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Surrender to Sultry (Sultry Springs, #3)Series: Sultry Springs #3
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: 8/6/13
Format: ARC
Pages: 320
Source: Received from publisher for review
Rating: 4.5 stars

Leah McMahon is back in Sultry Springs, Texas to help her dad recover from surgery. But there's a new sheriff in town and he's none other than Colton Bea, the wild-as-weeds boy who stole her heart a decade earlier. Colt's a changed man now, and the feelings between these high school sweethearts are stronger than ever. But Leah's got a secret so devastating that he may never forgive her. Can she find a way to earn absolution and build a future with the sultry man she's loved half her life?


I have been waiting on Surrender to Sultry since the moment I finished book two, A Shot of Sultry. In that book, Colt Bea, law man and ladies man extraordinaire, let his guard down long enough to expose the heart that was broken when the girl he loved ran away. In Surrender to Sultry, Colt finally comes face-to-face with Leah after ten years, but winning her heart back will be the challenge of his life. And will he even want to when he learns the secret behind Leah's disappearance?

Surrender to Sultry was an emotional story that dealt with the pain of a lost love, the efforts to reconnect, guilt over years worth of lies, and the struggle to forgive, Both Colt and Leah have regrets that need to be dealt with. Colt feels unworthy of Leah, and places her goodness on a high pedestal. Leah, knowing she isn't as perfect as Colt still believes, has so much pain and guilt weighing her down. I absolutely love stories of reconnected love, especially one that digs this deep. Surrender to Sultry truly stands out. Beckett did a great job in making me feel the connection between Colt and Leah. It was easy to be on their side.

Surrender to Sultry is also a fun story. The story is told from both Colt and Leah's perspective, with Leah's tone being understandably more on the serious side, and Colt's being often laugh out loud funny. His internal dialogue was full of charm and brutal male honesty. The townspeople of Sultry Springs, Texas, were a force. Having grown up in a small southern town myself, I both laughed at and empathized with Colt and Leah dealing with their nosy but well-meaning fellow citizens.

The Sultry Springs series perfectly represents what I love about adult contemporary romance. The stories are so nicely-paced, the characters are endearing and engaging, the romance is hot, and I believe in the love story I've been given. I love that we get to see a lot of  Luke and June, and Trey and Bobbi, the couples from the first two books. I honestly love how Macy Beckett tied up the last book in the Sultry Springs series, and for that I am appreciative. I'm really, really sad to see the series end.

Favorite Quote:

  When he was seventeen, he'd gazed in wonder at the contrast of those ivory limbs wrapped around his waist. Together they were light and dark, snow and fire, saint and sinner. He might've been a hell-raiser back then, but making love of Leah was pure heaven.  ~ARC, pg 9

  "After we had se--" he cut off and corrected. "After we made love, it felt like someone turned my body inside out. Like I was missing my skin. I loved you so hard, just thinking about you made me ache. It was wonderful and horrible, all at once. Some days I was afraid I would crack in half if you looked at me the wrong way."   ~ARC, pg 82

Sultry Springs Series

Sultry with a Twist (Sultry Springs, #1)A Shot of Sultry (Sultry Springs, #2)Surrender to Sultry (Sultry Springs, #3)
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About the author:
Macy BeckettMacy Beckett writes hot and humorous romance set in Sultry Springs, Texas: where first loves find second chances. Her debut novel, SULTRY WITH A TWIST, released last October, and book two, A SHOT OF SULTRY, is now available in stores and online. The third Sultry Springs novel, SURRENDER TO SULTRY, will release in August. Additionally, Macy writes young adult science fiction under the name Melissa Landers. You can learn more about her books—for adults and teens—on her website.
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  1. Yay that you loved this one so much, hon! I love reconnection stories as well and they're so cute, emotional and awesome to read. I'm happy to hear this one digs deeper and doesn't just float on the surface. I think I may even want to read this series now. Thanks for introducing it to me with gorgeous your review:)

  2. That cover is so sweet and it immediately makes me want to read the book. I really enjoy adult contemp but I rarely pick it up for some reason. I will have to add this one to the tbr. Great review!

  3. I love the cover. It totally screams sweet romance!! This series sounds really good. I love adult contemporary, but just don't read enough of it.

  4. Colt and Leah sound wonderful as does the series. I am off to check them out:) thanks Andrea

  5. Oh yes! I remember your reviews. Sounds like a great series.

  6. Sounds good and powerful and emotional

  7. Gah, I'm so freaking behind! I haven't even read book 2 yet! Soon...

  8. Oh I love second change love stories! Don't know this series but maybe I should.

  9. I am a sucker for guys named Colton/Colt. I don't know why, I just am! So this guy already sounds delicious! And I love dual POV! This definitely sounds like a series I would enjoy. Adding to the TBR now! Great review Andrea!

  10. Andrea your blog is going to be the death of my TBR pile! I absolutely adore adult contemporaries, especially in series, and this one sounds right up my alley! I love the premise here, and of course the romance. I love the sound of both Colt and Leah. Can't wait to meet them and read this series! Glad you enjoyed this! Adding to TBR! Great review! =)

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  11. I'm definitely curious about Colt. I like characters with some great inner dialogue. I also like dual POV's. Sounds like a good read!

  12. This sounds like a great love story! Hmm, I wonder what Leah's secret was...Colt sounds hot, and I love how his inner dialogue made you laugh! I need to check this series out :) Great Review!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  13. Nice review. This sounds like a great story - right up my alley.


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