attractive to young, hot guys again. So the fact young and gorgeous Braden is wickedly attracted to Lisa pleased me to no end! And when Braden told Lisa he'd always had a crush on her, I was like "Awww yeah. Get it girl." Which was kind of awkward because I was on a plane. And let me just add, this was apparently a really bumpy flight but I hardly noticed because I was suffering from a hardcore case of the swoons. And awkward feelings on a plane. Extreme Close-up was sexy dirty hot.

But besides that sexiness, and even more important, was the relationship between Braden and Lisa. Lisa helps Braden see that he's more than just a former football star. He has a brilliant mind and a lot of potential. Braden helps Lisa see herself in a new light. She's not only a mom and a forty-one year old woman, but also a beautiful and vibrant woman. Despite the age difference, this was a relationship that was really healthy for both participants. In the best cases, partners give one another fulfillment and joy. Braden and Lisa thrived together.

Extreme Close-Up was really fun, with a wry tone to the writing. Lisa's inner dialogue had me laughing throughout. I honestly had no idea how the story would play out between Braden and Lisa. Obviously I wanted them happy and together...but what if that wasn't in the cards? Realistically, you know, they have a lot against them. I won't get into how Extreme Close-Up ended, but I will say that it was a very satisfying ending. Braden and Lisa's relationship was so, so sexy and wicked, but it was also fulfilling, and they brought each other a lot of happiness and valuable insight into what made they other so special. I most definitely recommend Extreme Close-up and also look forward to Lisa's friend Natalie's story, Over-Exposed.
Favorite Quote
    "I'm not ready." Before his expression closed, she confessed, "I've been with no one besides Vance since I was younger than you." She saw him try to hide his surprise that she'd been celibate these last few years.
  He sighed and brushed a damp curl off her cheek. "I didn't know." He kissed her forehead and let go of her. "I've waited half my life for you. I can wait a little longer."
  "I'm sorry," she murmured. "Are you mad?"
  "Yeah. I am." He wrapped a towel around his waist, then took her neck between his warm, damp hands and stroked her jaw with his thumbs. His eyes were a riot of emotion. "But not at you. I'm pissed at Vance. At Hollywood. At fashion magazines. Whoever's responsible for you not knowing how absolutely fucking beautiful you are."
About the author 
Julie Jaret is an American screenwriter with one feature film produced and some others on deck.  Her alter-ego needed an outlet, so here we are.

Julie lives in the southeast U.S. with her sexy and supportive husband, two funny and beautiful kids, and one big doofus of a dog. She enjoys living vicariously through her fictional characters, often to the point of distraction… (Luckily, her hubby and kids know not to expect dinner at a certain time. Or at all.)
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  1. "Awww yeah. Get it girl."

    LOL! Oh this does seem fun! And the cover definitely fits the title .. me-ow!

  2. Can I just say I feel closer to you now than I did yesterday! Our rights on this book were almost identical! We even chose the same quotes. I loved this book very much and I'm really thankful you let me vent my feelings to you when I finished. I love you babe. Excellent review!!

  3. I like the sound of this one, Andrea. Being a 40-something woman, the story sounds really appealing. Great review and I will pick up this one for sure!

  4. I love the idea of a younger man, but I don't know that it would last long term with such a big age difference. I can see ten years or maybe fifteen years, but twenty? I feel the same way about an older man and younger woman, too, so I don't have a double standard, I think I'm just trying to think realistically. Would be nice for some temporary fun, though. Great review, Andrea. :)


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