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Review ~ FEATHERMORE (Feathermore, #1) by Lucy Swing

Feathermore (Feathermore #1)
"When the one thing you live for is taken from you, do you let it go or do you fall?
Jade, like any other student at Brushwood High, awaits the start of the school year with a certain measure of dread. Worse, she is being threatened by a voice that only she can hear—a voice that lurks at the edges of her awareness, haunting her and warning her of something unknown. She has always been able to count on her two best friends, Claire and Nate, but can she confide in them now? About this? Would they even believe her?
Life takes a turn for the better when she meets Avan, a darkly handsome new student who, somehow, seems to drown out the voice and make her feel at ease.
But Jade soon comes to realize that good things don’t last forever. When everything spirals out of control, she is shattered by something she never saw coming. Dazed and despairing, she must now overcome tragedy and embrace her true existence and a new but dangerous love. Will she be able to save herself and those she loves, before it’s too late? Or will she let the surrounding darkness consume her?"

FEATHERMORE, by Lucy Swing, is the story of Jade, her journey of discovery about herself and the hidden world around her. Jade's path is tumultuous, filled with love, pain and loss. Will she survive?
I have to start by saying, I feel like I've read this story before. But this may be my fault. I feel really torn about this and I talked about it with a fellow blogger. We read so many books. Here's how insane I am: I've read SIXTY-ONE books so far in 2012. It's April. Granted, some of those are novellas, but still. Sixty-one. That's just too many. And when you read as many books as some of us do, they start to run together. Especially when the stories follow the same path. So how this ties in with my review is this: avid readers need/want to be Wow'd. And it needs to happen fairly quickly in the story. Otherwise, they blend together. To sum it up, while I liked the story in general, because it didn't feel new to me, I didn't get overly excited about it.

So back to FEATHERMORE. And I'll try to do this with no spoilers. It does follow a fairly typical path for young adult paranormal books. Jade is a quiet, sweet girl with a problem, she hears a voice in her head. Enter Avan, a mysterious new guy with whom Jade feels a quick connection. Jade learns that things aren't even close to what they seem and she is set on a dangerous  path. She must learn to embrace her new life.

While the general premise isn't new, I have to give the author major credit for her writing. The writing is very easy to get lost in and the flow of her words is excellent. And it's easy to see that she put so much thought and love into her story. The lore behind her premise is detailed and interesting, without being overly complicated.  I found the last half of the book to be fairly exciting and the ending was definitely a heartbreaking cliffhanger that will leave you dying to read book two in the series, FALLENMORE.

Favorite Quote:

"The warmth that came from his body made me feel at home, as if, somehow, this was where I belonged. He smelled of woods after a thunderstorm, clean and elemental." (ebook, pg. 103)

Published March 2nd 2012

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  1. Hmmm it does sound familiar. I am glad that the writing was good though. The cover is really pretty too.

  2. Wow 61 books!? That's crazy!

    The synopsis does sound similar to other books I've read or came across. I'm glad that the story had great lore though. I think it's really important that a book has some unique or one of kind elements to it, especially when the story isn't exactly new.


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