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Live for You (Boys of the South #1)Series: Boys of the South #1
Category/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 5/20/13
Format: eARC
Pages: 195
Source: Received from author for review
On the surface, twenty-two year old Cole Morgan is exactly what any girl would be proud to take home to meet her parents: He’s charming, intensely handsome and goal-oriented...Only he has some secrets of his own, which include provoking bar fights and a former drug-addict of a mother slowly wasting away in a medical facility.

At barely twenty, Violet Lynn is Country Music's hottest star, until one night of partying gets out of control. Violet ends up in jail and on TMZ. Suddenly, she’s the girl least likely to be invited anywhere. Sick of the drama and keeping secrets, she runs away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi to her grandmother’s home in Forrestville, North Carolina.

A chance meeting knocks Cole off his feet, but he doesn’t recognize Violet for who she is. In fact no one does and Violet plans to keep it that way.

Circumstances, however annoying,keep throwing Violet and Cole together. Unable to stop themselves they give into the inevitable.

But when Nashville is ready to forgive and forget, Violet is forced to choose between Cole and claiming her spot as the new and improved Princess of Country Music.

Will Violet and Cole have the courage to live for their dreams...Or their hearts?


With it's troubled yet charming characters and a love story that will have you hoping against hope for a happy ending, Live For You is a story that had me smiling and swooning all the way.
Based on the synopsis, I definitely had good expectations of Live For You. I wanted a heroine with whom I could sympathize and embrace. I got that in sweet, sad Violet Rae Lynn. She's a country star who's fallen out of Nashville's graces and has gone to the comfort of her grandmother's country home. I wanted a lovable bad boy who could get things fired up, yet was as nice as can be. Once again, I got it exactly what I wanted in Cole Morgan. He's a good guy wrapped up in a bad boy package, complete with ear gauges (my secret 'hot guy' trigger!), a few tattoos, a hot bod, and a whole bunch of swagger. But don't let what I've said fool you into thinking Cole's bad, because he's really not. He takes care of his family's bar, his brother, and little sister, all while struggling to fit in higher education.
Besides Cole and Violet's story, Live For You also gave some glimpses at the secondary characters, all intriguing.  We have Cole's brother Parker, friends Wyatt and Beau, Lacey, and more. I have a feeling these characters have some great stories to tell.
I was also looking for a love story that would have me smiling and hoping that the couple could fight the outside world that would keep them apart. Live For You definitely delivered in that area as well. Cole and Violet Rae's story is not exactly anything new, but it was very endearing and honestly left me slightly wondering until the very end, which was a little rushed, but still so emotionally satisfying. Since reading LFY, I've learned that Violet and Cole get another story soon, which makes me feel so much better about the ending. And even though it comes in at under two hundred pages, the author managed to pack so much emotion and heart into the characters and this story.

With a vibe that reminded me of a nice cross of The Vincent Boys and Tidal, Live For You was quite the treat. This is only the beginning of the Boys of the South series, and I cannot wait for more!
Favorite Quotes:

    Before I can turn him down again, he walks away, pauses and shoots me a wicked grin over his shoulder.
  That grin does things to parts of me that have no business coming to life. Heat skims from my body. "What?"
  I sure hate offending you." He drops his towel, exposing a very fine butt. There are dimples on each side and at the base of his back. "Close your mouth, darlin'." Muscles ripple and flow as he strides into his bedroom.
  I snap my jaw shut.
  Dear God, I need to sit down. Maybe in the freezer with a bucket of ice.  ~eARC, 12%

  Confession number one: I didn't mean to drop trou and go full monty. Sure, I let the towel dip a little, just to tease her, but the damn thing slipped out of my hand. So extra swagger -- while exiting and re-entering -- was required.  ~eARC, 12%

   Our eyes meet and I'm undone by the emotion in them. I am undone by him. I thought I wanted to forget, but he makes me remember all the very good things about being vulnerable with a guy. ~eARC, 54%
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About the author:
Marquita ValentineNationally Bestselling Author, MARQUITA VALENTINE, writes small town romances that are anything but small. She met her husband aka Hot Builder at Sonic when they were in high school. She suggests this location to all of her single friends in search of a good man -- and if that doesn't work, they can console themselves with cheesy tatertots. She lives in North Carolina in a very, very small town with Hot Builder and their two children.
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  1. This book sounds awesome! You are my go-to for NA books!

  2. Aww Live For You does sound like a super sweet read Andrea, I'm pleased that despite being similar to a lot of stories out there, you were still able to appreciate this book. Lovely review! :)

  3. I love when the guy is named Cole.. dont really know why, but I just love that name! Great review!

  4. Smile an swoon you say? Count me in! I like when in addition to the MC-s, an author also makes me care about the secondary characters and it seems like this was exactly the case for you here. I'm glad you liked this! I've been keeping my eye on this one and I'll definitely give it a try now :) Thanks for sharing, love!

  5. Cole and Violet sound like they have quite the story to tell, and I would root for them

  6. Looks like another book I need to add to my TBR list! Awesome review hon!!

  7. oo they get another story?! yay so excited. Really did enjoy this one :D glad you did too and I agree on you about Cole mmm

  8. I'm excited for more too!!! Cole is a sexy beast.

  9. This book sounds so good. Love the character of Cole. I can't wait to read this book.

  10. Wonderful review Andrea. I really loved this book and Cole is just the kind of guy I love. I can't wait until August to read more of their story.

  11. This sounds so good - humour, romance, emotion. I love those extracts, especially the comment about the freezer! Great, balanced review, too, thanks.

  12. Good boy in a bad boy package ;-) hehe I love when the love interest is a good guy that takes care of his family. Too bad the ending was a bit rushed but hopefully the sequel will satisfy in that department.

  13. Wonderful review. Sounds like a fantastic read. I'll have to add it to my summer reading pile.

  14. Thanks for the review. This a new author for me and this book sounds really good. I can't wait to read this book. The excerpt has me wondering how the story plays out.
    Thanks :)
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  15. This looks amazing! Cole sounds like a cutie. Great review!

  16. Oh, Andrea, this is a must read! And that quote...I need a sit down in a freezer with a bucket of ice! LOL :)

  17. This reminds you of The Vincent Boys? I would so love this! Need to add it to my TBR.

  18. Great Review! I loved your synopsis, and evaluation of the story! I really hate when you're reading a great story, and then the ending is rushed! I'll have to check this book out! I loved The Vincent Boys! I haven't read Tidal Wave yet, was it a good story? Loved the quotes :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  19. I love when authors can pack a punch in such a short amount of pages. So happy this one is good.

  20. Thanks for the giveaway, sounds a great book :)

  21. What is it about a guy calling a girl darlin' that just gets me every time!

  22. I hope Violet & Cole will get their HEA!

  23. Thanks for this giveaway! Great review too. Once I started reading your review and when I got to "He's a good guy wrapped up in a bad boy package" and you started describing Cole. It won me over. It's my trigger too. :) I haven't read the Vincent boys yet. But have heard great things about it. This book sounds like a great read. Thanks agian for this great post.

  24. The giveaway is so awesome, and the book soun way interesting. Can't wait to read the book, it is totally going on my To-Read list.


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