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Down To YouPublisher: M. Leighton Books
Publication Date: Sept 23, 2012
Format: eARC
Source: Received from author for review.
The scorching tale of one girl, two brothers and a love triangle…that’s not.

Olivia Townsend is nothing special. She’s just a girl working her way through college so she can return home to help her father run his business. She’s determined not to be the second woman in his life to abandon him, even if it means putting her own life on hold. To Olivia, it’s clear what she must do. Plain and simple. Black and white.

But clear becomes complicated when she meets Cash and Nash Davenport. They’re brothers. Twins.
Cash is everything she’s always wanted in a guy. He’s a dangerous, sexy bad boy who wants her in his bed at any cost. He turns her insides to mush and, with just one kiss, makes her forget why he’s no good for her.

Nash is everything she’s ever needed in a guy. He’s successful, responsible and intensely passionate. But he’s taken. Very taken, by none other than Marissa, Liv’s rich, beautiful cousin. That doesn’t stop Olivia from melting every time he looks at her, though. With just one touch, he makes her forget why they can never be together.

Black and white turns to shades of gray when Olivia discovers the boys are hiding something, something that should make her run as far and as fast as she can. But it’s too late to run. Olivia’s already involved. And in love. With both of them.

Both brothers make her heart tremble. Both brothers set her body on fire.

She wants them both.

And they want her.

How will she ever choose between them?
From it's sexy, awesome opening sequence to the jaw-dropping end, Down to You is a story that will keep you laughing and swooning as you turn the pages.

Wow. I have absolutely no idea of how to write this review without spoiling the story! So I'm going to attempt to be very general in terms of story, but talk more about the characters. Here goes...

Olivia is a senior in college, and living with her uber-bitch cousin Marissa. When Olivia "meets" Cash (It's awesome. Trust me.) the chemistry is through the roof, but she writes him off as the typical "bad boy" she wants to avoid. Then Olivia finally meets Marissa's boyfriend Nash. Well-educated and well-employed, Nash is everything Olivia thinks she needs in a man. Oh yeah, he's Cash's twin. Olivia and Nash also have smoking chemistry, naturally, and this makes for some awkward and steamy situations because nothing says family like coveting your cousins BF. Cash wants Olivia. Olivia wants Cash...and Nash. And oh, what a tangled web is woven. Good times, right? The deeper Olivia becomes involved with the Davenport brothers, the more her heart is on the line. And when the truth finally comes out, Olivia is in for the shock of her life.

Oh, Olivia. I adored her, I really did. The poor girl just can't keep it together in front of the Davenport twins. Falling down in front of the guy she's lusting after, having a car that refuses to cooperate after falling down in front of said guy...

"What seems to be the problem?'
"I have no clue. I have ovaries; therefore I repel all things mechanical."

I loved Olivia's spirit. She's a fighter through and through. As for being hot-and-heavy with her cousin's boyfriend... not so much. But, like it or not, sometimes our hearts do the deciding for us and the choices aren't always pretty.

Cash and Nash are complicated. I can't say much more than that, honestly. They're sexy, seductive, smart, and charming. I loved Cash, hardcore. Sexy man without a girlfriend? Seems like the logical decision. Being that they're twins, I obviously liked Nash too. I mean, he is a really decent guy. Except that he has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who happens to be your cousin. That you live with. And Olivia can't help but fall for Nash, too. Stupid, stupid heart. Did I mention this scenario is complicated?

As the story unfolded, there were a few plot points and explanations that didn't quite fall into place for me. It was nothing that kept me from enjoying the overall story. It was more an issue of logistics and a feeling of details  being a bit rushed and explanations coming too easy, and perhaps more of this will be dealt with in the next book. YES! You read that right. There will be a book two!

Down to You is funny. And sexy. And sometimes funny while being sexy. This is easily the most hilarious book M. Leighton has written yet. And the sexiest. Okay, no more beating around the bush. I'll just say it: You're probably going to need some "spare parts", and some ice to cool you down, to get through the yummy, yummy sexy-times in Down to You.

Surprising, sexy and fun, Down to You is a book that will steam you up and have you guessing until the very last page.

Favorite Quotes:

  "Her breath is coming fast and shallow in my ear. 'What else?' she pants.
   I lean back and look down into her face. Her lids are heavy over her dazzling eyes and her cheeks are flushed with everything that's happening between us. She doesn't want to stop either. There's no doubt in my mind.
  He eyes flicker to my mouth and back again. 'And what do you taste?'
  'Everything. I want to taste everything.'  (eARC, 34%)

  "Nash is still holding my hand. I shake it loose and straighten my bodice. I can't help but grin at him when he finally meets my eyes.
  'So that's how you charm the cobra,' I quip.
  He smiles devilishly. 'If you really want to see what effect you have on my snake, I'd be happy to show you.' " (eARC, 36%)

