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"Spring is here, and pollen is in the air. While you're sneezing your way towards Summer, pop those Claritin and lose yourself in a Sultry Spring Read."

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Tempting Acquisitions  (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #1)Series: Boardrooms & Billionaires #1
Category/Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Publication Date: 1/7/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 139
Source: Received from publisher for review

CEO Keira McBride has put more than a decade of blood, sweat, and tears into restoring her family’s magazine empire and knows she can handle any business challenge thrown her way…until sexy billionaire and corporate raider Nathan Cooper makes a play for her legacy.

Nathan’s not accustomed to losing and neither is Keira. When an all-consuming attraction threatens to devour them both, Nathan makes it clear he wants to move their relationship out of the boardroom and into the bedroom. Keira knows it’s going to be the negotiation of her life and the stakes have never been higher. This time, her heart is on the line…

Tempting Acquisitions was a quick, steamy story of business adversaries who realize they have more than business in common. I really like that premise, it makes for some great tension and conflict throughout the story. It does make me nervous, though, because I'm always afraid the woman will end up getting the shaft (heh) like in You've Got Mail, but the guy is so charming that she's okay with losing her business to him.

Thankfully, that is not what happens here. Keira and Nathan but heads immediately, and frequently, but she never backs down. I loved that Keira was willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family's business, no matter her feelings for Nathan. And, I was worried that Nathan would be the typical arrogant business man so often in these books, but he's not. He wants Keira in his bed, but he respects her and doesn't treat her with condescension.

Tempting Acquisitions focuses more on the relationship outside the bedroom, the intimate scenes were great. Really great. And not too much for those who prefer less explicit scenes.

Tempting Acquisitions was a fast and fun story, but also romantic. The ending was great and definitely left me satisfied. I would definitely recommend this for fans of Contemporary Romance.

Favorite Quote:

  He drew another moan, deeper this time, as his fingers grazed her nipples, their points hard underneath the lace. Impatient to feel her, to taste her, he dragged one of the cups down and took took the tight nipple into his mouth while he played with the other one through the material of her bra. Heat exploded through his body and his erection strained against her thigh. The taste of her was more luscious than any dessert, richer than finest wine, and he was immediately drunk on her.  ~eARC


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  1. This sounds really good. I love a good business romance where the woman is smart and has her head on right and won't put her business at risk for a man, no matter how yummy! I think I would enjoy this one. Great review!

  2. These little Entangled books are all sounding pretty great, and I love how they are expanding there line. This book sounds like a great read that's fast and still can wet the appetite! Fab, hun!

  3. Do nipples have a flavor? I mean I don't want to find or for myself but if you bathe with soap wouldn't they taste like lever 2000? That quote was hot! Thanks for sharing

  4. Sounds cute. I'm so glad you told me about all these Entangled books. I love them!

  5. I think I would like this while I love steamy, i also enjoy the building of a relationship too! Thanks for sharing this one!

  6. YOu can't really go wrong with any of Entangled's Bliss or Indulgence line IMO. I love these books for when I need an escape with something fun and sexy with a smidge of angst.

  7. I just seem to love all the Entangled romances. Great review :)

  8. This sounds sweet with a little spicy mixed in. I like that it's not very long either because you can have a nice satisfying romance in one sitting. I'll have to add this to my TBR. Great review Andrea. :)

  9. I've seen this author around but haven't read her books yet. I love when characters but heads and the girl doesn't back down. It makes for a fun and feisty read.


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