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"Spring is here, and pollen is in the air. While you're sneezing your way towards Summer, pop those Claritin and lose yourself in a Sultry Spring Read."

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More than Meets the Ink (Bowen, #1)Series: Bowen #1
Category/Genre: Adult Erotic Romance
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication Date: 6/28/11
Format: Kindle
Pages: 211
Source: Bought
Wickedly sexy James Bowen is a bad boy of the highest order -- tattoos and attitude included -- which unfortunately ranks way up on Tate's not-a-chance-in-hell list, right there along with skydiving naked over Teheran and juggling Ebola vials just for kicks. But what the heck, she's on holiday, the guy is absolutely irresistible, and she needs to unplug from her life. With her dad and brother gone, Tate is left to deal with the family restaurant, which is fast going down the drain. Her employees are acting out, her boyfriend has bailed out, and her very own private stalker is emailing her to death with lovely threats of doom, fire, and dismemberment. So yeah, maybe a little holiday fling is in order. Strictly sex though, and no follow-up whatsoever once.

She hadn't counted on her take-charge holiday fling having an opinion of his own and stubbornly sticking around, before and after the sex, making himself at home in her life. There is definitely more to James than meets her prejudiced eye, and even if she's not ready to look deeper, James isn't prepared to permit her not to.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.
More Than Meets the Ink is a book that came highly recommended by my fellow naughty book lovers, Autumn and Erin. And I have to say, give me that title and that cover and it's a done deal.
I think the book's hotness melted my brain a little bit, because despite adoring it, I can't put together a proper review. So maybe I'll just make a list of reasons why I loved More Than Meets the Ink.
  • James Bowen is stoopid hot. The man is freaking gorgeous, yet manly and rugged. He has tattoos, which, y'all know fire me up, but they're also to commemorate meaningful moments in his life. He is open with his emotions and affections. He is determined, committed, and thoughtful. So yeah, hot and a good guy is always a winning combination. And he's a dirty talker.
  • More Than Meets the Ink is funny! It all begins with an opening scene that had me cackling, and continued with serial c*ckblocking  by the residents of the retirement community James and Tate's parents live at.
  • The romance was super sweet, mostly because of James. I'm not typically one to dump on the chick in the story, but Tate could be...tiring sometimes. I know she has reasons to be wary, but if someone proves to you that he wants to commit and does everything in his power to make you happy, don't blow it, dummy. But despite some of Tate's best efforts, when she lets her guard down, their romance was out-of-this world sweet and hot.
  • Speaking of Tate....PIRATE PRINCESS!! I loved her more relaxed, playful side.
  • The sex was hotter than hell. Like, for real, I was huddled over my kindle, giggling like a perv. James and Tate were all over each other, all the time. I lost track of how many times they got it on, but I can say that I enjoyed each and every time. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but James has a filthy, sexy mouth.  

Favorite Quotes:

  When he regained his senses, his throat felt raw, his mind foggy, and he wasn't sure if his legs would work again--ever. What the fuck had happened? Had she killed him? Whatever it'd been, it was so out of his sexual experience he wasn't sure whether he'd come or had a massive stroke.  ~35%

  He grabbed her by the shoulders, looking ready to strangle her. "You haven't gotten the dynamics of our relationship down yet, have you? Let me explain it to you: we're involved, very involved. You're mine, and your problems are also mine. No one messes with what belongs to  me. Don't fight me on that, because you'll lose, baby. And be aware next time you hide something like that from me, I'll turn you over my knee and spank your ass red. Do we understand each other?" ~66%

The Bowen Series
More than Meets the Ink (Bowen, #1)Heavy Issues (Bowen, #2)Inked Ever After (Bowen, #2.5)
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  1. know I love the Bowen's and James and Tate were super sexy in Inked Ever After, but I CANNOT wait for you to read Heavy Issues. Seriously. Panty Soaker level 5!!!!

  2. Ok this sounds hot and fun and the perfect late night read, great review I want to sneak this in when I have a moment to breath.

  3. Well jeez...the guy on the cover is stoopid hot, so I can see why you had problems concentrating on writinglblja slbdlaskj bladsll....

    *orders book*

  4. HAHA! STROKE! I love it! I really need to read something by Aycart and fast!!! Thanks for the list and those quotes!

  5. OMG I love this review!! You are too funny. Great hot sexy man, hot sex, and I am intrigued by the Pirate Princess thing. This sounds really awesome!! Great review babe!

  6. Thrilled that you loved this, Andrea!! Didn't I tell you it was SMOKING hot?!! A "panties may catch fire" warning should come with this book!! Tate bugged me too but James made up for it.
    I loved Heavy Issues even more than this one. Part of the reason is because I loved Cristy. No frustrations with her at all. I can't wait to see what you think when you pick it up. I still need to read the new release, Inked Ever After. Wonderful review! :)

  7. I'm completely in love with James from the summary and those quotes. Nothing better that a *good* bad boy ya know?? lol

  8. Wow that cover is... ummm... wow. This sounds amazingly hot and delicious. Great review.

  9. I HAVE BEEN DYING TO READ THESE BOOKS! I don't know why I keep putting them off. You huddled over your kindle like a perv? lol love it! I like the way you did your review. Good idea when a book makes you all crazy in the head after.

  10. Looks like a perfect read for you! Glad you enjoyed.


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