  " I sigh. Loudly. Trying to give Ginger directions and then expecting her to actually show up at the correct location is a lot like throwing a knife into the air. It's dangerous, stupid and somebody could end up getting hurt. She has landed us in questionable parts of town more than once, places I would never dream of getting out of the car. Unless, of course, I was accompanied by two ninjas and a sumo wrestler."  (eARC, 62%)

You can purchase Down to You at:
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M. LeightonI was born and raised in the United States, and I’ve lived in several of the fabulous fifty. Though I currently live in the deep South, I spent much of my childhood up North and hope to return there one day. A few other things about me: I believe that sometimes you have to look really, REALLY hard to find the good in people, but it's there. I believe that I'm shrinking (I swear five years ago I was two inches taller). I believe my husband is quite possibly one of the most amazing men in the entire world (I can't be sure because I haven't met all of them). I believe coffee and chocolate, when combined, could be the basis for world peace. I believe that Jesus rocks and communism doesn’t. I believe that white makes me look fat and black collects lint. I believe summer's too hot, winter's too cold and fall was made for football. I like dogs better than cats and the first movie in a trilogy is invariably the best. But most of all, I believe that love conquers all.

Connect with author M. Leighton at:
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  1. I don't like cheating stories for the most part. The only one I could stomach was The Vincent Boys. I'm not sure I could deal with this one. It does sound super sexy though, and gosh, the cover is to die for! Hmm...can't decide. Great review Andrea. :)

    1. It is a very cool story, Rachel. I struggle w/stories that have cheating too, that's why I had to mention that aspect. I hope you enjoy DtY if you decide to give it a go.

    2. Maybe I'll have to pick it up then. I have an idea what the twist in the story is. I wonder if I'm right..... :)

    3. I also struggle with cheating in books. It's why I haven't read SC Stephens yet. But i will say the cheating in this one isn't as far? bad? as in the Vincent Boys. If you can handle TVB. you could handle this one :)

  2. I agree that this is her funniest and sexiest book. I was shamelessly hooked to this book as in could not and would not put down. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. I was hooked too! I think I read DtY in a matter of hours. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I'm just about to start it now! It's been burning a hole in my kindle waiting for me to find the time to read it! NOW is the time :)

    Great review!

  4. This sounds like a horrible love triangle! TWINS! LOL Never good! Especially if one has a girlfriend that is your cousin that you live with! Oh no! 'If you really want to see what effect you have on my snake, I'd be happy to show you.'

    1. Isn't that a funny quote?! I know you have a really strong opinion on relationships in books, Jennifer. I think you'll be surprised by what happens, but I did struggle w/the cheating.

  5. Oh my gosh this sounds so steamy! Andrea you are killing me with those quotes! This story does sound really complicated but addictive at the same time! I bet you couldn't wait to find out what happened in the end! I think I need to check this book out soon! Fab review Andrea! :)

    1. Down to You was very steamy, Jasprit! And the story was very complicated. I flew through it in a matter of hours. Hope you enjoy it!

  6. I bought this on Sunday, and haven't had a chance to start it,yet, but that cover has me droolin' every time I open my Kindle up. The cheating aspect is not the greatest, but sometimes shit happens. In my opinion the "bad boy" is where it's at, but since they are twins... It may be hard to choose!

    1. I completely agree. People aren't perfect, and characters shouldn't be either. I actually didn't have a hard time at all choosing my favorite twin. Enjoy!

  7. I just bought this and I can't wait to get time to read it. Awesome review. My face is flushing already.

  8. I just bought this even though I don't have time to read it right now. I know that I need to get to it soon. I almost caved and read it last night, but I am ridiculously behind on my reading thanks to a 3 week reading slump. :(

    1. I know exactly how you feel, Amy. We all need to make a New Year's Pact for our tbr list. Then again, I made one this year and you can see how well that's turned out...

  9. Great read! SO funny! The ovaries line had me loling. I may have woken up the hubs.

    1. I think Ginger was one of the funniest characters I've ever read, Heather!

  10. OMG WANT! Love the I repel everything mechanical quote.LOL!! :)

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  11. Great review! Both my sisters have read this, I guess I need to step up to the plate and round out the triquetra.

  12. Andrea, Andrea, Andrea! *shakes head* How do you do it? As always, a phenomenal review! Perfectly written, even about the spoilery/sensitive parts and the areas that weren't your favorite. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and review it. I am FOREVER grateful and I love you to pieces!!! <3

  13. Wowsers! This one sounds super hot and sexy! Just got The Wild Ones last week and looking forward to reading this one too.

  14. *SIGH* I loved this book so much!!! Great review.


  15. If I hadn't already purchased this one your review would have pushed me into getting it right away. I'm so that that this was the steamy read it seems we have all been looking for.

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  16. I think I am going to buy this one this weekend. I have been wanting to get it since it came out, but I ended up getting all the EIT books instead. Plus, Disney is so close but I think I can spare the 3.99. If not, I will defintely get it when I get back, because I really want to read this.

    their names still annoy me, but the story sounds very full of drama. I love me some book drama. And sex. Sex and Drama = WIN


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