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Sexy Summer Saturdays is a weekly post that Hackaroos Reviews, Sims-Sational Books, The Autumn Review, and The Bookish Babe created for fun, to challenge one other to add a little spice to our reading and to spread the word about sizzling summer reads.

**The books featured on SEXY SUMMER SATURDAYS are for adults. If you are under 18 years of age, or do not like smexy books, please do not read farther. **

The Knife's Edge (Historical Erotic Fantasy Romance)

He's a royal bastard who wants to be king, but two things stand in his way: the queen and her magic medallion. To kill her, he'll have to seduce her, but will he lose his heart in the bargain? She's a queen on an uncertain throne who has guarded her reputation at the expense of her desires. She desperately needs to submit, for just one night, even if it's at the point of a blade. ~From GoodReads

I feel like I'm cheating a little bit with this week's Sexy Read. Actually, I feel a bit cheated myself. I'm bummed.

THE KNIFE'S EDGE seemed like it would be a nice, quick selection for the feature. If I remember correctly, the story was touted as an erotic romance. But what it really read like was a prequel teaser, or maybe a prologue for a much more in-depth novel. The reader is literally dropped into the middle of a fairly complicated political scenario. The narrator, Dardanus, is an advisor to the lonely Queen Nestra. Since he is a "bastard", Dardanus can never assume what he believes is his rightful position as king. His plan is to seduce the Queen, convince her to remove her magical medallion (whose magic is never explained), then kill her.

The chemistry between the two characters is nice, though short-lived. When the two finally make it to the bed, it's nothing to write home about. One page. Yep, one page of implied copulation. In fact, the most fun I've had with this is coming up with the phrase "implied copulation." Whee. (said with a sad face) OH, and Dardanus slaps Nestra. And not in a playful, naughty way, but in a "Say yes, bitch" way. Look, I'm all for fun and games or whatever, but that kind of pissed me off. NO HITTING.

I'm not saying that THE KNIFE'S EDGE was bad. The writing was actually really good. But I felt it was advertised as something it's clearly not. And, AND...almost half of the downloaded book was excerpts from other books by the author. But, the story was free, so, at least I didn't waste any money. But still, I feel waaaay let down.

Favorite Quote:

" 'I'm not ashamed of you. I'm ashamed of myself. Not because I need to touch and be touched, but because I need to be matched, to be ruled even, if only for a night. I need to let you do anything you want with me. I need to trust you.' " (ebook, 39%)
Published September 1st 2009 by Stephanie Dray

You can purchase THE KNIFE'S EDGE at:
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  1. what a bummer. :/ I hate that when I buy a book and half of it isn't even the books. I had that happen recently. it was free though, so it was okay.

    Sorry you got a crappy one. you should let me pick out your books. but maybe you shouldn't. Jess has already threatened to revoke me being able to choose. lol.

  2. It's too bad that this was a let down. At least you didn't waste money on it, but it sucks you wasted time with a book you didn't enjoy very much.

  3. This sounds sexy. Thanks for bringing it my attention.

  4. Hmmm....those books that drop you in need to be done really well for me to like them. Sorry this wasn't what you wanted. Cover's nice to look at. ;)



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