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Review of Play Fling by Amber Scott

Play Fling

Face Your Target... Brooke Munkle didn't leave a lukewarm marriage just to flounce into the first hot bed. Too young, too hot, Elliott Jovovich has no business distracting her from starting over. If only he'd get out of her fantasies. Maybe if she keeps things simple, she can allow herself one naughty indulgence. After all, who will know? Pull The String... Elliott sees through Brooke's stiff facade. Underneath her struggle to hold it all together, a vibrant, wanton woman is waiting to be freed. To win her heart, he'll play by her rules, which would be a a lot easier if her hostile best friend didn't fight so dirty. Sure, he has ammo of his own, but what he knows could hurt Brooke. Steady. Aim. Release... Millie Match isn't sure what she did to deserve this matchmaking hell. The sneaking around, the spying, compatibility issues, chemistry crises. Her target, Brooke, is keeping secrets. Elliott is definitely Mr. Wrong. And if Millie doesn't make true love magic now, she'll lose the one thing in this punishment worth fighting for. ~From GoodReads

Play Fling is a great story about a woman who came to a crossroad and decided that settling in her marriage and playing it safe is what she no longer wants…and what comes after. Starting over in life and love is tough enough, but when the new man is 10+ years younger, there is a whole other set of problems.

  How much did I love Play Fling, let me count the ways…

1) Brooke- Brooke is insecure but brave. She always puts her best face forward. She seems like a real “Ice
                 Princess”, but behind closed doors, she’s a tigress!
2) Elliott- Elliott is smart, witty, and sexy.  He is a hard-working young man who has made the best of a  
              difficult background. He pursues Brooke, but never becomes stalker-ish. He is a man who can read
              a woman, and always knows when to back off and when to push through the walls around her
3)Millie- Millie is funny and sometimes so clueless.  Millie thinks that only she knows what’s best for Brooke.
             She’s is determined to right the wrongs in Brooke’s life. Sometimes to hilarious and disastrous
4) Chemistry- The chemistry between Brooke and Elliott is intense. Think fireworks on the Fourth of July
                      you’ll get the picture.
5) Buildup- Throughout Play Fling, the stakes continually build. Will Brooke learn her ex-husband’s secret? 
                  Will Millie complete her mission? Will Brooke let down her defenses? And most importantly,
                  will Brooke and Elliott end up together? I honestly was not sure of the answers to those 
                  questions. Amber Scott did a terrific job building suspense in the book. I found myself reading 
                  faster and faster because I had to know what would happen.  It was excruciating!
6) Romance- This is last, but certainly not the least. The love scenes in Play Fling are so smoking hot, I 
                     thought I may combust! I can not say this emphatically enough: the passion in Play Fling is
                    worthy of it’s own 5-star rating!
I’ve tried to list how much I loved Play Fling, but honestly my list could go on and on.  It has been quite a while since I have read a romance novel. I was a little hesitant, but Play Fling quickly roped me in.  I’m heading over to as soon as I finish this review to check out all the other books she has to offer. And if you want to read a terrific book, you’ll go do the same. 

I want to leave you with my favorite passage of the book:

“He refused to give in or rush. He wouldn’t let her ignore the emotion coursing between them. Every caress, every kiss, could be a word to express his feelings for her. He couldn’t tell her, but he would let her feel his love.”

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