Sunday, December 18, 2011

In My Mailbox, #20

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme created by Kristi at The Story Siren. It is a great way to put a spotlight on books received during the past week.

Savor (Warm Delicacy, #1)Savor (Warm Delicacy #1) by Megan Duncan (Thanks to Supagurl Heather)

For Review:
Destiny's FireDestiny's Fire by Tricia Wolfe (Thanks to Omnific Publishing)
Received for Trade:

Hope you have a great week! I won't be doing an IMM next Sunday (Christmas!). See you next year!!


  1. You got a picture with Carson Nicely!!!?? First of all, you saw him in person?!!? Excuse me while I catch my breath...

    Actually, I didn't know that he was in the CP book trailer. Duh. I guess I need to watch that one again and pay more attention to Will. I like Jem better, so I guess that explains that.

    Anyway, sounds like that event was really fun. I only got to see Cassie on Goodreads last Friday doing the live video chat, but that was really cool, too. I got to see her tuxedo cat! Super cute.

  2. So many good books you got here! I need to get Clockwork Prince soon! B&N is failing me :/
    Awesome haul~ Happy Reading!

    Care to check out my IMM this week?

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  3. Savor sounds interesting, Happy Reading!
    In My Mailbox

  4. I hope you enjoy everything! Especially Cold Kiss i can't wait to read that! Come check out my IMM!

  5. Wow what a great haul this week. Hope you enjoy all of your books. Clockwork Prince was amazing. I really loved Rachel Vincents Shifters series too. Here's my IMM

  6. Wow crazy haul for you this week lady!!! I hope you find time to read everything! Cold Kiss looks AMAZING and I can't wait to start Clockwork Prince :))

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  7. i've always wanted to read Requiem for the Devil! Enjoy your haul. Come check out my IMM

    Hayley G

  8. Woah, nice haul! Enjoy Unearthly and Radiant Shadows!

    My IMM:

  9. oooooooh wow! Lots, lots and lots of books this week. I'm drooling over here!
    That place where you swap books sounds great all the books you got from that trade and the bookmarks trade was a win-win situation LOL
    I need to read something by Rachel Vincent, =( I've heard her Shifters Series is oh so good!!!
    And Unearthly ooh my I'm seriously kinda drooling no all the books you got this week.

    Again, I did not know about other series by Jeri I'm such a bad fan :( I asked you about Requiem for the Devil and now I see this Aspect of Crow series, wow!

    P.S: I'm reading TMI series!! I'm finally reading something super famous LOL this is my first series, I'm a newbie *blush*

  10. Ha! We actually got some of the same ones this week! woo hoo! isn't the once a witch cover seriously gorgeous. I got that from my secret santa.. it's so I love shiny stuff.

    I really hope you get your package next week.. I'm still stressing over that. :( I swear, if you don't get it by the new year.. I will re purchase the books and send them again.. and i swear.. i'm never mailing books to anyone again without delivery confirmation... I can't take the pressure of wondering.

  11. You traded a bunch of books this week! My goodness! Destiny's Fire looks like an awesome read. I hope you get to it soon so I can see if it's good or not. Happy holidays!

  12. That's a huge list of awesomeness. Anything by Rachel Viincent is bound to be amazing. Cold Kiss sounds good too. Enjoy!


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