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Review and Giveaway: Unbroken (Silver Creek #3) by Maisey Yates

Unbroken (Silver Creek, #3)
Series: Silver Creek #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Publication Date: 8/5/14
Format: ARC
Pages: 320
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 stars

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In the latest Silver Creek romance from USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates, former rodeo star Cade Mitchell may never ride again, but there are still a few things he can do—like care for the woman he loves.

Amber Johnson has always thought of her best friend Cade as an older brother. A really hot older brother. But growing up in foster care, she learned to rely only on herself. As much as she likes stealing glances at Cade’s chiseled jaw and painted-on jeans, she resents the way he swoops in like a superhero to fix things for her.

When former rodeo rival Jim Davis starts harassing Amber to sell her grandfather’s failing ranch, Cade swoops in once again. To send Jim on his way, Cade pretends to be Amber’s boyfriend, moving in to help fix the place up. With her grandfather behind the idea, Amber and Cade have to keep the charade going—whether she likes it or not.

But as their make-believe romance starts to heat up, maybe Cade and Amber will learn to admit that they both could use a little saving…

My Review

I went into Unbroken with very few expectations. It sounded like a good story, but I'd only read one Yates book (another series/publisher) before this and while it was fine, I wasn't exactly in love with it. I'm happy to say that I did enjoy Unbroken very much, and look forward to reading more of the Silver Creek series.

Unbroken is the perfect example of a good friends-to-lovers story. What made it special was the history between Amber and Cade, who'd been best friends for sixteen years. All those years were strictly platonic, with no suggestive words or actions between the two. Amber came to town after an entire short life of not being wanted. She challenged her newly-connected grandparents, and Silver Creek. The one person who initially got Amber was Cade. Cade came from a good family, but it was a family built on lies. Cade spent many years carrying his father's secrets, a burden he only unloaded with Amber. So, the author did excellent work at backing up this great friendship between Amber and Cade, and made me understand why neither wanted to risk it, despite their attraction to one another.

I know I've mentioned that I'm not into cowboys, but dang, I really liked Cade. I'm not sure if I'm changing, becoming more flexible in my book heroes, or if it's just this one in specific. The fact he wore a hat and a huge belt buckle (not my thing) actually didn't bother me. I will say that I know for sure that I liked Cade because he was kind of cranky and gruff. It's pretty understandable, given the fact that a severe rodeo injury left him in near-constant pain. But I'm pretty sure Cade was gruff before and I love that. Amber loved it, too, obviously. And she was such a great leading character, as well. I like how Yates gave us insights into her background, from being a promiscuous teen seeking a connection, to being a woman who's forgone that charade in an effort to be someone she's proud of. Amber and Cade's connection was strong, but it was also fun. The banter the two shared - a favorite part of a relationship, for me- was witty and held a great sarcastic tone, but still full of affection. I just really got these two, and wanted their happy ever after.

Good news: Unbroken is a two-fer! That's right, you get two romances for the price of one in this book. The second coming courtesy of a long-lost sister and the local bearded, flannel-wearing store owner (I know, right?). I almost wish this secondary story between Nicole and John hadn't been told because those two needed their own book. So, so good.

Unbroken was a really good read. I was on-board with the love story, loved the surprises that came along the way, enjoyed getting to know former series leads, and was sold on that ending. I want to go back and read the first books in the series now. It was steamy, funny, endearing and I definitely recommend it.

Favorite Quotes
  "Why else would I move into that farmhouse she has and take on all those projects. Sex. And bacon. You can't overlook the bacon."
  "When did this happen?"
  "Is this what marriage does to people, Cole? Turns them into women? Are you honestly asking me for romantic details? There was a day when sex and cured meat would have been enough of an answer for you."
   They were just kissing. Deeper and hungrier than she'd ever kissed anyone in her life. But still just kissing.
  Just kissing that made her feel like the heavens had opened up and let fire rain down. Just kissing that made it seem like the world had tilted on its side and everything was completely, irreversibly different.
  "Chivalry and sex. Tonight's gonna be good."
  He turned then, and smiled, then he pushed her up against the wall, firm hands pinning her in place. "Very good," he said, angling his head and kissing the side of her neck. Gentle, his beard scratching her tender skin.
  "" He moved away from her and went back to the door. "I think your facial hair has better moves than my ex."
  "That bodes well."
  "I think."
The Silver Creek Series
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About Maisey Yates

Maisey Yates found her very first Harlequin Presents book in a local thrift store. By the time she’d reached the happily ever after, she had fallen in love. She devoured as many as she could get her hands on after that, and she knew that these were the books she wanted to write! At age twenty-three, she sold her first manuscript to the Harlequin Presents line. Maisey lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and three children.

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  1. hehe you really do love your cranky heroes! This sounds fun and I always love friends to lovers books. Great review!

  2. I haven't read this series...BUT, I love friends to lovers stories and I think I would love this book!

  3. I'm not really into cowboys either except for Nicole Williams' ones. This sounds like it's a sweet romance book and haha I love the sound of the cranky Cade! :)
    And two for one? Awesome! I need to definitely check this book out.
    Lovely review, Andrea!

  4. Awww I love a really god friends to lovers story.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Yay!! Anna at Herding Cats lived it too! I love friends to lovers and the foster care aspect in Amber's corner really sold me. I want to read this because you mentioned my two favorite words. Beard and flannel.

  6. Oh, Andrea! I love me a sexy cowboy or the thought of one, at least! We don't have many in Southern California, so maybe it's a case of wanting what you don't have? Who knows. I do love friends to lovers romances, so this sounds wonderful! Lovely review! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Seems like we're both in a romance mood :)
    I love me a good cowboy, even if he is moody.

  8. While the series is new to me, the friends-to-lovers trope is not ... it's one of my favorites!

  9. I love a friends-to-lovers romance, Andrea. And this one sounds amazing. Particularly because Yates took the time to really develop all the back story. Also the fact that Cade is gruff and grumpy is a plus...and I don't mind he's a cowboy one bit! ;) I'm going to add this series to my tbr. Fabulous review!!

  10. Besides a rather cheesy cover (oh, you know I like my Top Off covers, even if they're cheesy), there's just something about a friends-to-lovers storyline. Plus, if Cade can win you over to the side of cowboys, he's got to be a good character!

  11. Oh my gosh yes I really wish that the sisters story had been separate too. I could have read a whole book on them :) Glad you enjoyed it Andrea!

  12. So love friend to lover stories! And I do like cowboys - but a cowboy YOU love? Sign me up!

  13. I enjoy friends-to-lovers romance. It depends on the story if the books is awesome or makes me want to punch the leading man

  14. I haven't read this series and yes I do love friends to lovers romance. I think, even in a novel, that people need to be friends in order to love!!

  15. This series is new to me but I do love the friends to lover's trope

  16. No I haven't read this series yet but I would like to. Yes I like friend to lover romances. Thank you

  17. I adore friends to lovers romances. I honestly believe those relationships have a better chance of long term success than when the protagonists can't be friends. This series has been on my radar, but I haven't read any of the books yet. Thanks for the great review.

  18. friends to lovers is my fav trope :) I haven't read this series yet but I've read such great reviews. Definitely on the top of my want list! thanks for sharing and congrats to Maisey on the newest release!

  19. I have not read this series. Friends to lovers romance is all right, but it is not one of my favorites.

  20. I haven't read the series Yet and I do love friends to lovers romance books :)


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