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Today I am hosting author Carolyn Brown and her newest release The Billion Dollar Cowboy. Along with my review, Carolyn shares Top Ten Reasons Cowboys Are Sexy, and there's a giveaway!
Billion Dollar Cowboy (Cowboys & Brides, #1)Series: Cowboys and Brides #1
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: 6/4/13
Format: ARC
Pages: 352
Source: Received from publisher for review
A Billionaire Can Buy Anything...

Colton Nelson was twenty-eight years old when he won the Texas Lottery and went from ranch hand to ranch owner overnight. Now he's desperate to keep the gold diggers away. It shouldn't be too hard to find a pretty girl and hire her to pretend to be his one-and-only.

Or Can He?

Laura Baker's got mixed feelings about this--she's on the ranch to work, not to be arm candy. On the other hand, being stuck for a while in the boondocks with a gorgeous cowboy isn't half-bad.

What neither Colton nor Laura expects are the intensely hard lessons they have to learn about the real cost of love...

I always love a good "pretend relationship" story. The circumstances vary from those that make perfect sense to those that are a bit of a stretch, but they almost always end up in the same place: two people who never intended to become attached falling in love. It's a fun trope, and one that I never really tire of.

Billion Dollar Cowboy did this premise well, and it made sense. Bachelor cowboy Colton is tired of women chasing him down, hoping to snap (or swindle) him into marriage. When Laura comes to work on his ranch, the perfect plan is laid: Colton and Laura will pretend to be a couple to keep the ladies at bay. Colton and Laura are both such sweet and straight-forward people that this scheme works well. Possibly too well, since the two take very little time to fall for one another. But with Laura planning to leave the ranch when her time is up, and both too afraid to lay their feelings on the line, the road to confessing of feelings and happiness is bumpy.

Billion Dollar Cowboy is a down-home, feel good romance. The author's writing was really charming and I found myself smiling at her words, knowing that I hear many of the same phrases and tone in my everyday life. Billion Dollar Cowboy is a sweet and sassy romance with fun characters and a endearing romance.

Favorite Quote:

  He untangled his fingers from hers and slipped his hand around her back. It felt hot on her cool skin but not as hot as his lips when they claimed her mouth for a long, lingering kiss that felt very, very real and not the least bit make-believe.   ~ ARC, pg 120

Hello to everyone here at The Bookish Babe and thank you for your invitation to visit your site. It’s a delight to be here and talk about my newest cowboy book, Billion Dollar Cowboy. It’s the first in the brand new series, Cowboys & Brides and I’m so excited about the opportunity to see it up there on the book shelves in the stores.

Today the topic is 10 reasons why cowboys are sexy and I was asked to use Colton as an example. Now, truth is it would be a chore to keep it to 10 if I’m using Colton as an example so I thought I’d pass the buck to Laura, the leading lady in Billion Dollar Cowboy. She’s spent a lot of time with Colton and believe me I reckon she can tell us many, many reasons why he’s sexy.

So Miz Laura, the microphone now belongs to you so take the stage and tell us what you think. For your visual information, Laura is in her mid-twenties and is a blue eyed blonde. She’s cross between Marilyn Monroe and Miranda Lambert.

Ah, I see that she’s made her way to the front of the room so I’m handing the microphone to her now.

Laura: Thank you Miz Carolyn and thank you to everyone here at The Bookish Babe. To begin with even before I met Colton, back when I was just lurking behind the curtains in my apartment at the ranch, I thought he was absolutely dreamy. But you asked me to give you ten reasons and although it was difficult to keep it to ten I’ve come up with the top ten.

Number 10: Colton is tall, dark and handsome. Six feet two inches tall, dark hair that’s almost black and the sexiest green eyes in the world. That’s enough right there but I like the way he swaggers when he walks. Think about Raylen Givens in Justified if you need a picture of the sexy strut.

Number 9: That little hat tip Colton does with the brim of his hat when he says, “Yes ma’am.” Honey that would make a holy woman’s panty hose crawl down to her ankles and I do not have a halo or wings.

Number 8: Tight fittin’ jeans, stacked up just right and ironed with a crease from bottom to top. And it’s okay if I let my eyes stray just a few seconds at the top of the crease line. But not y’all. I do have a bit of a jealous streak.

Number 7: He loves his mama or in Colton’s case, his granny. There’s something sexy about the sensitive side he shows to those that he loves.

Number 6: Colton has some fabulous abs under that shirt (see front cover) and believe me when summer time comes to Ambrose, he’ll be working without a shirt. That’s why Texas is so damn hot. All those steamy cowboys out there branding cattle, hauling hay and fixin’ fences with no shirt. Lordy, lordy, I feel the temperature risin’ just thinkin’ about it.

Number 5: Colton spends long hours outside so he’s tanned and not all pasty like men who sit in front of computers or at a desk all day. Refer back to #6 and imagine Colton’s abs tanned and just a little bit sweaty.

Number 4: Colton’s choice of date sites. No dinner and movies for him. Colton is much more creative than that. Think a picnic on an old patch work under a big old pecan tree up near the river with the moon and stars shining down. Or maybe a ride into town to get a snow cone and then eat it at the school playground while swinging and talking to each other.

Number 3: Colton is not a bit ashamed to sweet talk to me. See #4 and imagine Colton’s deep Texas drawl out there in the moonlight and he’s completely focused on you.

Number 2: Colton is very, very good with his hands. I’m blushing so enough said about that.

Number 1:
Colton’s cowboy boots. It doesn’t matter if they are his worn work boots or the ones he wears to formal affairs…nothing is as sexy as cowboy boots, especially when they’re tossed off to the side of the bed. Blushing again!

So that’s my ten reasons. Did I forget anything? What have y’all got to add to the list?

Miz Carolyn and I will be around most of the day and we’d love to hear your comments.

I just want to add that comparing any man to Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is good enough for me!
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About the author:
Carolyn BrownCarolyn Brown is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with more than 60 books published. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. Carolyn’s first women’s fiction novel, The Blue Ribbon JalapeƱo Society Jubilee is now available, and you can look for her next cowboy romance, Cowboy Seeks Bride in August 2013! For more information, please visit:



  1. You had me at cowboy! Colton sounds.. positively amazing. =) What a fun post!

  2. i loved your review! This book sounds like a fun, easygoing, romance! The top Ten Guest Post was really fun! too!! I like #2! LOL

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. I'm a sucker for the fake romances too. I think that they are fun. Great review.

  4. Not sure this one would be a good match for me but I totally get what you man about the fake romance story line. They are always a little awkward and a lot of fun!

  5. This is a great review! Ever since Lost & FOund I have been looking for more cowboy books and I think I may have found one!

  6. Great review and guest post. Colton sounds like a cowboy I'd like to get to know.

  7. Fantastic review, Andrea. I like down-home, feel good romances too, and Carolyn always seems to deliver those! :) Thanks for sharing your review and the guest post. I don't have anything to add to the list, because I haven't read the book yet...but that list, WOW! I'm definitely going to read this one! ;) I never thought about the hot cowboys being the reason Texas is so hot! :)

  8. Oh, I do love me a sexy cowboy! Giddy up! This sounds like a lot of fun and look at the cover *wipes drool off*!! Great review and post ladies! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  9. How cute this looks! Love those pretend relationships too. Always so fun.

  10. I'm not big on Cowboys, but I do have a 'thing' for Jesse Walker. ;)

  11. Sounds fantastic! Congrats to Carolyn on the new release and thanks for sharing :)

  12. Great guest post, and I enjoyed meeting Colton and reading his story!

  13. Gotta love a man who loves his granny!


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