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Review: Hope Ignites (Hope #2) by Jaci Burton

Hope Ignites (Hope, #2)Series: Hope #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Jove (Penguin Group)
Publication Date: 3/25/14
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Source: Publisher
Rating: 4 stars

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Logan McCormack likes his isolated life on the ranch, until a movie crew starts filming there. When actress Desiree Jenkins blows into his life, she wrecks it harder than the Oklahoma winds with her brutal honesty and soft touch. Des knows this is a temporary stay, but she loves the open freedom of the land, and for the first time in her life, Des feels like she might have found a place she can call home, with a man she might be falling in love with. But Logan’s heart is tougher than the soil beneath them—can she convince him that they belong together?

When I read the first book in the Hope series, Hope Flames, back over the winter, I thought it was a nice book, but it didn't really stand out for me. It's weird how mood or timing can affect a reader's experience, because looking back, I did like Hope Flames quite a lot, even more so as time's gone by. As I realized how fondly I remembered that story, I decided to read book two, Hope Ignites. I'm really glad that I wised up, because Hope Ignites was such a great story. If I hadn't jumped back into the Hope series, I would have really missed out on something special.

  Logan McCormack had to have been drunk or out of his goddamned mind to have agreed to let a movie crew film on his ranch.

What made Hope Ignites so enjoyable for me was the characters. I must be a bit twisted, because grumpy heroes are really doing it for me these days. To be honest, I love it when my own husband is kind of grumpy and I can play off that, so I guess it probably does make sense. Logan McCormack was so damn cranky and gruff and grumpy and so unimpressed by anything and UNFF, it killed me so good. Logan's "I couldn't give less of a shit" attitude was so appealing to me, and I just wanted to smack him around a little bit. In the fun way. He's not interested in being chatty and likeable. Logan is not at all impressed by the movie being filmed on his ranch, or the celebrities. His mother's abandonment left Logan soured to love, sure that any woman would eventually leave. His ranch is his life, and all he needs. Logan is content being alone. Or so he thinks.

Logan is impressed, though, by Des Jenkins. Trust me, he's very begrudging about it, and resistant to Des's appeal. Not because Des is a beautiful actress, but because she is a beautiful, vibrant woman who is intent on getting under his skin. Des was a surprise, very charming and warm. She's a great match to Logan. She responds to his crankiness in the same way I do, by tweaking her man until he's about to burst. Des takes Logan completely in stride. Her warm and inquisitive nature complements his aloof, quiet one. Des loves her career, but is exhausted.

Des wants what Logan has: a beautiful, peaceful place to call home. Can they find it together? It does seem against the odds, with Logan settled on his Oklahoma ranch and Des based in Los Angeles. Love always finds away in romance, of course, and the fun is seeing how our hero and heroine find a way to come together and make it work.

Hope Ignites also has a really great secondary story about Des's best friend/co-star, Colt. Colt is the hottest young actor in Hollywood, and gay. I really sympathized with his struggle to maintain his career, and do what's in his heart.  We also get a nice bit of Hope Flames's Luke and Emma, and it was very nice to revisit them. Especially with them being such a warm and endearing couple. I actually enjoyed these two even more this time around, and was so happy seeing them move towards their happy ever after. We also get a nice feel for what's coming in book three, Hope Burns. It seems that story will center on Emma's sister Molly and Carter.

Hope Ignites was an excellent story with engaging characters and a love story I really rooted for. If you're looking for a fun and sexy story, I highly recommend the Hope series.

Favorite Quotes

  She liked this man. He might be a little on the quiet side, but underneath? There was a fierce storm brewing in Logan McCormack. And she'd like to be in the middle of that when it burst. 

  "So what do you need?"
  She leaned her head back against his shoulder. "Right now? Just this. To be here with you here tonight with a million stars overhead and no one else around."
  "And tomorrow?"
  She turned and laid her hands on his chest. "Screw tomorrow. I don't want to think about tomorrow when today was so perfect, and tonight I'm here with you."

The Hope Series
Hope Flames (Hope #1)  Hope Ignites (Hope, #2)
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About the author
Jaci BurtonJaci Burton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of over 50 books. She lives in Oklahoma and when she isn’t on deadline (which is often), she can usually be found wrestling with her uncooperative garden, wrangling her dogs, watching an unhealthy amount of television, or completely losing track of time reading a great book. She’s a total romantic and longs for the happily ever after in every story, which you’ll find in all her books.. Visit her website at for excerpts, her blog and contest information.

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  1. I don't know what it is about the "I couldn't give less of a shit" attitude but I do love it in my heroes/heroines. Especially when that plays off their opposite, as it does in this book. I definitely need to check this one out!

  2. This sounds good...and hello to that cover!! :)

  3. It's funny how that happens sometimes- you walk away from a book just meh about it but over time you can't shake it and realize you liked it more than you originally thought- glad you enjoyed book two-- these sound like good reads. Great review.

  4. You've convinced me that I need to quit my job and read all the books I've missed. Hehe I wish. But summer is almost here so I need to get to this one. I really enjoyed Hope Flames and heavens I love the cover of Hope Ignites!

  5. This one sounds good. I like the premise of the story. Great review.

  6. I loved Logan's attitude as well, Andrea, and I'm looking forward to finding out what Molly's story is. Wonderful review! :)

  7. I was going to read this review then I saw your currently reading book and I couldn't concentrate anymore because YOU'RE READING FALL FROM INDIA PLACE. *grabby hands* hope it's good.

    It sounds interesting this one as well .

  8. Logan sounds actually kind of funny, Andrea. I like that he's grumpy and unimpressed by everything. I can see how someone as vibrant as Des managed to see beyond that grumpiness. This sounds like it was a lot of fun to read. I'm so glad it better than the first book.
    Lovely review!

  9. Grumpy heroes! I might need to read this for pointers as my loverboy is always on the grumpy side. Need tips on how to cool him off ;)

  10. hehe I love heroes like this. I so want to read this one, my grabby hands want it and not just for the um... smexy cover.

  11. I don't know why these covers with dogs make me giggle. Anyway, I've DNF some books that I've come back to and they end up becoming my favorites. Glad to see you kept up with the series, it gets hard to do that with so many books out there.
    I really like Penguins adult romance books!

  12. Not crazy-- a grumpy hero can be sexy if written well, and sounds like he was

  13. I love the celebrity and average joe thing. Great review.

  14. That is one purdy cover, mmmhmm. lol - omg, that was totally my creepy Billy Bob Thornton from Sling Blade voice. :D Anyway, it's funny how that happen with books and how we feel about them over time. I will certainly have to give these a try.

  15. I'm glad you gave the series another shot, Andrea, and you weren't let down! Logan being grumpy seems like it makes for some fun. ;) I haven't read Ms. Burton so I'll have to give her a try.

  16. These sound really good and I like Burton. And listen, I'm a dog lover, but the dogs on these covers don't work for me for some reason. :/


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