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Fuse (Pure, #2)Series: Pure #2
Genre: Post Apocalyptic/Sci Fi
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: 2/19/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 416
Source: Received from publisher, via NetGalley

 When the world ended, those who dwelled within the Dome were safe. Inside their glass world the Pures live on unscarred, while those outside—the Wretches—struggle to survive amidst the smoke and ash.

Believing his mother was living among the Wretches, Partridge escaped from the Dome to find her. Determined to regain control over his son, Willux, the leader of the Pures, unleashes a violent new attack on the Wretches. It’s up to Pressia Belze, a young woman with her own mysterious past, to decode a set of cryptic clues from the past to set the Wretches free.

An epic quest that sweeps readers into a world of beautiful brutality, Fuse continues the story of two people fighting to save their futures—and change the fate of the world.


Once again, I am left stunned by the Pure series. It is alternately horrific, beautiful, wistful, romantic, and brutally savage. Definitely not my typical read, but I'm so glad that I took the leap. When I read Pure, I was blown away by the author's imagination, and by the fact that the world is based on a premise I find frightening and not out of the realm of possibility. I was drawn to the words that made me see beauty within the horror.

I'm not sure why, but Fuse did not hit me as hard as Pure. Maybe it's because I was somewhat used to the imagery. The shock factor was still there, but not as strong. I think it's also due to the fact that Fuse is the middle book in the series and those often seem to fall short of the first book. Another aspect that may have played part is the heavy scientific explanations. There are several overly (in my opinion) detailed passages that had me skimming, though it's good that there are explanations and logical thinking going on.

As far as the characters go, I was continually, and often pleasantly, surprised by their actions. Pressia is still trying to find her father, find the key to bringing down Willux, and navigating a relationship with Bradford, whom I still adore. Partridge broke my heart. His sacrifices to help the greater good made me proud and sad. His relationship with Lyda was beautiful and heartbreaking. She is another great heroine in this series, seemingly meek but with a powerful presence. The characters that most surprises and make me cringe is El Capitan and Helmud. In Pure, I honestly did not think the two would play a huge part of the story, other than as the conflicted bad guy(s). The fact that he/they now play a large, valiant part in the series is pretty great.

I just don't know how to pin down my feelings about Fuse. It took me nearly half the book to become truly involved.  The writing is gorgeous and imaginative. The story is brave, and makes you think about ethical issues, religious issues, friendship, sacrifice and love.

Favorite Quote:

  "You are whole," Bradwell says. "This is who I am -- scars, birds in my back. I'm whole now. I accept that. You go around seeing beauty in all this wreckage, but when will you see it in yourself?" He reaches up and runs his finger along the curve of the crescent scar around her eye. "This self."  ~eARC, 28%

The Pure Series
Pure (Pure, #1)Fuse (Pure, #2)
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  1. I'm kind of horrified at myself for not having read Pure yet...I have it on my Kindle and I've had it for a year I think.
    I've heard so much about book 1 and now that book 2 is on the way I'm getting a bit excited for again. I really hope I can get to it in the new few months (March or April).
    Great review!

  2. I like the sound of vivid and imaginative writing. Sorry it took you a bit to get invested, but glad you are enjoying the series.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. I have been hearing that Fuse is hard to get into. I loved Pure and I have Fuse to read. I am really looking forward to it. At least knowing that it takes a bit to get back into the story I am prepared for it so I won't feel like giving up on it if it's not grabbing me right away. Awesome review!

  4. OMG this one is really getting to me. I mean you know first hand how much I adored Pure because of my raving to you on Twitter but I am having such a hard time getting into this one and it is making me so very sad! I want to love it, I really do. I have put it down for the time being and will pick it up again eventually. Maybe this we be one that I have to read slowly over a long period of time.

  5. Great review. I haven't started this series but would like to. The story sounds interesting.

  6. These covers are really pretty. Is this series something I would like? I'm not sure.

  7. What a great review. I felt similar with Pure and I have Fuse but am still concerned about reading it. Might need some virtual hand holding on this one.

  8. Oh I've been meaning to give this series a try, but I've never really been sure about it. But the cover is just stunning and the concept a real interesting one too. I'm sorry that you weren't able to enjoy the second book as much as you'd hoped Andrea but I'm still glad you were able to find it a decent read overall! :)

  9. I have been meaning to read this series. It sounds so different. Sorry this one didn't live up to Pure for you. Hate when that happens with a middle book. Great review.

  10. I've read a lot of good things about this series and am very intrigued! I just love the covers. The premise seems very dark, but it sounds like the author really pulls it off. Sorry you didn't like this one as much as the first!

  11. I really loved the creepy, twisted atmosphere of the first book, but I thought the story could have been better. Btu if you're still liking the series (despite some reservations) I may have to check out the sequel!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  12. I'm thinking that I'm going to like this series. The one thing I do love about them is those cover's!

  13. I have been thinking about reading Pure, but have been a bit torn. It sounds really good, but so crazy and intense. I think it's one that would give me nightmares cause I would think so stinking hard. I'm glad you enjoyed this even if it wasn't AS good as the first.

  14. This is my first time hearing of this series but it sounds very different! I agree with you, usually it's not something I would read, but the premise and the characters and just the whole story sound very intriguing and despite some of your concerns for this sequel, I'll have to check it out soon!

    Fabulous review, Andrea! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

  15. Pure was too creepy for me. The doll hand creeped me out and the bird wings and dog legs were weird as hell too! Then I start wondering what they all must look like when they get down and dirty. Too weird! I’m glad you liked this one too though!

  16. This is not something I would typically pick up either, but you certainly have me intrigued. Sometimes I like to read something a little creepy. Great review.


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