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THE WEEKLY REWIND is a weekly post in which I recap the bookish awesomeness from the past week, and post a book haul. Warning: I tend to ramble in my vlogs. Sometimes I get excited about things and I flail. Enjoy.

Book Haul
 For Review:
Ink (Paper Gods, #1)Off Limits (Off Series, #2)Off The Record (Off Series, #3)The Art of LoveAct Like You Love Me (Accidentally in Love, #2)Lockout (The Alpha Group, #2)
Under The Mistletoe With Me (With Me In Seattle, #1.5)Play With Me (With Me in Seattle, #3)His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2)Allure (Spiral of Bliss, #2)Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #2)Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2)Indulgent Pleasures
Amazon Freebies:
Jake (California Dreamy, #1)A Sexy Journey (Delilah's Diary, #1)Slow Ride (Rough Riders, #9.5)Wild Justice (Beaumont Brides)Kiss MeKnowing his Secret (Year of the Billionaire, Part 1)Chasing Beautiful (Chasing, #1)A Beautiful Struggle (Beautiful #1)Running On Empty (Mending Hearts, #1)Her Master's Kiss  (Her Master's Kiss, #1)Reckless Abandon (November Blue, #2)Rule of ThreeTranslation of Love (Of Love, #1)Heartbreak, TennesseeThe Job OfferThis Time Next DoorDangerous Race (Adrenaline Highs, #1)All the Right Reasons (Damaged Heroes, #3)The Executive's Decision (Keller Family, #1)
From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2)
Thanks to:
In other news:
I guess I lost my mind over the Amazon freebies this week. I can't pass up free books! OH! I'm going to Book Bash next month! I was not planning on going, but I was able to sign up as a volunteer, my kids will be out of town, and my husband and I got a deal deal on flights to Orlando. So now we get to go visit Autumn and her husband, and see Gloria and Amanda from Globug and Hootie Need a Book! Plus I'll get to see some authors I 've met before, and some for the first time. Can't wait!
I have way too many physical books. Like, waaaay too many. My shelves are double parked and starting to sag and I have boxes stacked in the floor. My husband is getting more distressed by the mess by the day. So I'm going to be giving a lot of books away, probably with this Sunday post on the days I can remember. The books are in really good shape.
First up,
Bloodlines and The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead.
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  1. I heart your weekly rewind! every week! & as always, we still buy a lot of the same books at some point or another! Glad to see all the freebies & YAY for Book Bash!

  2. Awesome haul, Andrea! Wow I don't even know where to begin. I will be reading Undeniable very soon. I've put it off but the second one has been getting such high praise I'm going to read the 1st to get to the 2nd. I'm sure there will be cursing, Kindle throwing and hair pulling (mine) while reading because I can't stand cheating and I hear it is over the top. I also hear it's addicting and unputdownable!

    Ahh, the ever growing bookshelf! We just can't say no, right?! I already have Bloodlines and The Golden Lily, but thank you anyways. Enjoy your reads! :)

  3. OMG!!! What an amazing book haul you showed us!! I think I have marked almost all of them on Goodreads! <3 <3
    I mainly loved the steamy ones!! haha

  4. Lots of steamy covers there!! :) OH, I cannot wait to read Ink!

  5. Ooooh, I loved Always Been Mine. Probably my favorite Moreno Brother's book by Elizabeth Reyes. Making You Mine and Romero's book were awesome as well. I hope you'll love all your goodies babe :-)

  6. Ok....I blindly bought some of the freebies you got. I read Off Sides recently and loved it, so I'm anxious to get to Off Limits and Off the Record too!

  7. Play with me looks good, hope you enjoy.
    Brandi’s mailbox

  8. What a fantastic week!! Ohhh you got Act Like You Love Me already?!!! I am getting that one too, but haven't gotten it yet. I don't think...*checks email again* Ink sounds really good. And look at all those freebies!! Enjoy them all hon!!

  9. Great haul. Happy reading :) Thanks for the giveaway!


  10. Awesome haul this week!! Cannot wait to read some of them (Ink and the OFF Series by Sawyer Bennett

  11. Act Like You Love Me looks so good! Not sure how I missed that one but I have too many to read as it is. *sigh* Excited to read my first Sullivans book. Hope I love it as much as you guys do. Great haul! Enjoy.

  12. Oh wow so many freebies haha. Ink looks so good and that cover is awesome. Happy reading.

  13. Great haul!! I'm so intrigued by Ink. I have it coming up for review soon. It sounds very different to me, and very good. :) Enjoy your books!!

  14. awesome haul! Heard a lot of great things about Bella Andre books, have to read one soon myself.
    Unbeautifully also :D there are so many awesome reviews on it I am really tempted.

  15. I am the same way with deals and freebies! What a great haul! Happy reading!

  16. So many good books, they will keep you busy for a while! I have Ink, too! The cover is lovely :)

  17. Oh my. Tons of lovely books. You got so many great review books. Enjoy them.


  18. My freebie pile looks exactly like yours, lol. I think my "cloud" will soon explode from all the books that are floating in there. I'm sure I'm going to have to scale back on my content or buy more cloud storage. Anywhoo, love all those awesome goodies. I'm still on the fence about reading Undeniable #1 but may just go for it. I picked up Allure, too, even though I haven't read the first one, I've been hearing nothing but positive from that series. HOW, awesome that your going on another book event trip, and get together. You gals from the south are lucky to have all of those amazing events, and are able to attend them. HAVE A BLAST!!! :D

  19. Great book haul! You got some wonderful freebies. I got Rule of Three to, but I didn't list it (My dirty little secret :) - I thought about you, Autumn, and Hootie when I got it - you girls have inspired me to venture on over to the dark side and I love it - LOL

  20. You always have the most amazing hauls, Andrea, full of lots of smexy books. :) And I'm finding my shelves overrun with books, too. It's hard to part with them, but I've already upgraded shelves three times since I started my blog, and we're not quite ready to move so I can get more. Lol. Anyway, enjoy all your new reads!


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