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Today I am featuring author Emily Snow here at the blog. I am a big fan of Emily's books, Tidal and Savor You. Now I'm going back to the beginning, with her Devoured series. 

All Over YouSeries: Devoured #0.5
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published(now Touchstone)
Publication Date: 1/1/13
Format: ebook
Pages: 57
Source: Purchase
Rating: 3.5 stars

Before Sienna was devoured, before Lucas was consumed, they were all over each other . . .

Lucas Wolfe is used to getting what he wants—from everyone but one person, that is—so when he meets the wardrobe assistant hired to work his band’s newest video, he’s got to have her. From the moment Sienna first obediently whispers “Yes, Mr. Wolfe”, he knows she’s perfect for him.

Three days.

And he’ll have her stripped down and bound to his bed.

Set two years before the events of DEVOURED, ALL OVER YOU is the story of Sienna and Lucas’s first encounter.

All Over You is a great set-up to Devoured. I'm not sure how I would've felt otherwise, because I did read this novella first, but I can imagine that without this look at how Sienna and Lucas met and parted, might not have been as powerful. 

Emily Snow did an excellent job of creating intensity and chemistry in such a short amount of space.

Favorite Quote:

  When he brings his hazel eyes back to mine, staring at me so intensely that I feel like he can see what I'm thinking--see through my layers of clothing to observe the effect he has on my body--I draw in an unsteady breath.
  "I need to devour you."  ~57%


Devoured (Devoured, #1)Series: Devoured #1
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published(now Touchstone)
Publication Date: 10/9/12
Format: ebook
Pages: 280
Source: Purchase

Rating: 4 stars
Sienna Jensen had no plans to return home when she graduated college last spring—after all, her dreams lie in California. But when she discovers her grandmother’s Nashville home has been foreclosed, and the new owner has started the eviction process, Sienna has no other choice but go back to Music City. And she comes face to face with the flawed, gorgeous man she never thought she’d see again. The man who now holds the deed to her grandma’s estate.

When millionaire rock star Lucas Wolfe finds the outspoken redhead glaring at him from across a courtroom, he’s both infuriated and intrigued. He still can't get the night Sienna almost spent with him out of his mind, and the chemistry between them is as undeniable as it was two years ago. He craves Sienna more than ever. And just like everything Lucas hungers for, he’s determined to have her.

Now, Lucas will do whatever it takes to lure Sienna into his bed, even if that means making a deal with her: ten days with him, playing by his rules, and he’ll hand over the deed to her grandmother’s home. Though she agrees to the arrangement, Sienna is conflicted. Because of her duty to her family. Because of promises she’s made to herself and a past that still haunts her. And as Lucas’s game of seduction continues, and Sienna is introduced to his dark, erotic world and even darker background, she realizes that at any moment, she could be devoured.

Alright, I want to start by saying that I bought Devoured the day it released...and I'm just now reading it. This makes me sad because I really enjoyed Devoured and All Over You, and I should have made the time for them ages ago. Funny enough, I've actually read the spin-off, Savor You, which is about Lucas's sister Kylie and bandmate Wyatt. It was really cool to read this book and knowing where pieces of Savor You fit in.

Maybe I didn't rush to read because I was an eensy bit worried about Lucas. I knew he was a rock star, and let's not kid ourselves because I am all about that. I think I was curious but also hesitant because I'd heard that Lucas is a pretty demanding guy, and that's fine too because I like cavemen apparently. I guess what made me hold back was the deal between Lucas and Sienna to save her grandmother's home. And for as much as I like bossy, demanding men, I don't like asshats or manipulators because even I have standards. lol  So you can imagine my relief that I really liked Lucas. I'm not saying he didn't frustrate the heck out of me, but I saw his angle, and his goals. And I was on board.

I also really dug Sienna. She started the story pretty mild and quiet, but definitely not as much as in All Over You. She seems content, maybe, but not truly happy. It seems like everyone walks all over her, and its odd (and cool) that when she and Lucas cross paths again, she has no problem standing up to him of all people. This intrigues Lucas to no end. Besides the romantic aspect of the story, Devoured seemed to be a personal journey for Sienna. One I very much appreciated.

Devoured was very much a slow burn in the physical relationship between Lucas and Sienna. This was great because the tension and chemistry that continued to build throughout the story kept me rapidly turning the pages and honestly, that build-up was often much hotter than the actual deed. It would have been so easy for Snow to fill the story with tons of sex, but it was way more rewarding to go the route she did. Devoured had Anticipation. And I loved it.

I'm honestly not surprised I enjoyed All Over You and Devoured. I've read all of Emily Snow's books, and have truly enjoyed each. Lucas and Sienna went through some tumultuous and sexy times, but I LOVED that ending. I am both nervous and extremely excited to see how their story ends in Consumed.

