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I am excited to be participating in the tour for Teaching Willow: Session 2 by Paige James. Check out my mini-review, teasers and the tour giveaway.
Teaching Willow: Session Two

Series: Teaching Willow: Session 1
Author: Paige James
Publication Date: 4/8/14
Hosted by: Wordsmith Publicity

Teaching Willow

Infatuated. That’s how it began.

Desperate. That’s when it escalated.

Addicted. That’s what I’ve become.

Just when I think that I’ve discovered the one thing I wouldn’t do for Ebon, the one extreme to which I would not go, I find myself exceeding it. Looking back with regret, looking forward with dread, and living the now like it’s all I’ve got.

Because it is.

It’s pure bliss. It’s unimaginable hell. It’s all I know, all I want to know. A runaway train that I can’t stop, one that I don’t really want to.

But disaster is coming. It will turn sweet into bitter, deception into devastation. Perfection into wreckage.

Ruin. That’s what’s coming.


Teaching Willow is such a cool serial, and I'm glad I gave it a try.

Willow and Ebon's story is sexy and mysterious, and yeah, a little twisty. I'm torn between wanting to have a serious talk with Willow, and giving her a high-five. In this installment, though, it's clear that Ebon has some dark secrets himself. And they have nothing to do with the Masters sisters.

This installment made me feel just as conflicted as the first, but James has a great way of selling me on the ambiguity of her characters. Teaching Willow: Session 2 was twisty and very sexy, but that ending... oh boy, Willow's world-and Ebon's- is about to blow up. I love it!


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  1. I am dying to get started on this series. It has been getting high praise from quite a few of my blogging friends!

  2. I can't explain why I want to bang my head on a rusty nail when I read these. That ending makes me think bad things and I don't think I want to continue :-/

  3. Thanks for sharing! This looks so good! I added it to my goodreads :)

  4. Thanks for sharing. I may check the rest of this series out a little later on. I read the first installment.


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