Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have an excellent giveaway for you today! In fact, I'm jealous. Check it out and good luck!

Ladies' NightTake a splash of betrayal, add a few drops of outrage, give a good shake to proper behavior and take a big sip of a cocktail called...Ladies' Night!

Grace Stanton's life as a rising media star and beloved lifestyle blogger takes a surprising turn when she catches her husband cheating and torpedoes his pricey sports car straight into the family swimming pool. Grace suddenly finds herself locked out of her palatial home, checking account, and even the blog she has worked so hard to develop in her signature style. Moving in with her widowed mother, who owns and lives above a rundown beach bar called The Sandbox, is less than ideal. So is attending court-mandated weekly "divorce recovery" therapy sessions with three other women and one man for whom betrayal seems to be the only commonality. When their "divorce coach" starts to act suspiciously, they decide to start having their own Wednesday "Ladies' Night" sessions at The Sandbox, and the unanticipated bonds that develop lead the members of the group to try and find closure in ways they never imagined. Can Grace figure out a new way home and discover how strong she needs to be to get there?

Heartache, humor, and a little bit of mystery come together in a story about life's unpredictable twists and turns. Mary Kay Andrews' Ladies' Night will have you raising a glass and cheering these characters on.
"Andrews presents a delightful novel...A wonderful blend of action, repartee and offbeat characters in a just-plain-fun story. Humorous and witty, and as entertaining as a good night out." --Kirkus Reviews

"Her newest novel offers another engaging and satisfying tale of life, loss, and love." --Booklist

"Mary Kay Andrews' novels have become a summer staple like a new pair of sandals. The New York Times best-selling author returns with the perfectly mixed cocktail of romance, mystery and comedy..." --Raleigh News & Observer

"This is her best book yet, and it combines all of the strengths we have come to expect from this audacious and beguiling author." --Huffington Post

"A court-ordered therapy session is the site of the action in Andrews's zesty, amusing latest..." --People

"Mary Kay Andrews blends heartache and hilarity in a story line filled with surprises." --Southern Living

"If there were a literary genre dedicated to great beach books, the novels of Mary Kay Andrews would set its standard for excellence." --Cape Gazette
One lucky winner will receive this prize pack.
Open to US only.
Signed copy of LADIES' NIGHT in paperback
  • Set of 3 LADIES' NIGHT recipe cards
  • LADIES' NIGHT drink coasters
  • Cocktail umbrellas
  • LADIES' NIGHT drink cup
  • Three different Mary Kay Andrews bookmarks
  • SAVE THE DATE magnet
  • Set of 3 SAVE THE DATE recipe cards
  • News about a special SAVE THE DATE pre-order gift




    1. Great giveaway! Love Mary Kay Andrews! No concrete summer plans yet. Hoping to get a family vacation in though.

    2. That is an awesome giveaway! I'm not gonna lie- it's the cocktail umbrealls that really caught my eye- love those things haha

    3. My only summer plans so far is to go to a family reunion. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    4. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! My summer plans will hopefully be reading lots of books by the pool.

    5. We're taking a trip in and around Pennsylvania and Virginia...a vacation where my daughter can check out colleges, too. ;)

      Thanks for sharing the giveaway, Andrea!

    6. no summer plans :( THanks for sharing!

    7. Reminds me of The First Wives club and I looooove that damn movie! I want to read this

    8. Hanging out with my pals!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    9. This winter has been a cold one , so I'm just going to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine.

    10. Awesome Giveaway! I only have a few plans for summer so far, and that's to take a trip to San Francisco in June and Ria's coming to California (she lives in Texas) to a wine tasting/book signing with me and another week so we can take our kids to do some fun stuff like Disneyland, Knott's, and other stuff.

    11. oh this is going to be a great beach read!

      As for summer plans, unfortunately not really. Just staying at home. Oh, and adding roses to my garden.

    12. Summer always means a trip to the coast.

    13. My summer plans include LOTS OF READING, and maybe a hammock.


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