Favorite Quote:

  Lucas Wolfe is all muscles and tattoos and sexiness, but it's his music that has a way of getting to me. It strips me down.
  Then devours me.   ~ ebook, 62%

  I feel sadistic and crazy for wanting him and this.
  I feel so fucking alive it burns.  ~ ebook, 86%

The Devoured Series
All Over You (Devoured, #0.5)Devoured (Devoured, #1)Consumed (Devoured, #2)

Purchase All Over You and Devoured
About the author:
Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic romance series Devoured, which includes Devoured, All Over You, and Consumed, as well as the new adult novel Tidal.
She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three.
Connect with Emily at:



  1. Oh this tattoo guy on covers again. I have never heard of this series but nor the author but it sounds like a great read. I mean rock stars - let's face it that never gets old. Great review Andrea :)

  2. I know it's a silly reason, but I haven't given much thought to this series because they have Lucas and Jacqueline on the cover! And the love interest is called Lucas too!
    Anyways, I'm rethinking my decision now and I might have to get a copy of this for myself.
    Who doesn't love a good rockstar in their books? ;)
    I'm glad to hear that you liked Lucas as a character despite not being sure about the deal that he pulled through with Sienna.
    Sienna also sounds like a headstrong girl who knows how to stand up for herself.
    I'm adding this to my TBR! Great review, Andrea! :)

  3. I am really looking forward to reading these. I actually won a pb copy of Devoured and was gifted the ebook of All Over You. I bought Savor You also. I loved Tidal by Emily Snow, so I am really looking forward to reading more from her.

  4. The intensity and chemistry sound great, but that first cover reminds me so much of Easy, cover model and all

  5. I don't think I've heard of Emily Snow before, but this series sounds like it is worth a read! I'm glad you enjoyed both books, and I hope everything wraps up well for you in Consume. Great review! :)

  6. Wow, these covers are hot! I love a slow burn when it comes to couples, too. Great review!

  7. I have read a lot of mixed reviews for this series, but I am really looking forward to picking them up. The anticipation and the characters sound fantastic! I'm actually happy that the relationship wasn't just all sex. And it had that slow burn. I love that between two characters for some reason. You totally have me curious about the ending. I can't wait to pick this up! Glad you enjoyed these, Andrea! Great reviews! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  8. This series sounds fantastic. Though I enjoy the tattooed guy on the cover, it reminds me too much of Easy. Great review, Andrea! :)

  9. Good review & quotes. These models are popular for new adult covers :)

    This sounds like an interesting series.

  10. I need to quit reading your reviews, Andrea because my TBR is already out of control and now I'm lusting after this series! I think I've read a review for the last book and it made me a little nervous, but I might have another book in mind. I'm going to investigate further, because this story sounds awesome! Lovely reviews, Andrea! :)

  11. That's great you have been loving all the titles coming out from this author! I love when an author becomes an immediate to-buy person.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I've only read All Over You and I REALLY liked the writing--I'm still thinking about it months later which is rare for a novella. I have all of Emily Snow's books, I just need time!

  13. I'm going to see those cover models and only ever be able to think of Easy. *sigh* I guess I need to read these, too, though. :P

  14. This series sounds so good! I love stories that have anticipation, and that "slow burn." Great Review friend! Love those quotes! Lucas sounds hot, and like he has the whole package :) Thanks for such a great spotlight.

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  15. I wasnt a huge fan of Devoured, I just couldnt connect with the characters. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! Great review!

  16. I actually read book one first and then the novella, I need to get to Consumed. I loved Lucas and their interaction..spicy!

  17. Great reviews, Andrea! I have to admit to owning these both - I have a habit of one-clicking when you really pimp books ;) - but haven't read them yet. Obviously, I'm going to be upset I've waited so long. I particularly liked your comment about Devoured being a 'personal journey' for Sienna. I think this is an aspect I will appreciate as well. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I'm over asshats so I'm totally digging the old school badboys nowadays. I love tortured guys but it can get draining. This series is pretty popular in the NA set, I haven't read any but I totally get its appeal.

  19. I downloaded All over you a while back.. it was free on amazon. I really want to get to it. I love that guy on the cover. he's a cutie. I will buy every book that has him on the cover. lol. :)

  20. "And for as much as I like bossy, demanding men, I don't like asshats or manipulators because even I have standards." <= no you don't lol! Great reviews, I loooooooooooved Lucas!

  21. All Over You wasn't done when I read Devoured and I've yet to read it. I liked Devoured, but I'm wondering if maybe I would have liked it a little more had I had the novella. Still, I'm looking forward to Consumed. Nice review!


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