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Autism Awareness Giveaway ~ Kennedy Ryan

A Message From Kennedy Ryan
April is Autism Awareness month. That might not even register on some people's radars, but my family has lived with Autism for the last 11 years, since my son was diagnosed. My book WHEN YOU ARE MINE releases June 17 and provides a unique opportunity for me to combine my passion for writing and Autism advocacy. I'm donating 25% of my royalties from this book to resourcing families living with Autism. 

Learn more about Autism and the 1 in 68 children diagnosed from my charitable partner, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA).

Celebrate all the gladiators out there - kids, adults, families, siblings - living with Autism by entering the Autism Awareness Giveaway! Great cause! Great prizes!



Series: The Bennetts Trilogy #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication Date: 6/17/14

Forever is a heartbeat away . . .

Kerris Moreton knows how to make things work. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she adapted; when opportunity arose, she thrived. Now, about to open her own business and accept a marriage proposal, Kerris is ready to build the life she's always wanted. The only thing missing? A passionate connection with her would-be fiancé, Cam. Kerris wants to believe that sparks are overrated-until Walsh Bennett lights her up like the Fourth of July.

. . . but what about love?

As one of the East Coast's most eligible bachelors, Walsh enjoys financial independence, fulfilling work with his family's nonprofit, and plenty of female attention. But lately he's been distracted by the one woman he can't have. Lovely to look at and even sweeter to know, Kerris is the soul mate Walsh never thought he would find. The problem is, his best friend found her first . . .

Series: The Bennetts Trilogy #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication Date: 10/7/14

Right or wrong, Kerris made her choice. She chose Cam, and she's not a girl who sways or strays. But the feelings, the connection, the chemistry between her and Walsh - it wont go away. And now that Cam has seen for himself how deep it goes, everything is in ruins--the lifelong friendship between Walsh and Cam and maybe, her marriage, too. But sometimes the heart just doesn't know when to quit. If there's a way to make things right on all fronts, Kerris will find it, no matter what it costs her. Her heart tells her to fight to have it all. And the heart that fights loves forever and for always.


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When You Are Mine
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Loving You Always
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About the author
Author Kennedy Ryan has had several signs that she would be a writer, and finally circled back after years of gainful employment. She is a mom to a wonderful son living with autism. This is her debut novel and a percentage of her royalties are donated to families living with autism through her personal foundation as well as through TACA, Talk About Curing Autism.

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  1. This is a great cause and the books sound good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great way to shine attention Autism! I give admire anyone who cares for a child with special needs and send good wishes out to them! Thanks for sharing ladies! :)

  3. What a great way to bring awareness to Autism. And I've always wanted to read Ms. Ryan. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

  4. very thoughtful and for a great cause!

  5. That's very generous of her. I have a cousin who is autistic, he was 7 when I met him and his case was one of the more severe ones, seeing his mom struggle is heart rending but admirable too. It takes a lot of strength and patience to raise an autistic child. Moms with autistic children are warriors

  6. I saw something about these books a while back, possibly I WoW post? They sound awesome!

  7. Wow! This post means a lot to me. My 5 year old daughter has Autism, and it has been an uphill battle. Thank You so much for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes :)

  8. What a great gesture! My little cousin has autism. Thank goodness my aunt adopted her and has pretty much dedicated her life to making her life the best it can be.

  9. I loved reading these comments! It has been awesome getting to hear everyone's support of the autism community. And their excitement about the books! Thank you! :-)


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