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Series: Holland Springs #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Marquita Valentine
Publication Date: 9/5/12
Format: ebook
Pages: 278
Source: Author
Rating: 4 stars

To the world, Alexander "Sasha" Romanov is a sexy, globe-trotting playboy that parties with the very rich and famous. But behind the fa├žade exists a ruthless man willing and able to destroy anyone and anything standing in the way of his ultimate goal ...until he meets Rose Holland.

Twenty-three year old Rose Holland is perfectly content with her role as Holland Springs' most notorious woman. Despite her less than stellar reputation, themen and women of her small town can't help but shop in her store and ask for love advice. It's tradition, after all. Then Sasha Romanov appears in town, with his heated looks and charming smiles that seem to be for Rose only.

A series of unfortunate events leads to close quarters for Rose and Sasha. Extremely close. And neither can stop themselves from giving into their secret desires. But when the real reason Sasha is in Holland Springs comes to light, Rose's world comes crashing down.

Can these two enemies-to-lovers and then back-to-enemies again come together to save one another?

In Third Time's a Charm, the Holland Springs series moves in a bit of a new direction, centering on a member of the town's namesake family, Rose Holland.

But not only do we get the winsome Rose but also Alexander "Sasha" Romanov! If you've read Twice Tempted, then you may understand why I was so excited for the dastardly, sexy, (nipple-pierced) Sasha to have his own story. Honestly, he's shady. But when you find out why he's so easily bought and manipulated, well, Sasha becomes a much more likable, even lovable, character. And in the fact that he's so far gone for Rose and Ivy....swoon.

So in Third Time's a Charm, we have Sasha, who's looking for redemption and finds love along the way; and we have Rose, wise, caring, practically flawless. and down on her luck. Their love story is sexy, sweet, and without a doubt frustrating. And it was completely satisfying!

Here's my biggest compliment about Third Time's a Charm. With it's family of strong women rumored to be witches and living under a supposed curse, and it's hint of "magic", It reminded me sooooo much of an all-time favorite, Practical Magic. ( My friend Amanda, @luvmyHootie, had the exact same thought!) With this feeling Third Time's a Charm had me under it's spell.

Favorite Quote:

  Leaning forward, he bent his head to hers. The heady fragrance of jasmine filled his senses. "Tell me."
  "Violets are my favorite.: Her words were sweet and hot against his lips. The greenhouse grew hotter, more humid, and the flowers more fragrant, but nothing as potent as her. Rose's face seemed to glow and his heart thudded loudly in his chest. "Flowers have a language of their own. Sometimes I'd rather talk to them than anyone else."
  A bead of sweat trickled down his back. He should concentrate on something else. Anything. He looked for Ivy, but she wasn't in Rose's arms anymore. There was a pram near the door. Rose must have laid her down. White flowers brushed his face again, directing his attention back to the lovely vision standing so close.
  Swallowing, he said, :And what do violets say?"
  "I'll always be yours."

His Christmas Wish (Holland Springs, #3.5)Series: Holland Springs #3.5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Marquita Valentine
Publication Date: 11/12
Format: ebook
Pages: 78
Source: Author
Rating: 4 stars

There's no time like the Present...

War Hero, Joaquin Morales, returns to Holland Springs after years of estrangement from his family...and his wife. His new mission: To convince his wife that they have a Future together.

Falling in love with her husband for the second time was *not* a part of Sage Caswell's plans for the Holiday Season. She's convinced that what they had belongs in the Past.
With the help of a little Christmas magic (and a well-timed snowstorm), can Joaquin and Sage's dreams come true?

I've stated often that I enjoy a well done novella, His Christmas Wish, a Holland Springs novella, definitely fits into that category.

We briefly meet Sage in Third Time's a Charm, and there was a hint that Sage's love life was in turmoil. That's a huge understatement, considering she's been married to a man she's not seen in four years, and their families are like a modern day Montague/Capulet pairing, which, you know that's totally full of familial drama. My favorite part of the story was the letters Sage and Joaquin exchanged while he was serving overseas. The emotions were thoughtful and exposed in a way only war and separation can cause.

His (Joaquin's) Christmas Wish is to win back his wife. It's clear Joaquin and Sage should be together, their history is bittersweet and romantic. The beauty in this novella seeing true love prevail. It was a sweet interlude in the Holland Springs series.

Favorite Quote:

Tell me, Sage. Write to me and tell me that what I feel for you is real--that what you feel for me isn't a fucking dream. That I haven't been reading between the lines you've written.
  If I'm wrong, then feed me bullshit lines. Maybe that will fill up the hollow parts of my soul.

