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**The books featured on SEXY SUMMER SATURDAYS are for adults. If you are under 18 years of age, or do not like smexy books, please do not read farther. **

Love Me (Take Me, #2)It's been five years since Lily and Travis fell in love in TAKE it's finally time for Janica and Luke to get their very own happy ending.

If there's one thing that Janica Ellis is absolutely certain of, it's that she and Luke Carson are totally wrong for each other. She's a wild, artistic and outspoken fashion designer. He's a type A, workaholic trauma surgeon (who just happens to be sizzling hot and her brother-in-law!). But Janica is about to be proven wrong when opposites the sexiest possible way.

After a life-changing night in the ER, Luke is desperate for escape - and relief from his personal demons. For five years he has fought his attraction to his sister-in-law, but when he's pushed too far, he can't fight it another second. He needs her. Desperately. He's spent his whole life doing the right thing. For one night, he's going to follow desire instead. Straight into Janica's arms.

Janica can't believe Luke is finally at her front door...and that he's kissing her like he's been waiting his whole life for her. But even as their sensual connection deepens with every touch of skin on skin - and the man she always thought was such a good boy turns out to be sinfully, toe-curlingly bad between the sheets - Janica soon realizes she wants more than Luke's body. She wants his heart too. But what will Luke do when one night of extreme passion turns into an all or nothing proposition? ~From GoodReads

Lucas and Janica have known one another since childhood. Janica's sister Lily is Lucas' best friend, and is even married to his twin, Travis. Such a tangled web, and the baggage that goes along with it means Janica is off limits. She's not even his type. Her dominant personality and wild ways is not what he typically looks for in a girlfriend. But Lucas isn't looking for a relationship, he wants one night with Janica. Pleasure to numb the pain. But Lucas doesn't realize that Janica will become an addiction. And she has long unresolved feelings for him. That her body is willing...but she also wants love.

I really, really enjoyed LOVE ME. When I got it, I didn't realize that it was the second book in a series. I do think that I missed out a bit on the backstory, the underlying dynamic between Lucas and Janica, but it didn't actually hamper my enjoyment of the story.

I liked Janica from the beginning. She's wild one, but it becomes quickly apparent that she's ready to change her ways. Her openness, the ability to so quickly let Lucas know how she feels, her unwillingness to back down from his aggression and all made me admire her big heart and tenacity.

 Lucas was a bit harder to read. The fact that he's in a bad place emotionally is quickly obvious. With the way he was written, I could almost see the tension in his jaw, the thin thread that was holding him together. If  I hadn't known this about him, I probably would have really disliked Lucas. As it was, I wanted to slap some sense into him. I wanted to scream at Lucas every time he pushed Janica away, or treated her as if she meant nothing to him. To see him come through his darkness, with Janica's help, was a tough journey.

Now...the steam. LOVE ME had plenty of it. I do admit, I don't like the author to waste too much time bringing on the smexy. Author Bella Andre certainly accomodated, but it truly made sense for these characters to hook up quickly. And it appears that Lucas is blessed. Like, really blessed. His...ahem, "girth" is mentioned often. Let's just say, one hand doesn't do the job. And while I did find most of the scenes to be hot, so hot I had to get in the ocean, the steam factor does go down as the story progresses. Maybe it's because the author wanted to focus more on the relationship than the sex, but I have to say, it was a little bit of a letdown.

I did have a great time reading LOVE ME. The plot was an emotional journey, the characters were likeable and engaging, the sexy times were pretty great. I can definitely recommend it for fans of the genre, and I plan to read more from this author.

Favorite Quote:

" 'You can do anything to me. You know that, don't you?'
She saw him try to fight a grin and lose the battle.
'Where the hell did you come from?'
Holding her hands out at her sides as if she were trying to fly, perfectly comfortable with her nudity, she said, 'I'm one-of-a-kind.' " (ebook, 50%)

"Fourteen sunrises. Fourteen sunsets. Three meals a day. A handful of hours of sleep every night.
Every minute, every second, he'd missed her." (ebook, 72%)

Published June 28th 2010

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  1. So glad you guys liked this one! I thought it was cute. The Blessed Girth though, Holy shit! I imagine fucking a telephone pole would be much like screwing him. haha!

    Love your review! I felt like I missed out on a lot of the back story too. I'll have to read the first book, but not until it goes down in price a little bit.

    I'm really enjoying our SSS posts. I was just on Autumns, and I mentioned how we need to come up with a way to continue this all year around. A new banner and name for every season. I really don't want to give up this fun feature. lol. :)

  2. This sounds really good. Great review. That's too funny that it's the second book and you didn't know it, but it's good that you were still able to enjoy it. The chick on the cover kind of looks like a young Angelina Jolie.

  3. I thought it was a pretty cute book too.

  4. Sounds yummy! I'm really bad at reading second books without the first but this one sounds like it worked. Glad you enjoyed it.


  5. Wow! I had no idea (by the synopsis) that this was a second one in the series. I'm glad you still enjoyed it though. It sounds like it was pretty easy to hop right into the story regardless. Are you thinking about grabbing the first one? I'd definitely be interested in what you have to say about it since you already know what happens in book two. (Lol)

  6. Loved reading this with you! We'll have to get the first one and read it together. :)


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