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Click to Subscribe Category/Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 5/9/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 252
Source: Received from author for review
1,135,789. That’s how many subscribers sixteen-year-old West Ryder has on his web vlog series. But he only has eyes for one of them.

As one of the internet’s most prestigious video bloggers, West talks about high school relationships under the name “Sam Green.” As far as he knows, no one from school, not even his best friend, Cat, has seen his videos. But the highlight of the whole thing is Harper Knight, who comments every day at exactly 2:02 in the afternoon. He doesn’t know anything about her aside from the occasional deep philosophical messaging on why pizza tastes so delicious, but as stupid as it sounds, he might be falling for her. So when they finally agree to meet in real life, West’s hope for romance seems more and more in reach. But that all changes as soon as he arrives at their meeting spot and sees Cat walking toward him, wearing the same “I <3 Sam Green” T-shirt Harper promised she'd have on.

To his alarm, West realizes he is falling in love with the best friend who has always been a sister to him.

What happens when your best friend falls in love with you?
Click to Subscribe was a really sweet story, but it also had a lot more depth than I anticipated. The synopsis really only clues you in to half the story. Yes, it is about a boy who falls for a regular commenter on his vlog. And yes, he finds out that this girl is actually his best friend, Cat. But, this happens in the first portion of the story and the real hook is finding out what happens next.
Click to Subscribe is the cute and sweet story promised in the synopsis and on the cover. West and Cat were funny and so adorable. They've been best friends for their entire lives, and have the rapport to show for it. They have a lifetime of  memories and love to show for it. There is also a lot of pain in West's life. His mom died a year ago in a drunk driving accident. His dad was the driver, and the relationship between West and his dad is understandably horrible. [Sidenote: I have to wonder, how is his dad not in jail? Or even still have custody of West?] So not only has West lost his mom, but essentially his father as well. Cat is the one person he loves that is still in his life. She is a fabulous person and friend.
But what happens when your best friend falls in love with you? It seems like it would be great, yeah? I mean, I can speak for myself and say that falling and love and marrying my best friend is the best thing that happened to me. But, being that Cat is all that West has left, he has to wonder and worry what will happen if things don't work out? It is a very valid and reasonable worry and the author did an excellent job of conveying all of West's concerns over the matter. I could have gotten irritated with how hesitant and slow West is to make a decision, but I felt that it was authentic (or so I would think) to a teenage boy's mind. Especially one who's lost as much as West.
Click to Subscribe was a very fast, fun (yes, I said it again) and thoughtful story. If you're looking for a great young adult story with a male point-of-view, I recommend it.
Favorite Quote:

  "We can be friends for now." But West Ryder, if you think this means I won't fight for you with every last breath I have, you're in for a hell of a surprise."  ~ 56%

  If we kiss -- and I'm not saying we will -- I want it to be real. Honest. I want us to both be ready, and I want it to be the best damn kiss this world has ever seen.  ~79%

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About the author:
L.M. Augustine is a YA romance author who is obsessed with writing about dorky teenagers, love, and happy endings. He currently lives in New England, where he spends far too much time reading books and screaming at his computer, and he believes that the solution to the world’s problems can be found in chocolate cake. Click To Subscribe is his first novel, but it won’t be his last.

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  1. I'm glad you liked it! I guess too have to actually succeed at love to get it lol! I #fail thanks for a great review and congrats on a successful marriage! <3

  2. This sounds sweet, and I like the way she responds to his vlogs everyday, and basically "wins" him over. So sweet about your marriage, and how you married your BF. He sounds like a keeper! :D

  3. I have been hearing some really good things about this one. It really does seem like a fun read, but I love that you mentioned there is more to the story. Great review!

  4. This really does sound like a fun and sweet book. I know people are really loving this!! Fab review babe!

  5. Oh, I love secret identity trysts! I don't know why this is the first time I've actually read the summary...I've been seeing this book around for the last few weeks. And now I'm kicking myself for not giving it a chance!

  6. Click to Subscribe does sound like such a fun book, so I like that it was able to provide a lot more depth and fun at the same time. I might have to give this book a try. So glad you enjoyed it Andrea! :)

  7. This sounds so cute, and I love that it has more depth to it than what you glean from the synopsis! Fabulous review -- this is going on my to-read list!

  8. Great review. This sounds like something I would really like. I will definitely be getting this.

  9. I love male POV's. This does sound cute. And fun. ;)

  10. This is so freakin cute I loved it! If I were 16, I'd want Wes to be my boyfriend :)

  11. I liked this one too and you know I love reading male POV. :)

  12. Oh, crap. This is like the bazillionth positive review I've seen for this book--I think it means I need to read it.

    Um...sorry for the half-grumpy comment, hah. I'm genuinely glad you enjoyed!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  13. This one looks so fun and cute, I wish I had time to read it.
    BTW- I am insanely jealous of how fast you read. I need your super fast reading powers!

  14. I'm looking forward to reading this one (well, both books) once I get a bit caught up on what I already have. It seems like everyone is loving these books!

  15. I love this review! I'm really enjoying more and more books from the male POV being introduced into YA!

  16. A male POV written by an actual male?!! Sign me up! One of my favorite types of romances is best-friends that turn into more, so I'm really excited to read this! This is definitely going in the TBR! Wonderful review, Andrea! :)

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  18. Wow, Andrea! Click to Subscribe sounds like a fun but emotional read. I love reading male POVs. And I love the quotes you shared. I added it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing a great review!


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