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Moonlight Kiss (Cricket Creek, #5)Series: Cricket Creek #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Signet
Publication Date: 11/5/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 304
Source: Received from publisher for review
Rating: 3.5 stars

Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is a sweet river town known for its baseball, shopping, and cuisine. After finally rebounding from the recession, the residents are ready to repair their lives—and their hearts…

After two very public broken engagements with two very famous men, Addison Monroe is ready to avoid the spotlight. She decides to put her wedding planning experience to good use by opening a bridal boutique. Setting up shop in small town Kentucky is the perfect way to escape prying eyes and live a quiet, single life.

Investment consultant Reid Greenfield is fed up with weddings—and not his own. He’s certain his sister’s plan to turn their family farm into a wedding reception venue will lead to bankruptcy. Reid hopes that city girl Addison will be an ally in getting his sister to change her mind before she loses her savings. Instead, Addison adores the idea and jumps on board. It’s a risky business—especially once romance gets involved. But sometimes a little risk brings a huge reward...
 I have been on an inadvertent streak lately, of picking up books mid-series and giving them a go. Luckily for me, these have all been companion books, really well-done in terms of filling new readers in on any important details, without being massive info-dumps for long-time readers. 

Moonlight Kiss is one such book, and I found it to be a really charming story. As promised in the blurb, the story centers around Reid and Addison, but also features another couple, Richard and Maggie. Both romances were sweet and very fast-paced, which was okay because the author made me feel the connections. What made these two parallel romances interesting is that Addison just broke off her engagement, to Richard's son. Richard comes to town to help make things right with Addison, and winds up finding a love of his own. Even though circumstances are different, both relationships are about new starts and taking a chance.  It's all very nice, very charming, very, very sweet.

I really enjoy small-town romances, though I would probably go bananas if I moved back to my own small hometown. I guess maybe I love these stories because I can experience the quirks, nosiness, friendliness, and sense of community through the characters. This town in particular, Cricket Creek, was terrific, a town that I would love to live in. The stories sort of revolve around a part of town calling Wedding Row, with each business playing a significant part in the wedding process. It's a very neat concept as far as intermingling the characters and relationships.

As I think I've made clear, I did enjoy Moonlight Kiss quite a lot. I did find the ending to be a bit contrived, meaning, I just don't fully see this happening, but whatever. It did take my enjoyment down a notch, but still, it's a very charming story, and I would be more than happy to read the entire series.
Favorite Quotes:

  "Addison?" The whiskey-rough sound of her name on his lips washed over her like a caress, a question, and a plea at the same time.   ~eARC, 33%

  The heat of the fireplace warmed their bodies, and sense of peace like he'd not known in forever washed over him. In that moment he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he wanted Maggie McMillan in his future. Now all he had to do was find the right time to tell her about his past.   ~eARC, 79%

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About LuAnn McLane
LuAnn McLane writes southern bent romantic comedy for NAL and is currently penning her third novel in her Cricket Creek book series.  Her books have appeared on best selling lists including Barnes and Noble, Rhapsody and Doubleday Book clubs. She recently collaborated with country superstar Wynonna Judd with the novel Restless Heart. She lives in Florence, Kentucky and when she isn’t writing… she enjoys family, friends, cooking, reading, music, travel and University of Kentucky basketball.



  1. Sounds like a sweet, no fuss romance. Glad you enjoyed it overall in spite of the ending. Great review, Andrea. :)

  2. This sounds like a cute one and I like how the relationships seem to be intertwined. Great review!

  3. Awww sounds sweet. I really like the series covers too.

  4. This does sound great, Andrea. I'm rather fond of small-town romances too and I'm really curious about how the parallel romances work. :) Wonderful review!

  5. Sounds cute enough. I like that it takes place in KY because that's where I'm from. :)

  6. I like reading small-town romances as well, but I have to say I haven't been in the mood for one in some time. It does sound like an adorable read and the romance seems to be well-written. I'm glad that you enjoyed it despite the ending not really working for you, Andrea.
    Lovely review.

  7. Great Review Andrea! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, even if the ending was a bit contrived. I love small town romances as well, Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor series is similar, with each business owner within the town being friends, lovers, etc.

  8. Charming is nice. Too bad about the ending. Great review.

  9. First I love the cover arts. Second I love small town romances too! It's so heartwarming like hot choco and marshmallows. Books like this never fails to make me feel good even if it's a little lame or predictable. It's the small town feel that redeems it for me.

  10. Sounds sweet, I might check it out

  11. Well, I've got this to read also, and I am glad to know that I can read it mid-series without a problem. I love small town romances to. Great review Andrea. I look forward to reading it.

  12. You had me at "whiskey-rough". I might check this one out.

  13. Yeah.. what's up with that? I been picking up books in mid-series too. But I guess in my defense I kinda want to test the waters before buying it...which I guess can sound terrible. But anywho. I love small town romances heh so I am glad to hear this was a sweat read. As a city girl who moved to a small town. I can understand how it might feel lol.


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