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Sexy Saturdays: A Bride for a Billionaire by Lauren Hawkeye

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A Bride for a BillionaireSeries: A Virgin, A Billionaire, and A Marriage #1
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Calluna Vulgaris Books
Publication Date: 6/2/14
Format: eARC
Pages: 178
Source: Author
Rating: 3 stars

A billionaire love story...

Matteo Benenati has spent his life wrapped in wealth and privilege. He is shallow, selfish, jaded—and he likes it that way.

When bold American art student Riley Tremaine crashes into his life, her light forces him to examine the dark places inside of his soul, the ones he thought he’d buried with his father. He knows he should let her go… but he’s never claimed to be a good man.

When Matteo is pitted against his unscrupulous stepsister Emilia Guerra in a bid for his late father’s empire, he must decide between honor and vice. In need of a wife—and desperate to possess her—Matteo makes Riley an offer she can’t refuse. She will be his bride—in every meaning of the word—so that he can protect his legacy.

But Matteo soon learns that Emilia’s soul is darker even than his own. And by marrying Riley, he has made her a pawn in a power struggle that could shatter their world.

This is book one of the A Virgin, A Billionaire and a Marriage series. It is a category length novel that stands alone- no cliffhangers!

My Review
A Bride For a Billionaire read like a bit like an old school category romance. You have a European billionaire with daddy issues, who needs a bride to inherit his fortune.  A fresh, innocent young woman with mommy issues, who really needs the money. And a marriage-of-convenience. A villain in the unhinged step-sister who's out to seduce him out of his fortune and will go to any means necessary to do that. These elements combine to form a twisty, seductive, over-the-top story. Despite that, or maybe because of it, A Bride For a Billionaire was fun. It was exactly as advertised!

 I really had to let myself go with this one. I didn't really understand why Mateo found Riley so fascinating, other than she didn't fall at his feet and that her lady garden had never been...tilled? I did like that Riley matched Mateo's aggression, which probably made him even more hot for her, now that I think about it. The villain of the story, Mateo's step-sister Emilia, was especially nasty and bitchy. The lengths she went to in order to win were way over-the-top, and more than a little disturbing, but kind of right for the story. The ending was completely crazy-pants, and I heaven help me, I enjoyed a lot of it.

 I never felt a strong connection to the story or characters. But I did enjoy A Bride For a Billionaire for what it was: a sexy, dramatic romp.
Favorite Quotes

  "You didn't just want me out of the way," I say slowly, backing further away from Emilia as she tilts her head to the side, examining me as though I'm a bug she'd love to squash beneath her stiletto. "You want him for yourself."
  Oh man, that's fucked. I may have hillbilly blood running through my veins, but even people I know don't get it on with their stepsiblings.

About Lauren Hawkeye
Lauren HawkeyeLauren Hawkeye/ Lauren Jameson is a writer, yoga newbie, knitting aficionado and animal lover who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She's older than she looks--really--and younger than she feels--most of the time--and she loves to explore the journeys that take women through life in her stories. Hawkeye's stories include erotic historical, steamy paranormal, and hot contemporary. Make sure to check out her work as Lauren Jameson, where her erotic romances take a walk on the wild side.

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  1. I never really love these kinds of books by enjoy reading them anyway. Does that even make sense???? lol

    I just ignore logic and enjoy them as palette cleanser books.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Um...what? "lady garden had never been...tilled" Please tell me that's not a quote from the book.

    I usually like the marriage of convince kinda books. Thinking I'll pass on this one.

    1. Ha, nope! That quote was all mine. What can I say, I love bad euphemisms.

  3. You know how I feel about Billionaires lol.. #hardpass

  4. ::snort:: I totally love the lady garden bit.That is too funny. I would have died laughing if it had been in the book. It sounds like a fun one. I'm reading one of her books today actually under her Lauren Jameson name and loving it. I'll have to grab this one up too :)

  5. LOL Well certain parts of your review (you know the ones) made me giggle! I'm glad you enjoyed this one overall, Andrea.


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