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Review & Giveaway~ A Girl Named Willow Krimble, by Giuseppe Blanco

A Girl Named Willow Krimble (Book 1)So, you’ve just discovered that the person who has tormented, mocked and humiliated you for the past three years is lying in the school parking lot, bleeding internally from a hit and run accident. No one else is around and you need to get to a life-and-death family emergency of your own before it is too late. What would you do? Oh, did I mention you have the secret ability to heal others just by touching them? This is just one of the many situations 13-year-old Willow Krimble must face in this Web Novel, A Girl Named Willow Krimble.

Willow lives with her mother and older brother, Wyatt; she loves hanging out with her best friend, the feisty and sarcastic Razzel Fiora, and she has a close relationship with her grandmother. Seems pretty normal, right? It might be if the two most popular girls in middle school, Shayla Stergus and Snella Burenbine, did not taunt and remind her, on a daily basis, that she was born without her left leg.

Forced to maneuver through obstacles most teenagers would not need to tackle, Willow is suddenly blessed (or cursed?) with the unusual power to heal others through touch. Ever selfless, Willow’s desire to help the injured and sick thrusts her into a world where she is given immense responsibility, putting the needs of others before her own, all the while trying to maintain her secret.

Willow’s adolescent journey takes her through an emotional cyclone where she finds joy and purpose in helping an array of patients from an old man with Alzheimer’s to a mauled animal in a pet store. But Willow soon finds out there are limitations to her ability and, no matter how hard she might try, she cannot save everyone.

Through the intermingling of joy and pain, Willow is repeatedly tested to discover just how strong she can be, how strong she has been her entire life, and how everyone possesses the ability to effect another person’s world, with or without a secret power. (From GoodReads)

A Girl Named Willow Krimble is the story of, you guessed it, Willow Krimble. Willow is a fun, smart, clever girl who is filled with devotion for her family and friends. When she discovers she has a life-changing ability, she devotes her life to helping others.

To me, Willow Krimble was a sweet little book full of power themes seemingly tailored for young girls. Seriously, if there is a girl in your life who needs a dose of girl power, she would surely benefit from reading this book. The book is filled with important messages of self-esteem, fitting in vs. being yourself, standing up for what's right, being a good friend.

Personally, I would have liked the book to delve further into the mystery of Willow's abilities. That aspect wasn't explained very much, and I really needed more to go on to feel fully satisfied. To be fair,I'm not sure if there is a second book planned that will explain that, I hope so. Willow definitely has more story to tell.

Favorite Quote:
" 'You know, Will,' said Razzel, 'maybe next time we're sitting behind that dark-haired Barbie doll, you
   shouldn't play with your food?' "
  'Me?' replied Willow.'You're the one who wanted to see how far a hot dog could fly from the rubber band
   on my retainer.' "

Paperback, 316 pages
Published January 19th 2011 by Self Published-read for free via url

You can purchase Willow Krimble at:
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I received a copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  2. I'll wait to see if a second book is planned and written before deciding to read this one.

  3. This sounds like a good children's book. I'll enter your generous giveaway!

  4. Wow this one sounds like a very sweet book :) I love the cover and the quote you included. I love a good children's novel!


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  5. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I have tweeted, and posted to FB for you and Google+.


  6. This book seems super cute.. I agree though, I probably would want to know more about why and how she heals people.. However, I dont think it would be a deal breaker on whether I will like it or not. :)

    Off subject... because you know I always have to go there. lol My parents used to have a cat named willow. He was a pure bred persian and he was too good for the litter box, he would poop and pee in the tub.. Yup, the tub. This is why I will never own a male cat... well, maybe if he had cool powers I would.


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