Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review of The Royal Dragoneers

The Royal Dragoneers (The Dragoneers Saga)

  Hold on to your dragon! You’re about to journey through a brave new world of hearty survivors straight into a dragon riding, troll fighting adventure for the ages.

  After struggling for more than two centuries to tame the inhospitable dragon infested Islands where they washed up, the descendants of the survivors of a lost passenger ship are now striving to tame the Mainland they have found.

  But the Goblin King, an Ivory antlered demon called Gravelbone, has a different plan for the men who are invading his territory. He and his Nightshade are rallying the trolls to defend their lands. With the help of the dragons, goblins, and orcs they plan on rendering the wall the humans have built useless so that they can drive man back to the islands from where they came.

   When stubborn King Blanchard finally accepts that the kingdom is under attack it may be too late, and the only ones who can save the people on the Mainland have been locked away in the dungeon.

   Join some brave young men and their mentor, a grizzled old King’s Ranger, and a particularly clever young magic wielding woman, as they traverse the wild frontier and sail to King’s Island to warn the King of the warring trolls. Then hold on for your life as you tear through the pages, because the pure blooded dragons they have befriended have another plan all together. ~From GoodReads

  I just want to start by saying, maybe this wasn't the book for me.
  First, the things I liked about the book.The author did a very good job with world building. With the opening scenes in the forest, you become quickly thrust into the story. Very, very descriptive writing. There were also some likable characters. I liked Zah, Lemmy & mainly the dragons. The dragons ability to feel love and sadness were the only truly moving points of the story for me. The one thing that I can say I liked the best about the book was the dialogue. I actually laughed out loud in a few spots.
  Some things that I struggled with. The Royal Dragoneers is told from many points of view. Moving back and forth so often caused me a challenge with really latching on to one particular character. I also felt that in some portions of the story, the description & world building went on a little too long, in particular one long scene describing a castle.

On the whole, I want to emphasize, for my tastes, The Royal Dragoneers was just an" okay" book.

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