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A Terrible LoveSeries: A Terrible Love #1
Category/Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 2/11/13
Format: Kindle
Pages: 269
Source: Received from author for review.

Jess Mackey is living a meticulously fabricated lie of necessity. She's left the secret tragedy of her past behind along with who she was and is forging ahead with a clean slate. Jess soon discovers that passion can't be left behind; her own and that of the one man that sees who she really is. Whose presence caresses her soul in a way that may breach the peaceful life Jess has made for herself.

Devin Castile sees a young woman that is the missing puzzle piece to his existence and who is also the victim to a heinous crime. Devin convinces himself that he can remain emotionally distant even while indulging his physical desire for her. When the lies that Jess has made crumble before their attraction and the truth is revealed, one of them might pay with their life... or their very being.

(Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17+ - Adult Contemporary Women's - New Adult Fiction)

A Terrible Love is a dark and twisty story of a tormented heroine, the unreadable man she loves, and a mystery that leaves you guessing until the end.
First things first, I love this cover. I like the dark and mysterious tone it conveys, and that it fits the story. Gorgeous.
As for the story, well, I was intrigued right away. The story begins with a frightening prologue, and I couldn't help but read the story just waiting for the other shoe to drop. And though I won't go into the specifics, because really, it's a lot to cover, but also, is best left to the story. The suspense was a continuous presence throughout the story, and what really kept me on the hook.
Another reason I enjoyed the story... Devin Castile. He was an edgy and mysterious guy. I wanted to believe, and hoped, he was a good guy. His intensity, especially in the intimate scenes with Jess, were pretty great. I would have definitely loved to have had more, more, more of him in the book!
While I did enjoy the overall premise of the story, there were certain aspects that didn't win me over. I found some of the writing to be a bit heavy on the metaphors. I had to reread several passages just to make sure that I was correctly comprehending what was being said. And the ending, in my eyes, was confusing. When the big mystery was revealed, I wasn't sure who did what to whom and why. I'm not sure if the issues was plot holes, or just me, but I didn't completely buy it.
Having said that, I did like A Terrible Love. I was fascinated by the complex and insatiable relationship between Jess and Cas. And I did find the overall story to be very cool. If you're looking for a story that brings the steam and will keep you guessing until the end, A Terrible Love may hit the spot.

Favorite Quote:

  I put my head in my hands in defeat. I guess I'm giving in to life. It's like the ocean breaking against the rocks: It simply wears me down until I give in.  ~11%

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About the author
Marata Eros is a mixed-genre writer of dark erotica and fantasy with elements of romance and horror. She has completed her first contemporary romance, A TERRIBLE LOVE as her next new release. Marata is a passionate reader who loves interacting with her readers and is more grateful than she can express for their support.
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  1. It's good that you enjoyed this overall, I find confusing metaphors a bit distracting, too!

  2. Too bad this one missed the mark, I'm not sure I would enjoy it, and will probably pass on it.

  3. Oh I kinda love when you are completely sure whether the guy is good or bad. Too bad this one wasnt all you hoped it would be. Great review!

  4. Thanks so much for reading ATL, Andrea~

  5. I'm glad that you enjoyed some aspects of this, but it's too bad that there seemed to have some plot holes. I don't like feeling confused when I'm reading, so I don't know if this would be for me or not. I mean, I like a good mystery, but it still needs to make sense to me in the end. Great review doll!

  6. Well, I completely agree with you on the cover! Beautiful and mysterious!! I understand what you mean when the writing is too heavy with metaphors. I've read books like that, and you're rolling your eyes, like did the rain REALLY have to be compared to THAT? I love beautiful writing, but when it's overloaded with "this was like that", it becomes overwhelming and tiring. Great review!! Still looks good enough that I might check it out :)

  7. Great review! I've never read any of these books, but I'd really love too.

  8. Well said. Cas made the book for me. He was sexy!

  9. I enjoyed the review and look forward to reading this one it sounds like it's a little different and darker read. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great review! I think this sounds amazing!!!

  11. I love your quotes Andrea they get me interested in a book.. EVERY TIME!

  12. Seems like I would fall hard for Devin too. I love the quotes

  13. Thanks for the review Andrea. I am starting this tonight.

  14. Great review, I like the whole concept, but dang I hate that it had holes or confused you at the end..Devin sounds intense!

  15. This was a great review, I appreciate your honesty. I think I will add it to my TBR, it looks interesting!

  16. I love this cover too, Andrea! It really drew my attention. Thanks, as always, for an honest review. I'm glad you enjoyed the story overall.

  17. Well, I confuse really easy so I'm sure that ending will confuse me for sure! And metaphors just go over my head half the time. So those things don't sound so great but the story sounds pretty good so I'll look up a few other reviews and get more of a feel for it when I'm able to add more to my TBR. Thanks for the great review!

  18. Hmm...I'm seeing that this is part of a series so I may put this off until all the books are out. Not overjoyed to hear the mystery was a bit confusing. I'll have to do some more thinking on this book before I pick it up. Wonderful review, Andrea. :)

  19. The cover is fabulous. Edgy guy, huh? Hmmmm...sounds interesting but I'm worried about whatever it was that concerned you. I do love the mystery idea though. Maybe. Thanks pal.

  20. Love finding a new author and book to read.

  21. I do like the cover to this and it sounds really good, but I'm sad that you encountered some plot holes and that some aspects confused you! There is nothing worse for me than a book I have to reread parts to get. I just couldn't do it. I am glad that you liked this book enough though! Maybe I will try this later on in the future! Great review, well said :)

  22. I love what the cover looks like. I can not wait to see what the book is like to read...the review has got me wanting to read this now!!

  23. Sounds like a cool read. I just love romantic suspense books. The cover is so hot. Thanks for having the giveaway.


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