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Sexy Summer Saturdays is a weekly post that Hackaroos Reviews, Sims-Sational Books, The Autumn Review, and The Bookish Babe created for fun, to challenge one other to add a little spice to our reading and to spread the word about sizzling summer reads.

This week's Sexy Summer read is another hot one. If you're under eighteen, you need to back away again this week. ;-)

Heat Rises: A Cabin Fever Novella
Snowbound in a cabin . . . able to live out all her fantasies . . . Laura Barber has dreamt of doing unspeakably delicious things with Ethan Gould for years. Now, stuck in a mountain cabin, she just might get her shot. Ethan offers her the chance to live out each and every one of those desires. They may be rivals in the business world, but in the bedroom they're a perfect match. Knowing they have only a few days, Laura shakes off all her inhibitions. Every secret need, every lust-filled thought . . . it's all fair game. ~From Edelweiss

Laura and Ethan were college acquaintances. Laura spent a lot of her free time fantasizing (and fondling, *wink*) over the uber-hot Ethan. After Ethan rejects her drunken advances at a college party, Laura spent the rest of the time at university avoiding him. But she never forgot him, especially on lonely nights. So when fate, and a blizzard, lands them in a remote cabin hideaway, Laura and Ethan decide to make up for missed opportunities, and lost time.

I appreciated that the story didn't take forever to set up. I know that at approximately one hundred pages, the author couldn't waste time, but still, kudos. Laura and Ethan immediately get down to business, which is ultimate fantasy fulfillment, for the duration of the stay. When they leave the cabin, the two are to forget all the down and dirty that happens. Umm... nice in theory, I guess, but there's not even a slim chance that either one won't be using those memories for "future reference".

The smexy is good and plentiful. I mean, really plentiful. Ethan must have boundless "resources" because the man honestly seems to have a full tank, if ya know what I'm saying. The scenes are nicely set up, and the foreplay is good. The finish did seem to be a bit abrupt at certain points, but hey, it happens. ;-)
The story arc was a bit predictable, but that's fine. I did enjoy HEAT RISES. It was a super quick read and I will NEVER look at maple syrup the same way again. Mmmmm...

Since fire plays such a big part in the story, the song "FIRE" Babyface & Des'ree was on a constant loop in my head. I loved this song when I was a teenager and it's still bad ass.  Perfect "Love Making" Music. Enjoy.

For the record: I think Babyface's wife was stupid for leaving him for Eddie Murphy. Did you see the way he strums that guitar? Rawr.

Favorite Quote:

" 'What are we doing?' she whispered.
'What we should have done six years ago.'
'Oh God.'
'Praying won't do you any good, lady. This is going to happen.' "

Publication Date: June 5, 2012 by Avon Red

You can purchase CABIN FEVER at:
Barnes & Noble (only $1.99 for Nook)  |  Amazon ($1.99 for Kindle, $2.99 for pb)   |  Edelweiss  |  Book Depository (only $2.24)

Source: Received from publisher for review, via Edelweiss.


  1. YES YES YES!!! I need to read this ASAP! I love this "The finish did seem to be a bit abrupt at certain points, but hey, it happens. ;-)" You crack me up! Love you!

  2. Wait, what? Babyface's wife left him for Eddie Murphy? The man who sang My Girl Wants to Party All the Time? What in the balls?

  3. This sounds hot!!! I am totally loving this new feature! I do enjoy reading some good smexy adult books on occasion.

  4. Who cares if it's predictable? We don't read these books for plot, now, do we? Please. We read it for the headboard rockin', and it sounds like there is plenty here. I must read it, just to be sure.

  5. Smokin' hot girl! Love this feature!!


  6. Whew...sounds like this one is a little heated! I love the quote you shared. :-)


  7. If brian didn't just look over and tell me this song was garbage, I would say I was about to go fuck him to it. He says it doesn't sound very sexy. lol

    great review, and yay for a short book. I'm loving these small doses of dirtiness. I just downloaded a few under amazons top 100 free section. :)

  8. Ooh sounds sexy! Sometimes I read these quick, sexy books just to clear my head form ally he other review books. They're so much fun sometimes.
    I'll be checking it out.

  9. *from all the* lol

    Wow - that sentence went horribly wrong....

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