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Haze (Haze, #1)Series: Haze #1
Category/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 4/2/13
Format: ebook
Source: Received from author for review

Freshly graduated from college and ready for a new start, Effie Jacobs leaves small town Michigan and heads to New York City to work in accounting for a major record label--the last thing she ever thought she'd be doing. She's left a world of drama behind her, eager to confront her new reality head on and make it on her own.

After getting over the initial shock of NYC and her new job, Effie's life starts to become more manageable, calmer, simpler. But all of that changes at once when HE steps into the picture, songwriter/performer/producer, Jack Teller.

He's enigmatic, gorgeous, and wealthy, the glowing product of so many years of hard work and limitless natural talent, a man so fantastic that he can have literally any woman he wants. And after a highly unexpected encounter, Jack wants Effie--and she can't understand why.

She can't believe that he could actually be serious about wanting a simple girl like her.

Effie's cautious, yet dangerously intrigued by his unremitting advances, his flourishes of passion, worried that she'll find herself in a cat-and-mouse game of steamy emotions. Jack is full of surprises, and she's not ready to give into him--or herself--so easily.

The only problem is, when they're together, it's like perfection.

Even with the challenges...

Even with the secrets...

Even with the hurt from the past...

Can Effie get past her powerful desire for independence and give herself to the one that wants her the most? Maybe what Jack offers is the exactly thing she's been looking for all along...


When I read the Haze blurb, the things I remember most were: Set in New York City, Hunky guy is a music producer, his name is Jack. Now, I don't know if anyone here has read the Avoiding Series or not, but it contains a very memorable character named Jack and is sort of set in New York. Or I associated it this way just because that apparently is how my mind works. That Jack made me feel like throwing my iPad across the room pretty much in every scene he was in (which I will say I am more attached to that thing than sweets...because I truly love junk food, so that says a lot), but mostly want to kill him myself to save the girl some heartache. In other words, it surprised me that I didn't run away kicking and screaming in the other direction from this, again because of how my mind works. I think what drew me back in from my crazy inner monologue was the music part. I love rocker stories, so I thought his profession as a producer was close enough.

Anyway! I struggled a lot through the first part of the book. I'm not sure how far I got into Andrea's 100 page or die rule, so I probably went past it, but I was very happy with the second half. The main problem I think was not feeling very connected to the characters at first. Effie is a small town girl with big dreams who takes a job in New York City after her long time boyfriend gives her an ultimatum so he can stay close to his family with the job he wants. I hate guys like that so I am glad she chose herself, and just moved. My husband worked out for the first couple of years we were married, but he never once let me put my dreams or chance to further myself aside, so if anything this showed me another example of how awesome my husband is! (Hah! Sorry...that isn't going to make you wanna read this book!)

Effie is, I think, 23 and new to life in the big city, as opposed to Jack who is 30 and hugely successful in the music business. Once the story found it's rhythm I enjoyed reading about them a great deal. The first parts of Jack and Effie's relationship was what was most rushed for me. Speed of light start-go-stop-hot-cold-I want it this way-I want it that way-oh sorry just kidding nonsense. She didn't know what she wanted, which was okay to a point because she is discovering herself for the first time, but she was so very wishy washy about it that I rolled my eyes a few times. That particular story line is done a lot these days, so I was glad that when it took off some of that was left behind too.

The second half seemed much more developed and added a few more outside elements that were exciting involving Effie's boss Sam. I was grateful that all of the loose strings that I remember were tied up nicely in the end also so I wasn't left wondering about what people we were introduced to were doing. I liked it and gave it 3 stars, but is more suited to those who don't mind a slow to boil read but might not work out for a hook in the first chapter type.

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  1. I am really impatient while reading, so if a book is slow to get into I hate forcing myself to continue. It sounds like this one is worth waiting out the beginning to get to the better stuff though. Great review!

  2. I am deff an impatient reader so I'm not sure this is one for me. Thanks for the great and honest review!

  3. I tend to try to push through a book with the hopes it will get better. Oftentimes I'm disappointed and realize, wow, I just wasted all this time reading this book. But the times when it does in fact get better, it makes it seem worth it. I like a book that gets to the good stuff, so to speak, early on. I'm glad it ended up getting better for you, though!

  4. It's too bad the whole book wasn't as good as the first half. Very proud of you for sticking with it to find the goodness of the second half. Nice job pal.

  5. The description of this definitely sounds great but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to stick with it if it's not as great in the beginning. But who knows, I maybe give it a shot one day!

  6. Hmm...the description is promising, but it doesn't sound like one I'd rush to read. Thanks Courtney!

  7. Hm, the "simple girl" and "girl in a big city" thing worries me for some reason--that can be such a cliche if it's not handled well. Doesn't sound like that bothered you, though? I'm glad you ended up enjoying it overall, even though it had a slow start.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  8. Thanks for your honest review, Courtney. I think sometimes the slow to boil can work - just depends on the story. The wishy-washy would annoy me too, I think.

  9. Thanks for the great review. It sounds like something I may like to try out. The cover is pretty, those cover models are popular.


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