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Coming 11/29
I'm excited to be a part of the release celebration for Bittersweet Seraphim, by Debra Anastasia. My post includes the trailer for the book, and two series giveaways. You can go to Debra Anastasia’s BLOG for a list of tour stops, more chances to win, and a buddy prize with crystal bracelets!


Bittersweet Seraphim has been released from Hell.

Satan Jack invites you to come…and indulge yourself in his journey to save the angel he loves. After running Hell for over a thousand years one foul-mouthed Seraph has changed his end game.

Even if it means destroying the universe, Jack refuses to give up on Emma. He didn’t know what love was until Emma’s skin pressed against his, the addiction to any of his other vices paling in comparison. Jack has never been a fearful man, but he gets it now. Fear comes when you have something to lose. Or someone.

Bittersweet Seraphim

Suffering is worst when you’re doing it alone. But Emma’s taking Hell like an angel—even though her languishing began with having her seraph wings torn from her back. Now her worst enemy lords his body and his evil desires over her while she tries desperately to remember the words to her favorite prayer. 

As Devil, Jack used to have Hell and its women humming like well-oiled machines. Too bad he’s nowhere near the place now. Stuck on Earth as a human, he must work with a ragtag team of exiled minions and half-breeds to save the angel who’s become all that matters. 

Rescuing a seraph is the plan, but breaking into Hell means letting evil things out. Once they collide, minions and angels converge in the battle of the ages: good versus evil. But which side is which? Will Jack destroy the world as he fights to save Emma, his true and timeless love, from a damnation he designed?

An action-packed sequel to Crushed Seraphim, this tale reveals—time and again—what happens when the heart’s deepest desires break free. With a story both sizzling and sensual, emotional and enigmatic, Debra Anastasia invites readers to join a battle with nothing less than love on the line.
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In celebration of Bittersweet Seraphim's release, Debra and Omnific Publishing are giving TWO winners both books in the series, Crushed Seraphim and Bittersweet Seraphim.

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Debra AnastasiaDebra Anastasia is busy, just like every other mom. There's dinner, the dogs, the kids, and their homework. The laundry pile turns into a big, heaping monster. When the clothes finally make it into the washer, it gets unbalanced and puts on an elaborate show before it cuts out. This crazy job that never ends is her first love and her crowning achievement. Her writing started a decent handful of years ago when along with the dogs, cat, kids, and husband, the voices of characters started whispering stories in Debra's ear. Insomnia was the gateway for the plots that wouldn't give up, wouldn't let go. In the shower, a twist would take hold and--dripping and frenzied--she'd find somewhere, anywhere to write it down. Debra grew up in New York and got a bachelor's degree in political science at SUNY New Paltz. At the start of her marriage, she moved to southern Maryland with her husband. She still doesn't trust crabs and all their legs, though everyone else in her family thinks they're delicious. Her favorite hobbies include knitting, painting furniture and wall murals, and slapping clowns. Earlier this year Omnific Publishing published her debut novel, Crushed Seraphim, and she's currently pounding out the sequel to angel Emma's adventures. You can visit her website at and find her on twitter @Debra_Anastasia. (taken from GoodReads)



  1. That is one very pretty cover! It's simple, but very powerful.

  2. Very pretty cover, I like the font treatment for the title. There have been a lot of feathers on covers lately O.o

  3. I love this cover!! Autumn was nice enough to gift me a copy of the first book and I can't wait to read it. This series sounds awesome. I really need to just have a month for "me" books. No review request books, no tours, just books I personally want to read and review that I have bought or won/gifted.

  4. Love the cover! Very simple and sophisticated =)

  5. The cover is beautiful! I have added these books to my TBR and look forward to reading them.

  6. I love the contrast of the black and white cover!!

  7. The cover is lovely and the premise sounds intrigue as does Jack!

  8. The cover is simply well done :)
    The book seems like it'll be a wonderful read...

    Thanks for sharing
    (FYI both catch box aren't working in the rafter for the author isn't working)


  9. Does look good! Thanks for sharing.


  10. Interesting cover, but is it wrong that for professional reasons I know what burning feathers smell like, and for that reason I wrinkle my nose a little every time I look at it?

  11. I don't know, it's kind of hard to resist an invitation from SATAN. :D

  12. I am loving books that deal with devils lately. These two sounds fabulous!!

  13. I have been seeing this one EVERYWHERE today!

  14. Sounds amazing! I just bought Crushed Seraphim and I can't wait to get started!!!

    Jolene A

  15. The book sounds interesting.

  16. The covers caught my eye before I first got to know about the books! They are dark, sophisticated and intriguing - Stunning!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)



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