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Review - Guardians of the Grimoire by Natasha Slight

What are the realms to do when a corrupt god seeks to destroy three girls? When his greed extends into the human world, and sorcerer and king alike are seduced by the promise of ultimate power hidden in the Grimoire.
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My Review

I don't read a lot of fantasy books. So when I was approached about reading Guardians of the Grimoire, by Natasha Slight, I was torn. But when I read the synopsis, I was intrigued. Mainly by the fact that Guardians of the Grimoire is a story about three strong, fearless girls. I don't know if this is actually a fact, but I, myself, do not come across many fantasies with female leads.

That fact is what intrigued me most about Guardians of the Grimoire. I especially felt affection towards two of the three girls, Gaia and Kerani. In my view, Gaia was a terrific main character. She was strong and a great leader, without relying on a man for advice or assurance in her decisions. Kerani was my favorite character. She was the ultimate feminist. At one point, even fighting men to the death in order NOT to be married!

My only point of contention with the story was the fact that there were so many characters. But that's a problem that I have with fantasy books in general. So many names, places, different story lines just tend to overwhelm me. I suppose that perhaps that's my problem, though. I'm not sure.

Overall, I found Guardians of the Grimoire to be extremely well-written (in respect to editing and word flow) highly imaginative fantasy with excellent, strong female characters.

Favorite Quote:
"Kael whipped out of sight in a swirl of black smoke, as the first flicker of flame came to life in the
straw-filled barn. Death was about to knock at the door."

Author Natasha Slight will be making an announcement November 1st, regarding the release of Guardians of the Grimoire. Soon, The Bookish Babes will be hosting a giveaway of the book, so stay tuned! For now, you can learn more by following the links below.

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The Grimoire Series Facebook page.

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I received a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I love the idea of a woman fighting men to the death in order to NOT get married! Sounds hilarious and awesome all at the same time. I'm going to have to read this, and enter the giveaway. Thanks for the great review!

  2. This book sounds very interesting! I do not read a lot of fantasy, but it looks good! Great Review!


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