  I love you.
  No matter where you go, or what you have to do in this hateful war, I won't stop. You are a good man, an honorable one and I wish I could be with you.
  I'd hold you tight, so tight that you could feel my heart as it beats for you. Keep walking the line for me, but just know that I will catch you if you fall and help you get right back on.

Just Desserts (Holland Springs, #4)Series: Holland Springs #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Marquita Valentine
Publication Date: 8/7/13
Format: ebook
Pages: 362
Source: Author
Rating: 4 stars

British Billionaire and modern day earl of Spenserfield, Sebastian Romanov only wants one thing in life: To reclaim his position as president of Romanov Industries. But first he has to clean up his reputation to convince the Board that he's a dependable bloke who's willing to put the company above everything, including his personal life. Finally given an excuse to sort things out with his estranged twin brother, he boards a jet to Holland Springs, North Carolina, never dreaming he'd find the solution to his all his problems in the town's sexy caterer, Daisy Barnes. Daisy Barnes, owner of The Sweet Spot, has plans. Plans that don't include posing as some arrogant-yet sexy as hell-earl's fiancee. But when unexpected insurance bills -to the tune of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars-from her mother's unsuccessful battle with cancer come due, she's forced to accept his offer and his money. Only problem for Daisy-underneath that cold exterior is a man that can set her on fire with just one touch. As Sebastian and Daisy spend more time together, they find it harder and harder to not give into temptation. Soon neither can tell where the fake romance ends and true love begins...

The Holland Springs series has given us the Romanov men, super sexy Brits of Russian heritage. Wealthy (obviously), ruthless, damaged. Twice Tempted was Christian Romanov's story. Just Desserts is his twin, Sebastian's book. Until now, Sebastian, estranged from Christian, has seemed cold, uncaring, all about power. And then he meets Daisy.

As with the previous Holland Springs books, Just Desserts involves a relationship of convenience. I never tire of this trope. even better when I find a relationship that has many little surprises along the way, with Sebastian and Daisy having a twisty and emotional path towards true love.

While much of the story takes place in magical Holland Springs, we also have a gorgeous English setting as well. The Romanov home(s) provide an emotional backdrop to Daisy and Christian's supposedly fake relationship. I really liked the way Valentine incorporated the setting into Christian's history.

Just Desserts is so far my favorite of the Holland Springs series. And what a sweet, romantic and magical series it is.

Favorite Quotes:

  He didn't have time for this. There was a woman to be found, a company to run into the ground, and a father to commit to the worst and slowest imaginable death possible.
  Really, what more could be expected of him during the holiday season?

  "Don't kiss me again," she choked out, her eyes swimming with tears. Tears that he knew he'd somehow caused.
  "Why the hell not?" he snapped, close to his breaking point. Jesus Christ, he hated this. He'd kissed her with a passion borne of late night chats and constant emails. Of shared nightmares and midnight confessions. Of dreams and wants that each had sworn to only share with the other.
  He'd kissed her like he loved her, like he knew her, because he did.

Not Over You (Holland Springs, #5)Series: Holland Springs #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Marquita Valentine
Publication Date: 12/9/13
Format: ebook
Pages: 210
Source: Purchase
Rating: 5 stars

There’s only been one woman for Gabriel Edwards—Summer Holland. But unless she needs cash, food or a place to stay, she wants nothing to do with him. Now he’s done playing Summer’s knight in shining armor. He’s finally found the woman to settle down with—the town’s newest librarian. She’s smart and sweet, and wholly in love with him. And nothing and no one will get in the way of his plans.

Until Summer comes home to Holland Springs, and needs his help once more.

Summer Holland is set on one thing: convincing Gabriel Edwards to help her get back the daughter she gave up for adoption. She’s always counted on him to rescue her when 
she needed it most, and this time is no different…until she learns of the new woman in Gabriel’s life.
Now she realizes she’s never gotten over him, and after they share one sweet kiss, Gabriel starts to believe that he might not be over her either...

I love a good redemption story. Luckily, the Holland Springs series has them. What I love even more is a bad girl redemption story, and that's exactly what I got in Not Over You.

It doesn't matter that Summer Holland hasn't slept with every man in Holland Springs. It doesn't matter that she gave up her daughter for the right reasons. Small towns are ripe with rumors. The rumors about Summer Holland have defined her life. Driven her away from home, family, and her childhood sweetheart. She tries to pretend they don't hurt, but her sense of self worth is non-existent.

