Monday, December 9, 2013


I am happy to be sharing a really cool teaser from the upcoming Masquerade, by Nyrae Dawn. This is the third book in the Games series, and I am dying for Maddox and Bee's story! Check it out...

Masquerade (Games, #3)Series: Games #3
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Forever Yours
Publication Date: 1/7/14

From bestselling author, Nyrae Dawn, comes Book 3 in her New Adult, Games Series!

After his father is put in prison for murder leaving his mother suicidal, Maddox Cross has always put his sister, Laney, first. Now living in Brenton, Virginia, Maddox has no idea what to do with his life, especially since Laney no longer needs him. One thing he does know is for the first time since losing football, he's found something else that's just for him--tattooing. When he meets a feisty young woman in the club where he works security, he has no idea that she has the ability to change his life forever.  Bee Malone has just moved to Brenton to open up her first tattoo parlor, Masquerade. Despite her young success, nothing is ever as it seems. After being kidnapped at a young age, Bee has difficulty being the daughter her parents lost and letting go of the "parents" she was raised with. When she meets Maddox, she's immediately attracted to him and what starts out as a one night stand leaves Bee wanting to connect with him in more ways than one.
Once Maddox finds out about Masquerade, he wants nothing more than to join Bee. But letting him in means trying to figure out who she is and she's not ready for that. And yet, as the two get closer, they find themselves leaning on each other more than they are comfortable with. Will their stubborn nature tear them apart? Or push them closer together?

Oh boy. I have never had that kind of experience while getting a tattoo!

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  1. Wow, that was seriously hot! I have both Charade and Facade still waiting for me to read them! Hopefully soon!

  2. Wowza! I can feel the chemistry! Thanks for the tease, Andrea.

  3. Just got this from NetGalley yesterday. Can't wait to read it.

  4. Nor should you - unless it's your husband lol

  5. This is the second teaser I have seen, and I am oh so intrigued!!!!

    My TT

  6. Haha...I don't have any tattoos, but I'd get a few if the experience is anything like that! Awesome teaser! :D

  7. Hot! Hot! Hot! I love this series, and just got Masquerade on NetGalley!!!!

  8. Thanks for the teaser Andrea! Love Nyrae. She is a wonderful person and author. Can't wait to read this next book in the series. It looks to be another great treat...TY

    A Bookish Escape

  9. Love this series, and I cannot wait for this one.


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