Gabriel Edwards has been rescuing Summer since they were kids. No matter the cost, he can never turn her away. I have to admit that until Not Over You, I sold Gabriel short. He seemed dull and undeserving of Zoe in Twice Tempted. He was detached and unfocused in Third Time's a Charm. But now that I know why he acted the way he did in those books, I feel nothing but love for the amazing Gabe. One more thing, Gabriel is a twenty-nine year old virgin. (I know!)

I didn't have nice feelings for Summer in Third Time's a Charm. She seemed beyond selfish and weak. Her actions were pretty awful, and I hated the way she was with Rose. But that story was told through Rose's eyes, and the facts weren't all in. When you see things from Summer's perspective, all the bad goes away. I loved that Valentine took this complex, broken woman with so much pain in her heart, and gave her a rdedemption of sorts. I relate in a big way with Suemmer and it felt good to experience Gabriel's unwavering love for her.

The Holland Springs series continues to be quite the treat. Not Over You is my favorite yet.

Favorite Quotes:
  Summer, all alone in a meadow of spring flowers. Well, if you didn't count the hundreds of fireflies dancing around her.
  Laughing with pure joy, she waved a hand in the air. The fireflies followed her movements, reminding him of kids playing with sparklers on the Fourth of July.
  His gut clenched.
  The fireflies continued their dance, moths joining in. Something swept past him. He followed the blur and realized it was a bat, most likely trying to eat the conveniently provided snack.
  Summer laughed again, drawing his attention back to her. She threw out her arms and spun around. He felt himself drift closer, like he was one of those moths... and she the flame.
  "Summer." Her name was a prayer on his lips. A plea in his heart.  

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About the author

Marquita ValentineNew York Times Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine, writes sexy heroes that make you swoon and sassy heroines that make you laugh. She’s the author of the bestselling contemporary romance series, Holland Springs, and the new adult romance series, Boys of the South.

 Marquita met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man—and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tater tots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children. 
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  1. Great reviews Andrea! You definitely have me intrigued by this series, especially Not Over You- that one sounds pretty different.

  2. I love small town stories because characters tend to come back and side characters tend to get their own happy endings and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. This series sound cute, romantic, and I love that it has a touch of magic.

  3. "And in the fact that he's so far gone for Rose and Ivy....swoon." Oh, I like how different the two MC-s are ;) "considering she's been married to a man she's not seen in four years" O_________________________________________________O SAY WHAT? LOL. Okay, I feel like my favorite could be the last one because. Well. Redemption. Love redemption stories! And what? He's a 29 year old virgin? Oh, my god. That's bound to be shoicking. A guy? Oh, boy. I MUST READ THIS!!! I had no idea this series even existed so thanks so much for introducing it to me, hon! :)

  4. Yet another series I haven't seen before. I like the sound of it and I see that this book had its ups and downs I'm glad you enjoyed it at the end. Great review, Andrea :)

  5. Great to hear you are enjoying the series, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Wow, there's a lot of characters in this series. I like it when there are companion novels and the love story of each couple wraps up. It does sound like we have a couple of books for Rose and Sasha but being that they're all released, and I don't have to anxiously wait to see what happens, I can live with that. I'll have to check this series out being that you love it so much, Andrea. Great reviews! :)

  7. Girl, you're on a good roll this month/year!

    Thanks for the reviews, out of all the books in the series, I think Not Over You will be right up my picky alley.

    Enjoy the weekend, Andrea!

  8. Wow...more by this author that I should read. *sigh* I will never catch up.

  9. I love Joaquin sooo much!! Sasha was the best and Sebastian's love of sweets was hilarious!! Love your reviews, especially Summer and Gabriel *sniffle*

  10. Wow! I wish I could read as fast as you do! What amazing reviews! This series sounds so sweet and magical! I loved Practical Magic as well. Great job hun :)

  11. I adored Not Over You! I'm sort of afraid to go back and read the other books and see Summer as a jerk or Gabe with anyone else but I will.

    Maybe I should cheat a little and start with the novella lol

  12. Wonderful reviews Andrea. I am going to get around to this series of Marquita's one of these days, hopefully sooner than later.

  13. I'm thrilled you love this series so much, Andrea! I'm gonna read it - already one-clicked several of the books. You're a bad influence on me, you know?!? ;)

  14. I'm looking forward to this series. Glad you're liking it!


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